Aether tracks





Today is another affliction that tears everything that’s inside
A fuse quick to ignite, it’s time to block out the feelings
These are the reasons we are empty
You need to be released and see the value of being serene
The youth in your eyes is truly defined

Negated by fear, you have brought the battle out from within
Expel the fires of rage into a state of bliss
So channel the pain and keep the passion tame, know your psyche
This is scaling of peaks

When you look through the haze, nothing is certain,
So keep this all to yourself
With just assumptions made we aren’t making the progress
We need to get us through this

Today is another affliction that tears everything that’s inside
You need to be released and see the value of being serene
Create a venerable sight that this world should see
So we can escape from this era


I have been searching for this unholy depiction of the self
An exterior sight for the meaningless faces that defy me
And yet I still fail to know all the reasons for this
Ongoing objection to all that I am
You better know when to believe in what you are seeing
For there is more than this shell

Taking this in is harder to bear since
The will of my being is unknowingly scarce
But I will learn through the ways of defeat
This rejection, it was channeled through me

So I am left with this unguided path full of plight
Where no one’s listening or see my signs of grief
Because I lack respect
I must accept this fate for all these rash mistakes
And clear the view from here, my life in peril

Don’t negate the signs when they are overwhelming

When desolation breeds your heart begins to sink
It blocks the will to see that you are out of line
So many years and still not past this all
Be aware of what you speak

This is the only way to reconcile my afflicted mind
And yet it’s stressing me to undo the damage

If we look inside we will surely find the source
Of all the insolence, still we must judge ourselves before anyone else
I lacked the thought to see myself in any other way
To be the enemy I’ve always sought to kill


I am awake, the first step in admitting these fallacies to the
Routes that have led us to this place

Those were the days we left behind, to escape from
The raw feelings of instilling inequity
It is not the path we have chosen to take
But the essence of life and the coming of age

We are not that easy to break, guide us to the ways of being complete
Within these lines we are confined, lashing out
At the progress of others that destroys the sense of our doubt
We must revive the conscious mind with the nobility of the wise
So our ideals won’t bring us down

I’d rather fall and realize that there are ways to relieving delusion
Then live through atrophy as I waste away all of these days
It may be something we loathe but we owe ourselves
The duty to find what sets us off to conquer the strain

The sky above is only glistening
Bring forth change and breathe this air, the purity so fine it will last a lifetime
So there is nothing besides the will to keep on moving on in a forward progression




This is the time where I can look at pride with
Open eyes, arise the will to deny
And through the desires of malice reaching
To steer you in their direction
This administration of lies will set you across the divide

So don’t surrender your senses now

We are autonomous but we still give in
To the interest of false prophecies with no convictions we wait to derive from the limited sources so don’t surrender your senses and become the victims of empty suspicions
How can one be lead to believe what’s delusive?
You would fall off the edge in your timidness back down to the middens

You cannot lean to far and expect the balance of integrity
There is no right of way for those who act rashly

Between the sides of strife there is light waiting to break
But on the rise we refuse to descend through this surface
Find your own light and expand this conception
There is more to living life then serving expectations

Controlling this illusion of a man made obsession
To unfold the plans of a biased perspective

I won’t be trapped in this chasm of ignorance
Limit the mind and stay inside, away from everything
This world needs air to breathe and yet it’s suffering from distorted beliefs
I want in time, to see the sight, where we’re no longer naive


When have you last looked at pain straight in the eyes
And forced your angst, a guard to stay inside you
There is more to this place, we just need the will to modernize
We cannot always stay in a state of being fazed by these foreign virtues
Dispose this reckoning before you take flight

Expanding beyond the common practice of inflicting this indecency
For there is no other way to keep us restraint
So we will search for the passage within ourselves
That reveals the tension that builds in heat of the passion

And this succession of growth is key to
Becoming aware of ourselves, a beacon to shine inside of us all

It creates discretion and interprets outcomes
Thoughts so keen to make connections
That replaces the faulty impressions
With meaning and intention that makes us grow
From the inside out
We are fortified from all who dissemble hope

To those who seek revelations,
There is nothing divine; it is the will of our minds

Understand that we are diseased, we only hold to common beliefs
Experience is to digress from the monotonous
That allows the paradigms that bind to collapse
And begins the mental fight to be refined

From the past until now there was a lack of vision
But absence of sight has been lifted, to set me free

Is this the coming of age?
Look hard and you’ll find
The missing pieces to reaching nobility