Averse Sefira

Advent Parallax tracks



Fivefold angles of Degrees
72 in number binding within
Inverted chaos
As spears impale wings

Shattered wholes, scattered remains
Corporeal ruin enstitched
Remnant altar
Worship made weapon in triptych

Occult machinery invoking
Warsouls bound to the penetrated inverse
Graven sigillum heralding flight
The path of Detonation

Obliterated faces, stone rooted in devotion
Measured in serration
From burning shells pours scorn

Breathless vessel, rabbiting heart
Blood flows up the temple steps
Ancient tongues shaping the cardinals
Blood is the altar
Ordinal denied

Howling vision
Unbending eye
Gates aligned
Seven wheeling on high

I am the spirit of the air
Swirling in burning atmosphere
From above I observe myself
Concupiscent to the Heavens
United with the archetype itself

Enthroned in self devourment
Rutting in rebirth
Gloria in excessvs
In Descension


Rotten staff
My Sceptre
Sword of might
Swath Cutter
Shining Pestilence

Piercing storms
Open Gates
To the Stars

Revel in the spirit
On the road to hell
Ashes of the world
Scattered in the wake
What then in the coming of the morn?

Winds of Hunger
Ancients Rage of Centuries
Enfolding Thrice
Onto Selves
Etched outward in Time

Sand and Soil
Beneath my Claws
A Lion's Roar
Endless Choir
Comet Eyes ever-burning

When all your wishes are granted,
Many of your dreams will be destroyed!

What was I like when I was "I"?
When I was alive?

I live in the memory of others,
Not my own
They remember for me
They try to remind me
I am the Mire
I am Effigy
And into myself, I sink

I am turning to stone
Forever a Mask
Forever a Husk

My Kingdom surrounds me
Yet is hidden from my sight

Inner War in Eternal Wonder

Disappear in
Blood and Darkness

I am the Key to Obliteration
Body without Spirit
Spirit without Flesh

There are two of me:
One who Loves
One who Kills
I rise and become Negative.


Anoint. Alight. Align.
The Mind says, 'I am not of the Body. When the Body ceases, I will be set free. I direct the Shell to move.'
The Soul says, 'I am not of the Body. When Death comes, I shall reunite with the Void. I am the Engine of the Vessel.'
The Spirit says, 'I am not of the Body. If I die, there is no longer reason to Exist. I am the fuel that fills the Form and gives it Power.'
The Body says, 'It is only through Me that you are realized. I am that which makes you known. Without Me, you have no Home.'
The Fire says, 'I am your Master. I govern you all as Passions. The Body melts at my touch. The Spirit burns at ignition. The Soul ashes at recession. The Mind an inferno at my stoking.'

Crippled - Salvaged - Assimilated
Asphyxia - Deluge - Collapse

Mechanism exposed
In atrophy
Slime - Corruption - Filth

Polyphonic choking
One ultimate prayer
For cessation

Our enigma of destination
A defined void
Thy mechanism plagued
Corporeal casket
In bloom
Relentless sacrifice
Thy ritualized absorbing cloak
Sterile devices of castrated passion
The airing of soiled, stained vestments
The preparation of thy temple
Sanctify thy altar
And tarry...

The lesser arrive
To fortify ego
To devour and prolong
Suffering upon
The traveler
The adept

His existence to illuminate
Yet thy ignorance manifest
Insight denied

Formulae turns immortal
Yet again denied
Delusion versus wisdom
Wisdom versus defeat

Build thy solar temple
Radiate thy measures
In failure of scheme
In favor of purity


Anoint. Alight. Align.


Cancerous Redeemer
Sick touch of the black
Awaken into new worlds
Adjust to foreign eyes
Our own
Becoming vision

Dimensional Perceptions
Float and Interlock
Abyss between Idea
And Actual collide
Now one

Negative conceiving
Itself as a Positive
Extraced in Recursion
Kingdoms of Unbalanced Force

Machine - Rancid
Eldritch - Cosmic

Broken open
Wandering Unmanned

Form dissolute
Reaching into Aeons Past

Inexorable Volition
Travel Indefinite

Travel arrested
By the astral lugubrioius
I know the sublety of horns

Sacrificial urn
Bearing a cremated hand
To touch the Worlde

Arclit visage of decomposition
Ejected biological
Trapped in a fascination of the process.

Ineffable Flesh of Ages

I open the Door
I am beneath the sky
I feel the Breath of Millennia

I close my eyes
And see 13 Worldes
I seed
I birth
I force into the Void

Chains of Flesh and Change
Burning in Dead Fire
The Meat shall perish
At this feast, all starve


Serpent monolith
Exhaling cipher
Of millennial doubt

Carved in soil
Erect in myth
Of soul
Of blood
Before, and again

Radiant prismatic
While atoms radiate
Of timeless space

In flesh
Through cipher
By fire

Breathe life
Where none is found

Reflects somethingness
Through millennia
Of monolithic


Voices from beyonde the path
Speak to me in tongues
Whispering directions for Deviation
Transecting the Bridge between
Transecting the Symbols of

Strength in knowledge
Strengthening Will
Pleasures sought
In Iron Devotion.

Strength in knowledge
Strengthens Will
Gold in furnaces
Transmutation of Will

My crown it opens
And closeth not
From this light the thorn strikes
Gates of 8
Align the 9
Realms unseen
The 10th struck low

My crown it opens
And from it I draw fire
To burn
In the Krator's sight

My crown of gold
Melts from horizon's edge
Cresting the flesh
Crimson black

My crown unforged
Birth of giving fire
The Krator

Fermenting womb
Temples of offal
Praised in reign
Of putrescence crowned
Procrusted on the throne
Of cherubim mutilations


Witness to an endless storming cosmos
Casting towards the cold empty beyond
Beatific flares tear at my skein
Divination strains to chart a course

Hull ignites and alters
To form a hurtling pyre
Flames my panegyric
Will my cynosure

Torrid in resistance
Tearing through the veil
Chaos screaming
Parallax is mine alone

Dreams as navigation
Holds of airless might
Boundaries of compression
Violent in my wake

Tethers slash hide
Layers of time expand
Perception now procumbent
Echoes polarized

Rushing headlong, streaming ashen lies
Terrible portent lodged, drishti binds my mind
Symbiotic predestination
Terminus: divined

Prisons unbound
Mandala divides the light
Tetrarchic prayers
Answer prismatically

Doom spreading from below
Roots anchored in death
Culminate as one
Dissipate as null

Cyclical existence of failure
Punctured through thaumaturgical siege
Immersed in a world of shells
All life within evaporates

Memetic weaponry
Averred against
Gammadion wings
Inferno in my mind

Founder beneath the sun
Thrumming howls of demon
Pushing aside the ruin of thought
Mantled in schematic litanies

Chains of execration
No longer binding me
My essence forged in canopic restraint

Reborn in parallax
The primordial soul


Warping foul Aeternity
A Palace of Empty Eyes
Wounds that forever feed
And ache when loss is gained

Acolyte of the Abyss
In Winds of Grief and Madness
Transcending the Other Side
Of Infinite Dimensions

Form hidden within
Tangible Reality
Hermetic power slumbers
Within the Shells

Séance of Galvanic Illusion
Rising from nowhere
Aeternally abandoning bones

As I write my Names
The stars go out
When all my Names are scribed
Matter returns to Divinity

Impression of a Soul
Yet Shadow
Dead residues
Of Manifestation

Now walk aloft this Kingdom
On limbs unclean, unwhole
Embrace the Quickening Abscess
Praise Hail the King of Sores

Recall the Names
Let them stir and shake
Rust from their chains
Raped unto the earth

The Names are writ
The Stars are gone