Anger tracks



the last night is coming
come into being of immortals
and sing the song of eternity,
wake the mortals up - it's time.

prostate yourselves - dead fools
decaying carrions by life
soak your hatred in,
rub leavings of day from eyes off

it's time - bell of apocalipse has rung
songs of immortals soaks fear in.
bewitched words, the dead's speech,
whisper of demented, enslaved souls.

disentered, ill prayers
slept in crypts of time.
regenerate in destruction
let the worlds hum the song.


"Look at the castle full of crime
its walls streaming blood,
as if a demon lived here"
Time is paying your debt off in the face of the world
has already finished.
Look around, you are alone,
but there are spors of blood still on your hands
a dirty soul is soaked of crime
and it's still in your bodyyou fell inside you aren't alone
it's demon who leads you
he makes you hate yourself
your face covered deep wounds
is looking with disdain from a mirror
black man in black dream with black redections
life is a place that dream
you used to be obedient to that faith
but now this is hate to yourself and God
you struggle and destroy the crosses
but this everything is out of control
you have to wait when the anathema fills in complete
the visions of perish Christ at the cross
makes you successful
fallen God, fallen the world, only despair remains
your crimes are waiting on the glory
wake up though dead in the other world


time is cruel, it goes by slowly.
we are dying slowly in the sweet inactivity
unworthy of deaths attention
- the only real utterness
rubbing against the aspects of life
leaving deathlike smell of millenium behind
on skeletons of empty existence.

pious crowd of twelve trumps,
unsated of blood,
deceived of prophet's lies,
faithing vainly against time
executes neverending insane deeds
to regain lost hours
soaked in blood of time
to glory of dead force

trailers of unstraight thoughts
leave for their immemorial hunts,
go trough the dreams
don't know the limits of time.
millenium like warriors
tread across the universe
leaving persistent trace of passage
and announcing arrival.


I hate the world and ordinaries
I burn my boats
I cut myself off feelings
I hold them and he in an abhorrence
I want to present all the people -
with true natural pain,
to deepent everything into depression.
fear is natural end
a nice feeling
troughout the magnitude.
I see an imagination in my eyes.
I am an imagination of
the ill, paralysed mind.
sometime everyone will give up
but it will be too late.
and the end is the worst
becuase all - powersfulls look at
your convulsions.
I knew too early
the first step is behind me.
The ordinaries turns into
the irrational nightmares,
which live inside me.
I deliver my hatred for the world


Lots of people
kneeling down on their knees
a head of their funny god
they have believed in
happiness after life
but they have got only
Death and pain

You promised them paradise
you promised neverending life
but you left them despise
and only blood

who allowed you to take away the life
who allowed you to conduct a chaos
who allowed you to call you god

your end is near
you will be thrown down to the hell
remembrance of you
won't be kept in nation's memory
destroying power of nothing
he has just come back
your end is near
there will be no forced faith
there will be no quiet people


black, burnt earth
pants for blood like a thirsting
to give a fruit of a murder
and regain the lost dream.

Dead warriors
union with the fate
to renegate
to immemorial fight.

and black angel
has come with his procession
he looks at the gallows
feeds his eyes with the death

gallentry of the black multitude
steped in burnt earth
dead hands of demons
swaying soked weapon

my name is legion
because there are many of us
icy tentacles of death
feed with dead ones


join a funeral
let's take an importance and dignity of
the moment
there is a darkness sarcophagus
in front of us
and inside there is a corpse of a dead god
who burried forever
with his dead, lying rules
the prayers come to us from below
but he, as a god
has never heard them
but the has come for him too
like for every god of all times
the greatest the most powerful
and just has come to the throne
he looks proudly at his kingdom
and the burial ground of gods
where the funeral with the sarcophagus
treads disspasionately
the most powerful's name
sounds in the chaos
but among the great
ancient graves
there is also his
every god dies
the believers make him die
his dead star emits light
over the powerful burial - grounds of gods
buried religions and cultures
forgotten rules of the universe
who come back to their
primary ruler
nobody has the courage to open graves!
there is no way to foresee
a buried disaster
for million years


destroy the whole evil in pupils
of the madness of that world
let the felicity of the hatred
emrace people's wounded souls
cod into the depth of the darkness
and come with your mind
to the place hat the eye sight does not reach
smell fetoring and soaking with the hatred
the abyss of the eternal condemnation
gather the power of those
who died before the origin of mankind
and call the ruler of the nonenity of the earth
which will crivive from the capital of the empire
of the darkness
from dark city of acheron
what still sounds in evil legends
to touch the world by his power
and like the wind of death
fill the dead lungs
this world sounds like
south of death bird at midnight
so not utterit
because the life will scatter like a dream
and nightmares will come into power come true
and will be fed with their blood


Alive - I was a pestilence
dying - I will be your death
you feel like waits are breathing
and I touch you with my dead palm
scenting a panic in your head
and no-disturbing stolid pain

isn't taking one's own life like a game
ruling existence?
Being a sickness of reigning chaos
soakin utterfly a life in -
aren't you the one who wants
to resist me?

Torment of faintness terrifies
but the last word belongs to me
writhe as a snake!
fear will be reduced to ashes
being alone you will feel
a depth of abyss, darkness and anger

in the dead eyes the fear has stayed
dead eyes see the future
share the mostery of nonenity
to me, dead man
take your torturer away
to the abyss of eternal darkness
alive - I was a pestilence
dying - I have sentenced all...