Abgott tracks


1.Thy Elder Throne - Instrumental


I can see what you see not.
Vision milky then eyes rot.
When you turn they will be gone.

Then you see what cannot be,
Shadows move where light should be.

Out of darkness, out of mind.
Cast down into the halls of the blind.

3.Disarmonic Requiem

Disharmonic Requiem
The shadow fall
On the graves in the night sky.
A cold wind blow
and the moonlight freezes my soul.

My words are cold necromantical fog ride on the ground.
I locked in a spirit's mirror
and in a ship of darkness I was burned.

Last sunset of the world is gone
From beyond I spread my wings
and shadow demon I've seen.
Demons gate over the mountain side
come forth on the wind
in the name of the ancient gods.
I'm waiting to consent my will

fire in the iced eyes

Demons gate over the mountain side
come forth on the wind
in the name of the ancient gods
I'm waiting to… gates of hell.

I'm winter crystal eyes
cold like a stone
I shine in a new divine light… darkness…

3.Countess Bathory

Countess Bathory
World is mine made of rage sadness
and complain
gloomy, sorrow and pain
wish of blood and death.
Wish of torture and destruction
Supreme mysterious desire, faith dogma
and bloody perversion
from the abyss of mine as the elder
I'll reborn to fight again
and to destroy and to rape again
Dancing on the rotten bodies of my enemies
and rejoice drunk by the virginal blood
replaced of devastated pleasure
delight by the dead human meat scent
by taste to kill and spawn evil
I'm the one with thy unpronounceable name.


Nostalgia so far land
so far miles
and miles in time
one way of time and mind
time into memory lying… The deep crying an eternal sing
of a rising echo of a great battles
Blood, War and Death.

Victories, cries and screams of great
Warriors and furious heroes
Powerful deeds and wherever dead.

Dead man
against red swords bleeding
glittering in fire in blood odor and smoke… One only winner the great assassin
the great order of the dragon
the tempter sinner Abgott Emperor
the revenge of great river of thought
against the stream a forward
voyage to the old land… A true journey
backwards in time through
the apparent nothing of future
towards the origin of race
in the depth true.

The mystery… The unknown knew forgotten
a journey through the nostalgia
a voice that sovereign and guide the human steps
into meanders of the lost land.

Doom of the Northern

In mind / it stands proud / with thy
immortality / passion

6.No Mortiis

No mortiis
Deny the god
raising from death
to revenge
with all power of darkness

A crowned life by darkness
with blood as life
shadows as light
an immortality hellish
no mortiis

Obscured impaler
it's immortal brand
the dragon order
the wandered shadow

The storming blood from the past
an endless straggle
the imperious power of war lord.

7.Odal Rune

Odal Rune
Another night for my damned sensation
into depth of my soul
on crystal green light
faraway from earth
faraway from my old land.
I walk my path lost into dark countries
with desolation wind on my face.
I travel in this dream fields
sword on my hand and fear by my side
in this mysterious land.
I've seen a sulphureus fog
and lake made of ancient warriors fears
I smelt
the essence of violent battle scent fought
by Gods in this iced sky.
My human heart was dead last night
Loneliness and cries
Eternal sorrow
Eternal silence
I'm walking with dark desire
and damnation on my skin.

I remember my hunger my funeral
hunger of darkness, so fine, pure
like a green dark forest in a winter night.
I drank my self and my blood with
my sacrificial dagger
my disincarnated liquid
fell down like a cold snow unclosed
in the iced lake
my obsessed human
sensation is
in this eternal
cosmic wave
in this old time
so far, so far…


From the dark past
which can eternal lie
their wrath tyrant.

Death may die
They watch upon the ancient temples.

Time so far
as mutilated steed
they ride the time
once again
in unknown dimension
inexorable pendulous sound the march.

We wait the time of their arrival
towards new aeons of
not order mayhemic.

They ride the violent way
the eternal stars are revolving
and I with them
in a perfect synchronism
natural is life energy.

alone questing the blinded voices
of an eternal divinity.

9.Black Armour In Dark Light Bright - Instrumental