All That Remains

All That Remains tracks



And i see nothing i can do would change this now
This last caress i'll cherish forever
If i could i would kiss all your tears away
This emptiness can only bring sorrow

If you leave
I will follow
Wherever you go i will be there for you

I believe that our destines were entwined
Now i see that my fate's been decided
How i hope that in some way you'll remember me
Can't you see that i'd lay down my life for you


I've seen through the shading
And down to what's within
Reaching you will feel me

Lost and alone
You said i was what you were looking for
So why do i feel so empty

And it seemed so real
Pulled from my grasp taken away
Am i nothing in your eyes
Reaching out i feel
You were pulling away, never letting me in
I am nothing in your eyes

Day in day out i see you live your life again
A fool i stand here in waiting
In letters words and pictures
You profess your love to me
And to the last they were lies

The malice i should feel for you deceitfulness
Some how always escapes me
And in the shading
Between the words you said to me
I know i'd be left empty


Don't leave you said to me
And for a moment i feared i'd stay
But your plea rang hollow so i quietly
Walked away
I can see you through the glass
And i wonder was it done in vain
Now i'd do anything
To simply make the pain go away

If you'd have me i'd take you back again
And erase the mistakes i've made
If you'd have me i'd take you back again
And add to the mistakes i've made

I remember morning light
And a shower to clear my head
Everyday a reminder of what a fool i've
Seemed when i left you i'd left everything i'd
Now you have shown me
I'm not the man i thought i was

I believed in you
I had faith in you
I was there for you
Now i'm lost in you