Arrival of the Firedemon tracks



A darkening mind clouded memories
Feelings hidden away a dream of holocaust
Chambers of gas the plague of humanity
Forever thrown away
Watching the history of life - We are nothing!
Something that should never have been
Fighting wars and killing each other
That’s alright human rights and civilisations
What a fuckin’ waste!!
Hate is the only way fire up your strongest force
Set your soul on fire - Human hate divine!


Signs and symbols of evil magic - Drawn on the floor.
Messing dark spells of ancient demons.
Perfect ritual - sacrificing blood.
Come fire!! Come fire!! Enter this world!!
Rise up from below! Destroy this place!!
The gare is open - Portal od death!
Starring into a world of fire
Awaiting his arrival...
Destroy of the Earth - Bringer and taker of life.
Over ruler of all religions. No one wins!!
Crashing through the surface from the world below.
Bringing death and torment to all in his way.
As the world burning - Everybody dies!
Soon the smoke darkens the sky -
Eternal night is here!
Heaven in Black. Hell on Earth!


Choices given leaving reality behind
Ghost dance trauma sickening pukegod
Within the minds of the weak
Total fascination of the lie divine
Clouded visions showing me the way
Pain and torment the path of reality
Shadows calling me – dancing before me
“Come into our world and let’s show you -
The fourth dimensional world - where you will end!”
Helplessly drawn defeated and weak
The dark is so strong powerful and mighty!
Secrets of the moon - forever kept secret
In the shadows I live In the shadows I am
The dark path I walk forever my destiny
Never alone shadows are beside me.
Away from this world I can be eternal
The fullmoon lights my path…I will soon be there!!


King of lies, thorn-crowned fool,
Nailed to the cross - fair execution of the liar.
Suffer on the cross! Get what you deserve!
Ressurection of Christ - we will be there
to meet him - with swords and hammers of hate!
Strike him down and crush the dreams
Of his believers!
Punishment will come for you, for all you have done.
Revenge is sweet - we will win again!
Inner beasts and pagan gods will be let loose on you.
Finally and forever you will be overruled.
Dawn of a new time without your deception and lies.
Your father God will fall at last.
With hate and fury we break the faith -
And crush the skull of Christ!


Master of the underworld rises his head.
Red eyes glowing in the night.
Witches dancing 'round the fires.
Satanic priests are messing evil chants -
As the goatlord of hell rises his hands.
On the infernal throne he sits.
Master of hellfire - waiting to be served.
Surrounded by impaled heads of children.
Listening to the witches hauting chants.
Curse the bleeding hearts of the angels!
The house of God must be destroyed!
In the name of Satan - let it begin!
Hell's unholy fire shall rule!
Forever christians and angels shall weep!
Dying for our cause - supremacy!!
Tonight os the night - ritual of war.
Goat-war of satanic hell-power - no-one will be spared!!


Hail hail hail
The pentagram the five winged star
The simbol of pagan magick
Turned upside down
Within the head of Baphomet
The horned god of the earth
The goat-the beast-the devil-the saviour
The one who gives you real life
A head of goat five black candles
Virgin mary-raped and ready to die a blood drippingdagger
Blood still fresh
Dripping on the altar sacrifice
Ripping out the unborn child of mother mary
Perfecting the pentagram-Baphomets sigil


Take up your arms put on your spikes
Gather your army turn on the fire
Weapons of war playing their evil songs
Get ready for the fight, fight against the light
Living for the night Candles burning – black
Paint your face with colours of the dead
Tonight we will strike with full force
No life will be spared
All shall feel our wrath!
Gather for attack! - On the house of Christ!
Demons by our side - holy ones will die!!
We have the weapons of revenge…
Welcome to our black metal hell!!!


Darkness - in the darkest of night!
Gathering for revenge. - Evil!
A symbol of the weak - the enemy - God!
The fucking church of Christ!
Smashing the altar and drinking the wine.
Ripping the seats apart - smashing all inside.
Building up a fire - lightening it up with Bibles!
To the Black, freezing winter night
The night sky is coloured by the flames of hate.
Watching in euphoria - the house of God - in flames!!
For the pride of our master -
For the injustice of christianity -
For the blackhorned goat of fire and lust!
Vengeance is ours - as the church burns.
Fire in the night. We will win this fight.
The house of God is down.
All there's left is ashes and ruins.
I still smell the sweet smoke!


Thunde roaring in the sky and the sun is turning black.
Fires sweeps across the field for the armies of the Damned.
He comes from the black mountains with fury, hate and death.
No one knows what will do and what will come this night.
Breathing fire, hungry for blood.
Ripping flesh and grinding bones.
Glowing eyes and with horns of Hell.
He has a pleasure to kill.
By the foaming fury of the beast - everyone will die!
An army of skeletons follows him - just do kill the rest.
Those who escapes his foaming fury -
Will also meet their death!


Brutal aggression - extreme hate.
Blood and pain - mayhem and gore.
Broken bodies lie everywhere.
Fires are burning - consuming the weak.
Streams of blood flows everywhere I look.
I have gathered an army of immortals.
We will fight against every one -
Who tries to bring us light and peace -
We will cut them down.
Enemies we are - of light, and christianity.
Angels are dying, burning and screaming.
Infernal invasion of the world of God.
We will take what is ours - and kill the rest!
Extreme explosions - Fires from hell!
Balls of lightning will shoot up from below!
We are fighting in hell - we are fighting with evil!
We will make you suffer - we will make you die!
We are possessed by hell - we are possessed by Evil!
We are fighting in hell!!!


In the last days of the Earth as the sky is turning black
In The search for a saviour priest are messing their chants
Years of lies and sins upon mankind
Time has come for justice for every holy man... to die !!
Revenge !
Rituals of the pentagram to invoke the evil hate
Churchbells tolls for God for pity and betrayal
Fulfilling prophecies the war has just begun
Drums of doom are pounding the gates off hell awaits
Revenge !
Surrounded by fire he rises from below
The ground starts to shake fire cracks the sky
The master of evil lord of the deep
Takes veangance of the holy the priest he kills with fury
Revenge !
In the year of the demons the darkness taking over
The war of the domains the seven gates of hell
The pearly gates of heaven destruction of the holy
Black flammes of Satan purifies the woerld...forever !!!
Attack !!!


Riding a stallion with red firely eyes
Rising from the underground with sword of steel in hand
Send out from hell by Satan. An evil quest I have
Out for blood and christian souls kill them all I shall
Sending out my servants demons of hate
Evil shall embrace the land of wich I'm heading for
I swing my sword and cut them down streams of blood will flow
Impalaid heads on fields of blood the way of my domain
Infernal journey I'm on the ride
Killing and burning for Satan's pride
Fires are burning all over the land
The rest of those who lives are forced to worship me
No mercy will be shown for those who stand against me
Dark temples I will build by skulls of those who died


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