Abominable tracks





I want to be in rapture over watch you bleed
I'll show you if you don't know what I mean!

Strangulated I tear you behind me
My long stony way back home
As long as it needs to run to you
Your torture last, our torture last

You meet me
And will notice that
I'm not here to speak
Where will you going now?
Don't run away from me!

Cannibal obsession
And you are my meat
Your flesh is my desire
I'll show you if you don't know what I mean

Don't pray for mercy
Feel how it hurts
I'll just satisfied my greed
You deserved to suffer

Your desperate cry will not stop
Your captivity
I bring you the freedom you need
Consume you from head to feet
(I almost starves when you cook
And finally you get) quiet
Know I can rest for a while
With my delicious meal


I wake up
Inside of a dark cave
I don't know what I am doing here
I'm not injured
I still have my sword
I still got my armour
I can hear someone approach
Now I can even see him
My hated enemy

You laugh at me
Although I stab you
Seems not to hurt you
Sadistic Enemy
Your skin is bleeding
But you're still standing
But I'll not stop
I want you death

I start to fight, I want him dead
With all of my hate, with all my strength
I want to see his end today
Butcher his skin, butcher his flesh
His blood is flooding down his legs
But then I hear him laughing at me
I stab him more and more again
Don't understand why... he still laughs
Why is he not feeling the pain?

Feel the hate
Feel the pain
Your warm blood
On my face

Finally I rise my sword
Make his head fall
I want the victory to be mine
His head is rolling on the ground
His body falls to my feet
But he is still fucking smiling!
Can I not win? Cannot defeat him?
Will he always be haunting me?
Why don't you just leave me? LEAVE ME!


It's a silent night, the moon is shining
Fog on the land, deep in the woods
stand a house, the light is burning
feel the music of death

The trees nod in the wind
The sweet smell of drugs
lures you to the house
all you hear are dying cows

Abominable Lyrics
Fucking sound from crazy heads
A virus in your mind
Control the brain
world in flames

You loose the soul
forgotten all hope
the sound needs a shape
the virus needs a victim

Abominable Music
Abominable Songs
Abominable People
Abominable Death

I just want to make you bleed
I bring your death with gore


There is something inside me
It feels like an other Soul
It, it's fighting me
Tries to kill all live in me

Blood runs cold over my face
skin explode, the floor is turning red
Pieces of my skin where lying on the ground
now I feel like resurrected!
It called me back
To kill all human life,
All things of Hope
Just to see the mankind rot

Walking through the endless night
Led by the dead voice in my head
It whispers me to kill
sacrifice and dismember

There is no way out
It is stronger, it instructs
It gave me the new deadly shape
I should be the chosen one

My lifeless eyes
only see
dead and suffer
On the path
I walked down this Night!!!


Close your eyes
Leave control
of your moves
To your mind

History Bodies
In your fucking mind, no one can survive
History Bodies
In your fucking mind, devil take all human souls
History Bodies

Lost dreams
Forgotten Pain
The darkest nightmares
You will find history body's

Rotten corpses
Desperate Cries
Fallen angels
Dismembered bodies

Darkness and fog surrounds the whole fucking world


I hunt you this night, this is your sacrifice
I saw you in my morbid dreams
you should be the one who may feel my lust
I drift you around from place to place no time to rest
I'll show you my anger to night I'm your savage butcher

Slaughtered corpse Hanged up with ropes
Slaughtered corpse Worst dismemberment
Slaughtered corpse Chopped up with knifes
Slaughtered corpse You can't escape

I see the fear
in your face I will see you bleed
In my butcher's chamber you will find the end
I hang up your body, speak your last word!
Now I take my knife and will begin to cut your skin
The ground discolours redly From your innards and your blood

Slaughtered Blood flowed down the rotten corpse
Slaughtered Ripped flesh hangs of the body
Slaughtered Broken bones broke through the skin
Slaughtered The marks of torture were immense

With a saw I open up your fleshless, bloodred skull
Filled up with wine it will be in the sign of my triumph


Welcome to the party
Feel free, feel free
And grep a beer

Burbs! Farts!
Sick people
Enjoy the trip

Evil shit pure madness
Don't try to kill yourself
Pure madness
Evil shit pure fear
You hear just desperate cries
Pure fear

Welcome to the massacre
Feel bleed and grep a

Sword! your head fooling in the blood
Gun! one shot in the middle of your face
Knife! I cut your eyes out and fuck the hole

Horror Story's in the party house
The murder had buried
The body of his victim
He had some deadly cuts
Killing is so funny
And when I die you're my slave in paradise
Something gives me
The most trilling experience
It is even better than
Getting your rocks off with a girl
The best part of it
Is that when I die I will be reborn
And those I have killed
Will become my slaves

Evil Shit, pure darkness
You'll never find the let out
pure darkness
Evil Shit, true death
Immortal and never forgotten


Die Angst verflog mit dem Wind
Hate in myself make's me blid
Das Schwert gleitet aus der Scheide
War ist the hell on earth
Bloody Corpses rotting on heaps
Lost screams in the streets
Wir f├╝hlen uns richtig wohl
Mit der Axt in der Hand

Savage Traces
We can see the traces
of the savage on the wall

Lebt in Angst und sterbt in Schmerzen
Living in fear and dying in pain
Der Tot hat jetzt die Macht
And the earth will be reborn

10. Madness

Bleed! Suffer! Scream! Die!

Strangling you
Feels so good
Hear you crying
Cry for me
Licking your blood
From your body
Wait to watch you

Where is the next?
I want to kill again
Where do you hide?
Come to Daddy little girl
Let me see you
Let me rape you To death
Now take my hand
And feel the real madness

Torture you
Feels so good
Hear you crying
Cry for me
Licking your blood
From your body
Waiting to watch you

You try to call for help
Worthless human being
No one's gonna help you
I will only stand here
Enjoying watching you
Losing all your blood

Darkness around your soul
Feel my cold breath
I'm sucking your blood
From my knife
No take the hand of real madness

Bleed! Suffer! Scream! Die!