Baboon Rising

Benevolent Creation tracks



Run to the store
Pick up some paint
Slap it on my house
That's full of holes
I try to keep my place really clean
The mess in my room is seldom seen
But that's because I keep the door closed
My chair still rocks like a rubber hose
We mow the lawn
I dig through our garbage
We wake up at dawn
And kicking to cabbage
Home is where the trash is
This is where the snakes live


Crunchy from the store where you got it
Nutritionally no matter where you spot it
It looks good tastes great
Vitamins and minerals it does create
But you just have too much to do
You gotta go to work and tie your shoe
No time for breakfast
You woke up too late
The buzzer just went off
Oh that sound I hate
All the daylong you think to yourself
I should be eating what's on the shelf
People tend to put God in a box
Cereal belongs there but not to rot
When do you get around?
To have the time to eat
It's not as crunchy anymore
It's got the consistency
Of sweet overcooked meat


Sitting by the fabric
Of frail humanity
There's no reason for static
If you beg or plea
No one's going to help you
In this world of ours
You have got to trust God
Do not get devoured
Throw away your guilt
And let conviction settle in
Don't harber up anger
Against keeping Christ within
The cults will try to tempt you
Addictions bring you down
It's not how much you do
It's knowing the one who
wears the crown
Benevolent Creation
It gives it takes
Do not forsake do not mistake


There's pizza in the underworld
Anchovies make your hair in curls
My tongue is twisted on a railroad tie
Nothing combusts like a flea in a pie
I can not wait to get my check
I'll mark off what I haven't done yet
Sit back and relax in your chair
I'm going to the john to get some air
Run amuck across this land
If you keep going you'll hit sand
Bowl a "10" and don't ask why
My 9-pin printer is 90 dpi
There's something fishy in my desk
It's a four-pound bass put to the test
A yellow Jacket just buzzed by
He caught and ate a horse fly
There's a lot of stuff around here
Some of it you like to keep dear
Don't fret about your guitar
It's in the back of your uncle's car


Have you ever been on the phone before
For a long extended amount of time
Have you ever hit your nose against the door
Well its like that worse over many times
That organ on the side of your head
Scoops sound from all around
When it's pressed against the phone
Sweat's out a garden salad down
Never would I think of all the veggies that I eat
That some would grow out of my ear
No matter how hard I try or how much I pry
I cannot make it disappear
It started in my brain and now it's such a pain
I just don't understand why
Thousand Island looses out where's the sauerkraut
It's beginning to draw some flies
Hey cauliflaur I'll never call you again
Your poison leaks through the telephone lines


Never seen such a cricket
Ever cross the road before
My cwazy little softique kitty
Catches it between his paws
It seems just a bit uncanny
Just how much a tongue sticks out
Senseless nonsense I have no cents
Bereaved to believe that none is gone
If wood is made of paper
And rye made out of bread
Laws that defy men's logic
Were put here to baffle us instead
There seems to be no thought
Or process to this game
We all have our remote controls
We all seem to be insane
No inspiration from a Big Mac or fries
Not even a soft drink to make me think of lies


The town ordinance must be obeyed
Even if it means a species is slayed
They know it happens once a week
Their heads are chopped just like meat
When they hear the engine combust
They really wish that they could duck
Grounded firmly with their roots
There's no escape from the swinging noose
There's no chance to run nowhere to hide
Greener than green some narrow some wide
Few live long and grow tall
Others are chopped and fall
If they're lucky they'll get hit by a wheel
Most likely though they're fate is sealed
It's a grim life for those outdoors
Humans bring mayhem in their chores
An extra little boys get paid
Witness the gore when blade meets blade


It's long and it holds your feet. It's made of fabric
Sometimes wool sometimes cotton.
Never seen one made of steel before
Can you imagine one made of steel wool?
They keep your feet warm and protect them from callused injury
I could not be caught for perjury because they exist


This melted piece of silver
Glows in the day of light
It's crevices deliver
In molten delight
I cannot remember
When it was done
But looking at it
And touching it is fun
There's nothing like it
In all the world
It's luster stands out
Alone as one


There's an empty plate
That's full of food
And of what is left
I'll just give to you
And if your belly's full
And it's sticking out
Then you porked to much
On the sauerkraut
Welcome to my restaurant
My empty plate
How it got here I can explain
You ate all my food and shoes today
Now you scared the clientele away
Set the trap for the mouse
Before he chews up my whole house
A pellet gun to the chase
Before he gets my empty plate
Fire a round in his snout
Then we'll just twist and shout
And when I find that rat
Before he finds me
I got a place where he can't feed
In the garbage I must confess
I shot him dead it was such a mess


It's been so long since I've last seen you
An when I could see your smile, yeah
'Cause you are so beautiful
I love you so much, please come back
To meet my right there..there's my snot
I don't wanna into my garbage in words
I miss you girl I've been to low
Because you hate my guts ohhh!
My snot!
You are so beautiful, believe me
Wow wow wow yeah
Rockin dude