Agoraphobic Nosebleed

Agorapocalypse tracks



Dalek Battle Computer
Logan Airport, September 11th, 8:14 AM
Jesus boards a 747 in Allah's name
Wormhole emerges and swallows
UA Flight 175 just after lift off

Altered coordinates
Quantum entanglement
Auto infanticide
Time dilation complete

Six-headed phallus of the Agorapocalypse
Eight-eyed lamb of Z.O.G.
Discordance Axis of Evil
Radiant transgendered figures descend
Herosu the god of small pox

Shiva the great chronovore
End times for the leisure hive
Exterminate, exterminate, exterminate
Earth - one giant fucking human leisure hive


All avenues blocked off
Following the stench of profit
Forward thinking impaired
All minds closed tight
Charcoal blinders on
Widespread hearing loss
Suffocating stagnation
The world stops turning

Ready to pull the trigger
Slip our necks in the noose
Happy to oblige
If there's no other way
Orwell's nightmare
Slowly reveals itself

At an end! No other way!

Kept in the past
No real change
To our day-to-day
Brains retreat
Old forms of defeat
We believe
What we're told to see

Trudge to work, watching our feet
Nothing to look at up above our heads
Plugged in to our beloved lifeline
Never noticing the future at an end

At an end! No other way!


The order of the wasp and the unicorn
Kaled mutants on the half shell
Dimensionally Transcendental
One foot in Babylon. The other in a Buddhist hell

Un-parallel universe of the anachronic man
Timelord, Argonaut, Smuggler
Sexual predator in a strange land

Traversable wormhole emerges
Welding closed the cargo hold
Cryo frozen python stuffed
With 70's porn and dope
Condoms filled with quaaludes rammed down its throat
Photo of Dennis Hopper throwing your mom the bone

Drug running in circles
Between the astral and material worlds


I don't want to fuck your face
I want to wrap my dick
Around your throat and choke you

I slapped a dead man in the face
With his own hand and laughed out loud
Self-awareness on a level
You couldn't possibly conceive

It's not the weed or all the bullshit I read
It's the fucking disillusionment and suffering
Of every living being

The sixteen aspects of the four noble failures
Spend your life with tears in your eyes,
Complaining endlessly

My smile invites suspicion as life sucks like a leech
I'm giving up my ego, my desire, my vanity
All to fill one tiny need
To spread open my ass and shit on your dreams


Spawning the mind's eye
The unemotional, the emotionless

A flaccid mouth
Spews violent

Spawning the mind's eye
The unemotional, the emotionless

Slowly picking at sweet young pussy
Gushing out impenetrable acts
Foul conceptions

Spawning the mind's eye
The unemotional, the emotionless

Pink slits ooze autonomy
Visions fisting young cunts
Sabotaging humanity

Seeking out the endless
The unenduring
The lifeless
The painstaking fight between
Insanity and morality


Jerking off in meetings with his attorneys
Sentenced to death

Holy man, supreme being
Biological weapons, levitation, drugs
Where he was once blind, he can now see
Stand down!
The eye of Horus is opening

Asahara has requested
To be fed only pork
For his last meal
Wild boar

Giraffe tongue makes
A noose around his head
Hung from the rising sun
Until made immortal

He dropped into a white lotus
Butterfly bursting from his eyes in a cloud of sarin gas
Traversing the globe, wings spread
Landing only once, for a moment, on a retarded kid's head


In a past life I was just some
Back alley abortion
Stem cells collected on a coat hanger
Tossed in a trash bin

I can't help but think the kind of hip replacement
That I could have been
The kidney I could have grown into
If only I'd had the chance

Could have helped a God-cursing cripple
Walk again
Be re-born again

Abortion now a brave new industry
Stem cells collected and sold
Artificial insemination of of "breeders"
Thousands of women working at home
Pregnant in six week shifts
Making hundreds a week
Helping others to save lives
Cure disability and disease

Organ banks using body parts as currency
First national stem cell and clone
Billions made and thousands saved as acceptance of the science grows

What's a second mortgage to a whole new lease on life,
And what wouldn't you spend to save your child from dying?
What cock wouldn't you suck to save their fucking life?


You want to talk to me about Pig Destroyer?
I smoked crack with a fucking cop
You want to see ANb live?
We'll take the deposit and just not show up

Send DJ Nevermind and a couple of sluts
Lap dances, suckin' dick as the Honky Reduction 10" spins

Sorry I was on that shit again
And couldn't make the trip
No longer welcome in N.Y.C.
There have been threats

It's like the way a pig will eat its own shit
I stay committed
To every lie I've ever written
No matter if it makes sense
Accepting the absurd
Has become second nature

No reason behind the myths
No purpose in being offensive


One-dimensional hatross
Alesis Time Machine
Seventh bastard son of the seventh bastard son
Locust abortion technician with deicidal tendencies

I traveled time to kill an unborn Christ
Nocturnus A.D.

Umbilical carefully collected, put into cryo freeze

But I've returned to godless times
Times of understanding and peace
The evidence was everywhere
I had not slain our savior, but the beast

In a world where I never existed
No friends, no family, no ANb
My cargo sold for next to nothing to some Japanese
That years later was rumored to have had programmed
The world's first blast beat


Sunken deep into eyes of idolatry
Unscathed, furthest from reality


Acrid smoke sailing from impotent lips

Prepubescent boys with
Handsome white asses
Too sick to move
Too sick to be here
Shitting condoms for cock
Spew white seed into oblivion

Jizz on the thinking machine

Eager to submit to cracked
Asymmetric genitals

Insecurity created poor
Misshapen beasts
Jerking off to brutality
Hungry for teen anals


A Wal-Mart shopping spree begins a tri-state killing spree

Some Wall Street metalhead with a tribal armband tattoo
Has just lost his mind
Lost his fucking mind

In a white man's world
Pointless, cold and cruel
We start our day enslaved and end our day depraved

No more sick white guy shit
No more in white guy mode
No more gore or sketchy Asian porn

No more

That's why when I go
I'm taking whitey with me
As many as I can splatter before the clock runs out
See you in hell, you fucks
All covered in blood
Buddha laughing atop a pile of human skulls


Fuck burning a church
Let's burn down schools and wildlife preserves

Killed a baby bear with a hunting knife
You're born. You do shit. You die.

Do what thou wilt do without guilt or remorse
Eat, drink, fuck the hugest whores

Smoke, sleep and grind your fucking face off
Smoke and smoke and I'm tripping my fuckin' face off
We stay armed to the tits, you zero
Eat, shit and die a hundred thousand times, you fuck

Gonzo pornography
She's got a ticket to grind
You're born. You do shit. You die.

First we're going to cut her
Then we're going to fuck her
Once, twice, three fucking times

13. EX-COP

An entourage of personal demons
All packing serious heat
Nickel-plated desert eagles
And I'm feeling weak

Walk up to you and strip you where you stand trembling
Walk up and stick a gun in your face

Hand over all the fuckin' guns
Hand over the drugs, you fuck

Fired up the old acetylene torch
Lit a cigarette and went to work
Completely self-absorbed

Don't give a fuck about
Who or what you know
Just care about the ammo
And the three keys of coke


Nose deep in Jamaican armpit pussy
Tongue-fuckin' the spider hole
Freeing the grenade pin with my teeth
Who says in Miami it never snows?

Blast fuck that slut into outer space
A blizzard of cocaine and gore
Blast kilos up in my speedboat
Dumping the bodies off shore

Snooters in the nosebleed seats
VIP in the skybar
Had my dick out in the club
Told the DJ to suck my balls

It's that good, sticky Jamaican pussy
Look at all the crystals and hairs
Dreadlock tampon ragweed
Crabs in G-string underwear

I'll shoot you in the face, bitch
I'll shoot you in the face, bitch