Asphyx tracks





Weary with concealment from the living
Time to break the eternal rejection
To arise from an unhonoured exile
Purposefully leaving the infinite depths behind

The depths of oblivion
The depths of mystery
The depths of obscurity
The depths of eternity

Contaminating the world with death
Ending lives, the way dying was supposed to be
Deceased guided into engless obscurity
Depths of eternity, terminus of the living dead

Set out for an undead journey
Travelling through desolute domains
A sense of frugality dominates the atmosphere


The depths of oblivion, better to forget
The depths of mystery, complete unawareness
The depths of obscurity, infinite darkness
The depths of eternity, no escape from death



Imprisoned in imaginative walls
Stoical glances reach no destination
Fallacy, looking for salvation
Points of contact are missing for an etemaly
Bearing the everlasting pain
Hatred and anger, self-respect is frozen

Fearing what's to come
Agonized by mental disillusion
Dilapidated and declined
Is this life or life's destiny
Waiting for that particular salvation
Which can make everything forget

Emperors of salvation

Death is to one's hand
Just a simplistic solution

Surviving is the driving force
But surviving is a hopeless cause
Narrow-minded thoughts far from clean
Completely turned inside oneself, nothing surmised
Mankind's necessity to live is only a side-issue

Waiting for that partcular salvation
Freed from this life of misery
Taken by the emperors of salvation
To commit the body to the ground
Disposed by the ghost of death
The soul will roam eternally


The birth of life
A preternatural wedding
Between body and soul
The oath, we all have taken
Perilous to forget
Till death do us part

Cherishing each other
Through sickness and in health
For better and for worse
Till death do us part

Till death do us part
The harbour of souls, left behind
Till death do us part
Dissolving the covenant for life

Violation of the vows, death is soon to come
Divorce is final, your life is no more
Your flesh will decompose and return to nothing
Your soul will vanish to a place, where no man has gone before

No life or after-life
In the spirit world
Only Asphyx will know
Till death do us part



Entered with perturbation
Unexpected hospitable spirits
An experience by mortals
Threnodies and death-bells

Prevailing silhouettes
At this place of calamity
The ceremony, the exhibition

A lack of sounds
Idiosyncrasy scenes
Without any signs of tangible life

A detached world
The abode of the dead
Originated by transfigurations

Consciously carried out
The initiation into the ossuary

The shining light, subdued by obscurity
Gloryng in inauspicious atmospheres
The environs, ruthless and pertinacious
The ceremony, the exhibition

The unassailable leader of the initiation
Veiled in shrouds and dejected in prayer
The solemnity, surrounded by mysteries
The ritual of death, surrounded by non-attendanse

Prevailing silhouettes
At this place of calamity
The ceremony, the exhibition

A detached world
The abode of the dead
The initiation into the ossuary

Now admitted in the spirit world
No possible way out
Incarcerated in the ossuary
Damned to dwell forevermore


Incessantly prevalent and magnanimous
Fulminate, convincing and inviolable
Lodging the earthly shivers
Determined not to be vanished
Because it's prophesied and destined for ages

The vaultings and ghastly dungeons
A foundation of hell
Conducive to dominate
Against intruders and predestined visitors
Avoiding could save many lives

Phenomena and vaguely perceptible forms
Which are held, couldn't find freedom
Forever hidden from the outer world
By the statical and substantial edifice of evil

Unknown sources
No past, no future
Just visual attendance
No inducements, no destination
Lodging the earthly shivers
In everlasting rapture
Condemned by time
An unbreakable pact

Housing the roamers,
Separated from their bodies
Charged by the master
The one who disposed the ending of a life

Intolerant desperation
A fane of dissatisfaction
Inadequacy, outbursts, tortures
In the most extreme earthly way

No way out and no solution
Doomed to stay, no turning back
Forever hidden from the outer world
By the statical and substantial edifice of evil




Hazy prospects, londing for established order
The valleys are calling, fallen into oblivion
To reign and flourish at own environs
No settled conceptions, defined to earthly criteria

Shrouded in mystery, considering the return
To the depths, where the quick won't be allowed
Taken possession of souls and lost spirits
The evil task is fulfilled, needless to prolong the stay

Satisfied, the return has begun
To the valleys, the foretold shelter of evil
Assigned by the inexplicable symptoms
Roaming through the vast darkness

Searching, groping after the hidden passage
Despairing yet resolute
Longing for established order
To reign and flourish at own environs

Actuated by the intuition of beasts
Guided by the commission of evil
Now disappearing back into eternity
A release and relief for the terrestrial life

Back into eternity ...


Destitute of concealment for ages
Vestiges, which meant earlier life
Again brought up on an unnatural way
Every stone, every grave, every remain,
Obtained with memories

Remaining from generation after generation
The valleys, where distant ancestors
Battled, triumphed and survived
They eventually became vanished
By the unpredictable forces of nature

Archaeology is the key
For the present generation
Scarcely or not suspecting
What could be damaged by mankind
It's just a matter of time
The same could happen to us
Presumed to be left alone
Like the valleys in oblivion

Powers from the long ago
Could be too strong
Curiosity of manking is
Always an imperfect danger
Attended with inexperience and cupidity

Valleys in oblivion ...