Among the Living tracks



Disease, Disease
Spreading the disease
With some help from Captain Trips
He'll bring the world down to his knees
Power, yes Power
He'll show them all his power
It pulses through his ice cold blood
A whole world to devour

He's seeing, He's calling
His legacy, He's spawning
He's coming, corrupting
Among the living

Murder, Murder
Commit cold blooded murder
Like Nazis during World War Two
They only follow orders
Hatred, Hatred
A crucifix is your bed
Once he turns his eye on you
You'd be better off dead

[Repeat pre-chorus]

I am the walkin' dude
I can see all the world
Twist your minds with fear
I'm the man with power
Among the living
Follow me or die

Man, fights Man
Divided they can't stand
United they can battle back
And make him force his hand
Fear, yes Fear
His end is growing near
He didn't count on man's good faith
And their will to persevere

[Repeat pre-chorus]
[repeat chorus]

[lead break]

Fire, hot Fire
Purge the world with fire
Damnation is the price he'll pay
For an evil man's desire
Good, vs. Evil
The stand to vanquish evil
Man can only live one way
That place right in the middle

[Repeat pre-chorus]
[repeat chorus]



Why don't you listen to me when I try to talkto you
Stop thinking of yourself, for just a second fool
Shut up, shut up, I don't wanna hear your mouth
Your mather made a monster, now get the hell out of my house

Can't stand it for another day
I ain't gonna live my life this way
Cold sweat, my fists are clenching
Stomp, stomp, stomp, the idiot convention

Which one of these words don't you understand ?
Talking to you, is like clapping with one hand

What is it ? - Caught in a mosh
What is it ? - Caught in a mosh
What is it ? - Caught in a mosh
What is it ? - Caught in a mosh

Don't tell me how to do my job
There's the door, your name's on the knob
You're always in the way, like a beast on my back
Were you dropped as a baby, cause brains you lack


[Mosh part]
Think - before you speak
Or suffer, for your words
Learn, to give respect
that others, give to you
AAAAAAAAAAAH, The best you can do

[Lead break]
[Harmony lead]

Hey Man
I'm trying to reason but you don't understand
Talking in circles, we'll never get it straight
Just you and me in our theatre of hate

[Repeat bridge]
[Repeat pre-chorus]
[Repeat chorus]


Fifteen years in the academy
He was like no cadet they'd ever seen
A man so hard, his veins bleed ice
And when he speaks he never says it twice
They call him Judge, his last name is Dredd
So break the law, and you may wind up dead
Truth and justice are what he's fighting for
Judge Dredd the man, he is the law
Drokk It

With his gun and bike he rules the streets
And every perp he meets will taste defeat
Not even Death can overcome his might
Cause Dredd and Anderson, they won the fight
When the Sov's started the Apocalypse war
And Mega-city was bombed to the floor
Dredd resisted, and the judges fought back
And crushed the Sov's with their counter-attack
Drokk It

Respect the badge - he earned it with his blood
Fear the gun - your sentence may be death
because ...

I Am The Law
And you won't fuck around no more - I Am The Law
I judge the rich, I judge the poor - I Am The Law
Commit a crime I'll lock the door - I Am The Law
Because in Mega-City ...
I Am The Law

In the cursed earth where mutants dwell
There is no law, it's just a living hell
Anarchy and chaos as the blood runs red
But this would change if it was up to Dredd
The book of law is the bible to him
And any crime committed is a sin
He keeps the peace whith his law-giver
Judge, jury, and executioner
Drokk It

[Repeat Pre-Chorus]
[Repeat Chorus]

Crime - the ultimate sin
Your Iso-Cube is waiting when he brings you in
Law - it's what he stands for
Crime's his only enemy and he's going to war

[Lead break]

[Repeat bridge]
[Repeat pre-chorus]
[Repeat chorus]


It started back in high-school
So cool, king of the scene
You found that making people laugh
Was more than just a dream
The public took right to you
Like flies to a pile of shit
So funny and smart so talented
But success just couldn't fit

Wasting your life
No future is bright
Dancing on your grave
Living like a slave, someone should've said...

N.F.L., Efilnikufesin
N.F.L., Efilnikufesin
Wake up dead, in a plywood bed six feet from the
rest of your life
And when you couldn't see your own dependency
N.F.L., Nice Fuckin' Life !

The whole world is your playground
Yet you can't find your niche
Your only friends it helps you through
Helps you dig your daily ditch
The bottom line can't touch you
Cause you're above the rest
But your little friend's the enemy
And the bottom line is death

[Repeat pre-chorus]
[Repeat chorus]

[Lead break]

You lived a life of excess
GODDAMN shame it's such a waste
Just one too many cookies
From the batch no one should taste
Yet his memory still stays with us
Cause watching him was fun
Too bad things weren't different
Who knows what he'd have done

[Repeat pre-chorus]
[Repeat chorus]


All American, an evil game of extortion
A sick old man, and who would guess
He was once S.S.
A deadly fascination, of a madman's solution
Six million dead, poison tales pollute his head

Tell me a story - Will ya, Will ya
A real good story, I won't leave till ya
Spill your guts old man
Leave out any secrets, Hiding in the ...

Any skeletons, and all your other sins
Any skeletons in the closet
Any skeletons, any misfortunes
Any skeletons, Hiding in the closet
Any skeletons, Any skeletons
In the closet

It's insanity, puppetmaster boy or Nazi
Apt pupil, he hears the screams
Nightmares turn into wet dreams
Hatret lives, boiling inside, dealing death it's bumicide
In too deep, their secret stands but it won't keep

[Repeat pre-chorus]
[Repeat chorus]

[Lead break]

[Fun pickin' part]
The truth comes out, conspiracy there is no doubt
His life is ruined, but no not yet
He's still got one card in the deck
A loaded gun, a happy smile, he'll scope the freeway for awhile
King of the world, four hundred rounds it took five hours to bring him down

[Repeat pre-chorus]
[Repeat chorus]


We all see black and white
When it comes to someone else's fight
No one ever gets involved
Apathy can never solve

Forced Out - Brave and mighty
Stolen Land - They can't fight it
Hold On - To pride and tradition
Even though they know how much their lives are really missin'
We're Dissin' Them ...

On reservation
A hopeless situation

Respect is something that you earn
Our Indian brother's getting burned
Original American
Turned into, second class citizen

[Repeat bridge]
[Repeat pre-chorus]

Cry for the Indians
Die for the Indians
Cry for the Indians
Cry, Cry, Cry for the Indians

Love the land and fellow man
Peace is what we strive to have
Some folks have none of this
Hatred and prejudice

[Repeat bridge]
[Repeat pre-chorus]
[Repeat chorus]

[Mosh part]
Territory, It's just the body of the nation
The people that inhabit it make its configuration
Prejudice, Something we all can do without
Cause a flag of many colors is what this land's all about

[Lead break]

[Repeat first verse]
[Repeat bridge]
[Repeat pre-chorus]
[Repeat chorus]


Stop it
There's been too much debate
We could save ourselves from holocaust
Or is that just our fate
Start now
But we continue to balk
We let the genie out of the bottle
But we still hold the cork

One, Two,- Not
Three, Four,- Die
One, Two,- Not
Three, Four,- Die

Ignorance, is no excuse
For violence
No One Wins ...

One World
One World
One World - Welcome to it
One World - Don't abuse it
One World - To live out your life
One World - Total schism
Tunnel vision
One World - Taming the beast
Fighting for peace

You pushed a button that's all you did
It's much harder to kill a man
If you've seen pictures of his kids
And what are all our lives worth ?
What kind of sentence would you serve
For killing the earth

[Repeat bridge]
[Repeat pre-chorus]
[Repeat chorus]

[Mosh part]

[Lead break]
[Repeat chorus]

They're only people like us
Do you really think they'd blow up the world
They don't love their lives less
Stop singing hail to the chief
Instead of thinking S.D.I.
He should be thinking of peace

[Repeat bridge]
[Repeat pre-chorus]
[Repeat chorus]

One World.


It's just to damn easy, to die in this life
Who's making the decisions ?
Tell me, who's got the right ?

WOH, OH, OH, My grief turns to anger
WOH, OH, OH, It's time to ...

Say good-bye, It's a horror
Memories, Nothing's harder

I know that there's no answer, I mean what'd
I expect
So many unanswered questions
I can't believe, I can't accept

Woh, oh, oh, My anger turns to hatred
Woh, oh, ah, oh, It's time to ...

[Repeat pre-chorus]

Oooooh, aaah, oooooh, The horror of it all
The horror of it all, I'm gonna break
The horror of it all, Tell me why

You're not supposed to question, but why's there so much pain
When someone's taken from you
What can you do or say ?
Woh, oh, oh, My hatred turns to violence
Woh, oh, ah, oh, It's time to ...

[Repeat pre-chorus]
[Repeat chorus]

[Lead break]

[End verse]
The horror of it all
The horror of it all
The horror of it all
The horror of it all
Say good-bye, It's such a horror
My memories there's nothing harder
Anger and hatred fill the page
So smash the walls it's time to rage.


There's nothing I hate more, than all these plastic people
With all their plastic promises, and all their plastic deals
They just can't be themselves, and live their own lives out
They're just an imitation of what life's all about

"Because of me you are who you are
So sign your name, and you'll go far
I'm your friend, I think you should
So sign your name, it's for your own good"
How Many Times Have You Heard This Today ???

Some bogus piss-on saying "Let's do lunch babe"
For them this bullshit, it's their whole life
Cut through their bullshit with a knife
Imitation Of Life

[Bridge one]
Ooooooooh, Ooooh, Oh
Anger Burns
Whatever happened to the guy I knew
A media creation, a monster grew
Our story had an unhappy end
But this could change, I still call him friend

"Take my advice, listen to me
A great opportunity, can't you see
I only want what's best for you
The deal of a lifetime, what more can I do"
How Many Times Have You Heard This Today ???

Some stupid sucker says "It's great, we luv ya babe"
For them this bullshit, it's their whole life
Cut through their bullshit with a knife
Imitation Of Life

[Bridge two:]
Ooooooooh, Ooooh, Oh
Anger Burns
Bands dress like women, with hairspray and lace
I'd pass an image law, stick it in their face
Let's see how long they keep dressing this way
Wearing this image twenty four hours a day ...

[Mosh talk part]
Did You Ever Think For Yourself ??
Just Once, Did You Ever Think ??
That's All I Want To Know

[Mosh chorus part]
Imitation Of Life, Living out a lie
You'll never be right, IMITATION OF LIFE
Why Are You Here ??, You're Taking Up My Space

The new imperfect race, Imitation Of Life

[Lead break]

Ooooooooh, Ooooh, Oh
Anger Burns
Whatever happened to the guy I knew
A media creation, a monster grew
Our story had an unhappy end
But this could change, I still call him friend
There's nothing I hate more
Than all these plastic people
With all their plastic promises
And all their plastic deals
They just can't be themselves
And live their own lives out
They're just an imitation
Of what life's all about
Imitation Of Life