Benighted (FRA)

Asylum Cave tracks



La suie coule sur les sombres verrous
Du bois noir transsudant sa colère
Vois les parois lisses et glissantes et l’équilibre éphémère
L’obscurité luit par les orifices
S’évanouit avec la plus grande décadence
Encerclant la bête prisonnière
Entre peur et rage indomptée
Qui transpire de chaque pore de l'ouverture
Son souffle frappe le bois, charge de la moiteur crasse des murs qui l'entourent
Tombeau sans promesse de lumière
Qui m’éblouit de sa malveillance
Étouffante et majestueuse
Lambeau de l'esprit tapi dans l'antre
Aux reflets tortueux
Asylum cave
Que ce silence qui déchire et consume l’édifice
Aux multiples visages dormants
Déformés de souffrances indicibles
Happés et déchirés au crépuscule de l'ouverture
Asylum cave
Les oppressantes chaines de L'inavouable
Devenant poussière a même le sol
Laissant délivré ce qui ne doit l’être


Let the blood spill, between my broken teeth
The desert landscapes stretch on the infinite horizon
Monotonous and wild
Unchain the wrath, naked skin tries to stay closed
Under the atrocious lashing sounds
Step by step appear the lugubrious furrows
Drawn by the born rivers
Their streams dig again and again, corrode the ground
Torturing the wide expanses
The sky turns black, the surfaces become quivering
The fleshy mountains like alive proudly rise
Cut in their middle, pierced under the rock
Opening the labyrinths of human thoughts
Lacerated plains by barbaric passages
Underground flows and plaintive whispers
Floods and earthquakes
Lightning strikes, traumatizes and signs the eternity with a forgotten name
Beneath a blinding light
A blinding light
The ground separates, cut in several places
The imprint of hostile elements is close to be made
I clench my jaws and I bite as strong as I can
I let the blood spill between my broken teeth
Lava currents drown
The fissures
And spread the running disease
Hidden under indelible scars
Damages are made of a delicious disharmony
Like a bow sliding at random on a out of tune violin
Shapeless and devastating magmas search for the path of the surface
Fighting hopeless not to be broken
The desert landscapes stretch on the infinite horizon
Monotonous and wild
Unchain the wrath, naked skin tries to stay closed
Under the atrocious lashes
Lava currents drown
The fissures
And spread the running disease
Hidden under indelible scars


He will be back soon, he always does
The wooden stairs crack under his steps
Slow and full cruelty
The permanent tic-tac, relentless and aggressive
I feel so alive under the beats
I wait for him patiently
My wounds never have time to close
Until a new awakening of the predator
Erase me
My soul is dead for me
I can smell his putrid aroma
Mixed with the wetness and filth of this place
My face lies on the ground inhaling the dust
My soul is dead for me
Unchain the rage
Meet your glance, find your weakness
As you must have one
Offer my body as meat and my blood as a gift
A past without any trail will be mine
Becoming your prey
Death comes to us all
We are what we are
Prey erase me
Bending again, wild and vulnerable according to your cynic desire
Your favorite play, your animal dominance
Open the case and make the puppet dance
With the symphonic sounds of a distant orchestra
The blood has stuck my lips but these melodies caress my wounded ears
Resounding until your distrust and hunger finish me
You chosen to be my guide on the fertile and erogenous fields
My soul is dead for me
Unchain the rage
Death comes to us all


Le frisson d'un traitre vent murmure son nom
Ses infâmes litanies que je connais trop
Mais je sais qu'il me trompe
Je discerne la marche indigne de l'homme furtif
L'ombre qui distrait et fait craquer les lames
De mon humble et méprisable chambre sombre
Où j'expire à la lueur de l'antique flamme
De mes derniers râles d'agonie
Dehors, l'hiver morne est à genoux
Assommé sous les pluies acides
J'ai gravé la pierre face aux larmes des cierges
Fait danser le miroir brisé, harponné les murs
Des griffes de mon soleil noir
Les chevaux d’Hadès traverseront ta route
Enflammeront tes ruines gercées
Mes griffes ravageront tes chairs
Tu t'effondreras, mon étreinte sur ta nuque
Je mutilerai tes carences
Tes chairs arrachées
Et m'offrirai enfin le rêve d'une nuit sans écume.
Flesh hostole
Admirant les pièces éparses
Je murmurerai ton nom aux portes des enfers
Quand l'opale brillera, alors tu seras proche
Tu seras si proche...


Es war ein abend im april
Im blutroten schein der sonne
Ich bin ein kranker teil unserer spezies - ich weiss
Ich allein im flimmernden licht mit diesen fluchtigen bildern
Das bin nicht ich, das ist nicht mein gesicht
Fensterlose welt im nichts
Das bin nicht ich, das ist nicht mein gesicht
Sie beobachten mich schon lange, immer sind sie da
Sie sezieren mich schon jetzt, mein innerstes liegt bar
Ich bin ein kranker teil unserer spezies - ich weiss schuld
Meine schuld frisst mich auf, mein gewissen ist rein
Konnte ich denn je ein solches monster sein? Meine muden augen starren mich an
Mit versiegelten lippen spricht mein mund zu mir
Machtloser zeuge, mein schicksal enthullt
Ich bin ein kranker teil unserer spezies - ich weiss
Das bin nicht ich, das ist nicht mein gesicht
Sie beobachten mich schon lange, immer sind sie da
Sie sezieren mich schon jetzt, mein innerstes liegt bar
Der bann halt mich gefangen, doch das bild erlischt
Die lichtlose nacht dringt tief in mich ein
Ich lege in ketten das bose in mir
Mein schuld
Mein schuld frisst mich auf, mein gewissen ist rein
Konnte ichh denn je ein solches monster sein?


Honey I'm home! The infection goes on
Unable to focus
Between all these deafening screams, cries and tinnitus
Their tears like falling from the ceiling
Run on me and disappear into the mud
Babies cry the always do
Babies cry they always do
And their whispering my name
Trying to find a way to escape
The thing runs through me and its steams are orgasmic
I stare at this open point, fascinating black hole
They're unborn but in my dreams
Unborn infected children
Goodbye kids
Dad will never forsake you it's opening under me
All these faces at the same time
I can see them grab my tattered hands sweating
I can see them grab my tattered... nothing to lose
A macabre wetness covers my envelope
I've nothing left
Fear and tetany anesthetize my members
This thing so painful inside me is tamed for now
I bend under their weight
Mortal remains dissolving in killing silence
I scratch the ground until I break my nails
To keep them alive
My hands covered with juice


The candle is dead, the cold remains
Keep as a memory what you did to me
Die for this! The wind makes the flame twist
Smile as you see my defeat
The scars are closed, the cold remains
The cold remains on my cold remains
Look me deep in the eyes
Around me falls the sweet and cruel darkness embrace
Let me love you, beautiful guiltiness, you devour me so slow
I can feel the demons of your run in my blood gnaw my veins from the inside
The sensation is so delicious
Hit and consume my equilibrium
Hit and consume deeds of survival
There's no wrath or remorse as I creep until the unknown abyss
It's only the fear as I see my cold remains
Spilled everywhere around me
It makes confuse my sense, forget the limits of my own body
The place where I lay savagely left to die
My tongue is dry, my teeth are chattering
I feel the awful taste and nausea envelop my brain
In an opaque veil which shrinks and smothers it
The hazy horizon grows and the flame still shakes
The pale silhouettes disappear one by one
They can dance, I don't care
There's this sweet gasp rocking my heart
Its beats are so slow and discreet now, like falling asleep
I see the candle extinguish
Fire consumes the wax and vanishes away
Daddy will never leave you my lovely kids... the scars are closed
The candle is dead, the cold remains
The cold remains on my cold remains


Today newspaper says: on last Saturday
Some macabre discovery
Was made in a house of the neighborhood
A corpse was found in cave
Left in an advanced state of decomposition
And children's toys everywhere around him
Neighbors were alerted by the putrid stench
Escaping from the house
The man used to live alone
Polite and discreet on the quiet side of the street
Forensic autopsy: rigor mortis was present
Pupils widely dilated
Epidermolysis process
Pieces of flesh were missing
On several parts of the body, some were found close to him
Soaking in dry spilled blood
Pieces of flesh were missing (no cause or evidence found)
On several parts of the body
Morbid curiosity
Some were found close to him
This was a quiet day... the other missing pieces were extracted from his stomach
The autopsy revealed the man devoured himself
He probably vomited all the meat his organism couldn't endure
No psychiatric history or other element found
Old scars on his body
Revealed he endured bad treatments
Or used to practice self-mutilation


Behold the ridiculous marionette
Lost in the meanders of his pathetic existence
Trapped in medical chains against the decrepit wall of his mental health
Mummified by the leather of the belts embracing him
He tries to breathe the air of a time he cannot understand anymore
Nibbles himself with each inhalation
His life's solstice in stabbing mastication
Shadows descend
They chew as the architects of his sickness
Back from a denied past
They wind in a threatening dance
All the familiar faces with their empty eyes
Chocked screams in abortion of the coming insane
Kill them all! Josef
Paints of the wounds color the skin
The shy brook of hemorrhage becomes a nile
A dreamlike travel without a return
Definitive sacrifice of realities without a curse


Lick and swallow! Plague, you won't enter me again
Ill-disposed travelers spreading inside of me
Die, you weaken me
I know what you are
A sneaky passenger under a friendly disguise
I remember your terrifying work
Your endless spread. Your pieces colonizing bowels and guts
Infected cells, synthetic cancer
Like thousands invisible parts of broken glass making me secretly bleed
Their contaminated smoke invades me with symptoms beginnings
Dullness and shivers grow
My stomach burns
Paralyzing shoulders and spine
Swallow, all the water you would drink
All the showers you'd take for hours
Swallow, would not prevent from the noxious effect
For a neuronal hecatomb
Legs start to hurt
My sights lowly changes, I cannot think anymore
The bearable emptiness as things disappear
And leave me alone in a fiction no man's land
Inhale, swallow
Feel like if you were someone else
I just want to sleep
With the hope never to awake
I hate these germs, this everlasting sickness
I just can see him, this pathetic man watching me
And his strength to make me open the mouth


This weird and recurrent dream my subconscious forces me to
Where I stand and behold a sinister painting I made
Holding my mother's hand the disfigured face stares at me, so little... lethal
Hidden darkness in nooks and corners
Shrouded in smokes which daze his portrait so pale
I wait for the dreadful second
The fall of the uncrosses barriers
Seeping through my dreamlike visions
Senseless and self destroying reflects
Torture quietly, dig the thin bark
A forgotten being
Without vice and purpose
His skin so cold... the eyes smile as lips are absent
Feed me with you abandoned life
Behold me brother


They drown me into absolute black
All these silent and friendly bastards
Impatient to make me play their game
And feel me suffocate with anguish
My throat gets dry, lungs collapse
My chest explodes
Knelt down, I guess my hands are attached
Cause I cannot actually feel them
My shoulders hurt
The electricity burns my nerves
Those whom I hear behind
I know they do exist
Sweat makes me blind
Unable to react
Only darkness round me
I hear your coward walk
Is it not what you want? I wait for the first bite, grind and choke
To feel the rest of the horde rip my entire skin
I wait for the first bite, grind and choke
Ignore the end, don't mind the fall
Those whom I hear behind
In close circles of desire and unknown expectation
Excited by blood stench and primal animal fear
Archaic excitement of murderous frenzy the warm breath of the best on my neck
And movements on both sides
My own breath seems closer
Plastic film comes back on my face
Never wake me up
I drown in constant fear
Tear me into pieces inside
Heinous deceit
Nothing is over
They do exist
Those whom I hear behind