Baboon Rising

Baboon Rising tracks



What is in the air
Never seen anywhere
Particles of despair
Squint all you can
You'll never see them
Or a buried stem
What could these be?
Those items unseen
It baffles humanity
The mystery is in your inner mind
These particles revealed at this time
Thanks to the angle of the light
The dust in the air comes into sight
Now that you can see
The dust that you breathe
Floating in the breeze
It surely makes you think
That even when you blink
The dust is on the brink
Now look what you've done
Inhaled it in your lungs
At least it's not dung


Running from my shadow
More deep than shallow
I cannot get away
From it I cannot stray
I try so hard to run
And it's not just for fun
It stays right on my tail
As though it's prevailed
My shadow, I cannot hide
The sun shines down
Exposition of the dark mass
Is at my side
I draw my gun at my side
I take aim
I take a shot, it does no good
It still is there I should've known
about the law
The law of light
And when I see this shadow
Closing on me
I am aware that it is there
I'll let it be
So I know now is the only way
Turn off the light


The pain of a burn is agony
In those red areas that you see
Movement is so cumbersome
The skin is tight and it's no fun
No remedy relieves the pain
Potatoes or aloe drained
What would come would suffice
Sunburn's byproduct is so nice
After the itching comes the skin
Peeling it off in sheets so thin
When it peels it feels so free
Pattern of pores revealed to me
There is nothing like this epiderm
Epidermal peeling is hard to learn
If it's peeled real slow and in control
The size of the sheets will soon roll
It's plain to see it all
Skin in sheets not small
In a drawer they will keep
Epidural cells in dead sleep


Cybernetic infiltration
Invading the CPU
Viral infestation
Spreading as you compute
Trojan without hesitation
It worms its way inside of you
Endangerment to your files
The data string stretched for miles
The executable has erased it all
And now it has your mouse's ball
The virus spreads up your arm
You never thought you it would harm
You get the chills and wear a coat
And wake up with a sore throat
A new virus is detected almost every day
The best thing to do is to stay away
Check the Internet for the latest fix
Don't let the hackers get you with their tricks
Virus software not up to date
No chance to quarantine
Left an open ip address gate
Contaminate what was pristine
You forgot your vitamin C
So you are infected too


Years ago you became my nemesis
Now in matrimony we have an alliance
From a midsummer's nightmare to a sweet dream
In an ironic twist you are the best thing to me
You covered my meal, which was more than enough
It turned out to be more than five bucks
I then gave you that ring
And you gave your heart to me
Love was a cracked head gasket
Now we have all we have in one basket
Baby your love now does go far
And we both drive decent cars


Impecible revisits to history
doomed to repeat it's self
Atempts made to steal liberty
and redistribute wealth
The domino effect of fallen nations
is evident in tyranny
In a socialized system of invasion
the state decides your need
We must protect our given rights
Spread the knowledge shed the light
We declare our independance
From federal intrusion and dependance
We live where freedom is strong
Even if our leaders act wrong
Our founding fathers set the stage
Bring this nation back page by page
We have a document of stated rights
For which many have died
During many wars we have fought
To keep the constitution alive
If the words are read as they are
The government is small
To protect the people from afar
With justice and freedom for all
Remember the signers and the risk they took


Nothing could prepare you
For the food that you chew
No one man can digest
All the overstuffed mess
And this food you don't eat
It's a kind of conceit
Flowing out like a river
Enough for your liver
What is the obvious connection
Between conceit and a glutton?
It could be that they pop buttons
It's not like all gluttons are bad
Or conceited or fat or mad
Encompassed through yourself
Humility is shelved
Deviled eggs are your taste
Other foods you take haste
Never see other goals
Other than suit your role
Flowing out like a river
Not just by a sliver


Over all the years some things stay true
Fads they come and go, others they stay new
Time and time again hobbies never die
Though mediocre perseverance lies
All joking aside more are to come
Sloppiness is to blame that's what makes it fun
The epitome of nausea not likely to get known
Stripped of any dignity all that left at home
What should be embarrassing is embraced with joy
Rising up like a baboon in what makes no sense at all
Things all thrown together like a dumpster at the mall
It's not the most talented act at the show
It never would have even made it in the know
As bad as it is and as sick as it sounds
Time has a way of sticking around
Though this is the case of the rising baboon
There is more to this animal than you hear in a tune


A walk down the street in the heat
A goose in a noose that was loose
A toe on its foot dipped in soot
A bowl for its soul in control
Some straw for its nest you invest
Concave or just brave all the rave
I never knew where geese made their home
Every time I've seen them they have been in roam
I see them overhead in the shape of a 'V'
Or floating in a pond next to some maple tree
Watch the wings go flap, flap
Never see it nap, nap
A goose not a duck is in luck
A fowl and not a cow or a sow
Most are all white even at night
A bird that's absurd on bean curd
Where do they live in a lid?
Or no do they go to a show?


Here it is - in it's form - here it is again
It is a - a little piece - a piece of metal
Found on the - on the farm - just a bit rusty
It is sharp - so very sharp - sharp on the edges
Triangular - triangular - triangular in shape
I can't believe - believe how - how it got this way
The application made
For that cutting blade
Was for chopping hay
But not on rainy days
Now it's known - it is known - what the blade is for
No mystery - to be seen - just so plain to see
Triangular - is angular - and with a sharp edge
Serrated edge - dangerous edge - clears out the hay


Stacks of boxes lie in wait
To be moved before it's too late
Some are heavy and some are light
Some are fragile and some have might
Boxes don't move on their own
Get in a groove or get on the phone
They do not dance or sing songs
Have a romance or hop a long
Interaction must take place
To move these boxes before it's late
There they still sit awaiting time
Stacked to the roof in a line
There's been no effort to do the work
Until they're moved there they'll lurk


Why is a dot a period
Why oh why
It's so small and insignificant
But brings closure to words
It organizes our written language
And yet it remains a tiny, small,
Finite, little, speck of a dot, period.