Agoraphobic Nosebleed

Agoraphobic Nosebleed - Kill the Client tracks




Took a blowtorch to the judges feet while bums fucked his daughter.
Burned holes in her eyelids with cigarettes because she wouldn't stop crying.
Then god and godless wept for the finks, snitches, and liars.
Ammunition as currency and I'm wearing a wire.
Prayers to be answered, kidnap and murder for hire.
Wearing a suit you're as good as dead, there'll be no warning shots fire.
Shot the judge, jury, and the state executioner. Killed the lawyers, clients, and all their friends.
Killed off the victim's families one by one, laid them facing Mecca end to end.
Pray for they prey compassion in a quick and painless death.
Pray for they enemy that they should never know my face, god works in mysterious ways as i lay in wait.
Annihilate fucking everyone, annihilate everything.
Fuck the world and everyone on it.
Fuck you, your god, your family.
Fuck the world and everything on it.
Burn it all to the fucking ground.
Annihilate fucking everyone, annihilate everything. Piss where I can see you bitch.
Invisible enemies have us surrounded.
Bloodshed in infrared, multiple targets.
From enslavement to obliteration, to completely mentally retarded.
Death by my own manipulation, kill the fucking client.


Arabian goggles over Baghdad. Condoleezza steamer on an old man's chest.
I don't give a fuck, Saddam took it like a man.
Bush would have cried, begged for his life, taken out a second mortgage on his soul,
fucked around on his wife and defaulted the entire loan.
Life's a lovely tit to gently squeeze or a boob to wrench and bruise.
I honestly don't give a fuck, unemployed and the economy is great.
To all the southern boys getting sand pounded up their ass, my thanks.
America escapes the breadline again, this time in hi-def, seven speaker surround sound.
Ate so much wartime pussy I'm really puttin' on the pounds.
Life's a lovely tit to gently squeeze or a fucking boob to wrench and bruise.


I don't worship the devil, I just hate Christians.
Ids slaughter them all if i could, wipe them from this "heavenly" earth.
Anti-christian, not the Antichrist, this is no Gothic struggle. A reason to pray in school.
Weapon of war, not Satan. Burn their churches, homes and schools.
Bring me Pat Robertson's head on a fucking plate.
Evangelical holocaust of a biblical proportion. Moses separating church from state.
Ammunition convey to the front lines, hicks in body armor, armored saints.
Biological attacks across the bible belt. The fat of the American farm land set a flame.
Take no hostages, kill them all, in their saviours name.



Slave, gladiator, leader and revolutionary.
The struggle of an oppressed people fighting for freedom against a powerful state,
striking fear into the heart of establishment.
Are we not living under the power of a modern day Rome right now?
Stand in defiance to tyranny and mental slavery!