Ador Dorath

Bestiari tracks



She is cold and moist
She brought others into existence
She is like air
She runs away from fire
She faces fire just for a while
And then she demonstrates who she is

She is the Mother of things
She is a pregnant virgin
She is the One of Three
Water and air in form

Then mingles with the body
She can revive and beautify as well as
Transform and kill

Ceaseless fluid, the water of life and virgin milk
Purifying and releasing
You will never die if you taste her
As far as she lives you can dream
As far as she is dead you will go away with her

She is the snake who copulates with himself
She gives birth when his day is coming
She narrowly escapes fire
And her venom will kill everything
She is the mother of miraculous things
Cloud and sky
Fugitive slave


Burning sap of the Planet
Breaking through the depth
From the Abyss - Earth is core
Never falls asleep

Rises on the surface
Melting and scorching
Jetting and effusive
Ravages and devastating
Vitalizing, warp, wreck, and metamorphosing

Million years traveling through time
Talking to each other
Saturn The Creator
Venus The Mother of God
Those that had the right of the first night

Oaks and maples
Limes and yews
Beat the retreat and face the south
The Storm and Chill
The Night and Day
The Death and the Dreams

He said...
"There is no end that would not be a start,
Water and the Wind will be our reliance."
She said:
"We have a long way to go,
Shall we go, there is no time to tarry."
Million years traveling through time
Those that had the right of the first night

The Glacier drew a wintry breath
Tundra extends to its glacis
The ice age is coming it is cold
Here comes the first of those who are going to make a history


The time is drawing nearer
Comet endures her eternal wandering
She gets over, glance like the falling Star
Unfold her lucent tail like a peahen under the Sun
Admired that she passes the Earth
Live and enjoy!

Meeting millions of stars
Travel through the space
Nascent by contraction of interstellar mass
Forming, growing and fading...
Star drift forms the rising system
The old dream is realizing
Creating noble elements from the worthless trash
Here comes the moment of candescence
The moment when she inflames is coming
And commence the life

Three milliard degrees fever
Grow up and grow stronger
Swell and get colds
Burst and contract
Collapse and scatter its mass
Spectacular cosmic rain
Nebula in interstellar space
Is the memorial of the star
Exhausted, she will collapse into the Black Hole
Or explode like supernova
Her scattered mass
Serves as a building stone
For next generation of stars

The hairiest of all the hairy sisters
Is going to chop apart our strenuous history
Illuminate us with her fulgent flash
Embrace our human experience


Dissatisfied with the reality
Which surrounds us
We ask and search
Break through the lines of understanding
Naturalness is our freedom

It shapes our principle and creates our world
We feel ourselves like unique and individual
We can say no!

Cognition, the first and essential element
Provides and prefigures everything
Entering the light of our consciousness
Setting the direction
Transcend...rise from the necessity of mind
Possible only in liberty
Disengage from allegiance, release us
Dependent on the world we percieve

Penetrate further
Understand each other
Realize ourselves
We start from what we know

Observing of reality breaks down the lines of necessity

We cognize reality
We have to orientate ourselves in...
We have to face reality
We have to learn to live in reality

Homo locum ornat, non locus hominem.
Credere nil vitium est, vitium est quoque credere omnia.

Wilful act of endeavour and behaviour
Quest to the world's end
To the undermost depth of what is seen

Our visions exceed perceived image
It is designed and accepted
One implicates other

We ask and search ourselves with lights of realiance


I wanted to decide
To look up and start out
Learn to hark
Learn to...

It's up to you what you will trust in...
It's up to you what you will prefer...
It's up to you what you will cull from...
It's up to you what you will decide...

You can't have these chances
So choose carefully
Some opportunities will not happen again

Say this Say that
Bow your head
Set your teeth
Keep abreast
Do not gainsay
Kneel down...

Is this what you want?
What you believe in?

Aware of irreplaceableness of my being
Aware of no possibilty to refuse my personal decision and responsibility

You have never had just one chance
There is always something in between
Never say never
Everything is in our hands
What seems to be...may not be real!

We don't want...don't allow...
We'll not let them manipulate us,
Or tell us what to do...we are free...
We are free...

Nothing is what it seems to be
What exists, doesn't need to exist...
There is always one chance everytime
Your decision converts your time to come...

...It's up to you!


I am asking...
I am asking about myself....
Aware of myself, aware of all the details
I experience and comprehend myself in my world

Self fulfillment accomplishes what express and develop the essence of my life
My world of experience and understanding
Opens the possibilities of thinking and introspection

I adolesce to myself
In entire world
Distinct from others
Dependent on myself
Between me and the world
United in realizing myself with the Word

My life is completion of my purpose
...for me and for others

I inherit from myself but I have never been just inside
I concept the world to the interior of my consciousness
I face up to what is inside and what is outside
I ask and try to find an answer
What I am
What I want
What I am tend to be...

Amid things and people
Dependent on human society
Experiences are entering my notion of the world
I overcome myself
I inherit from myself
The intellect does not think, the will does not decide

Our world is an open world
We perforate and extend its limits all the time...
We are free toward the enviroment open toward
Our world will never be done!!!


Short and sudden discomfort
I must decide
Raging insufferable thirst
Durable and sour like fresh fruit
Neither water nor wine could vanquish it
...and then it comes...

Dreaming about...
Dreaming about dreams of reality,
or vigilance about dreaming...?

My skin is contracting and swelling
This makes my hands unable to be kept still

Ripe poppies in mountains of Laos
White hair phantom - half man and half ghost
As a portrait of goddess with denuded bust
Necklace made of golden poppyheads

Girls start playing the flutes
The first is beautiful and georgeous
The second is tempting and charming
The third frights me and whispers somewhat in my ear
The fourth kisses me, but she tastes like crown of thorns

She denudes unawares
This vision is so real
Touches me, fondles me
Shutting my eyes tight, is this just a dream?
I know it is not!

I wonder where do my thoughts belong
Everything looks so bright, so clear
Everything is simple
At least this time

Like butterfly in chrysalic
Resemblance accomplished by metamorphosis

Open wide a window for this time
Until it is colsed again
And the punishment for this determination will take its turn

The window is closing
And the dark is all what is inside

The Mother of Happiness, The Mother of Doom
Glittering in the glass of wine


It is getting dark and the sun is going to sleep
When the hight steals in, the warmth leaves the Earth
You are standing on the edge and one step is enough
For your body to admitt your finality
Tens of reasons to do this are flashing on your mind
Tens of reasons and just one step
Stop and thinik...
Is this enough?
To be lost in dreams with birds for a while
Silence, fall... tranquillity
Open your eyes, take a look around
Look around and say...
... Is there any way to go back?

There is always a chance for you
The whole world is ablaze
With thousand colours and shades
You have never seen so much beauty
You have never comprehended
Never experienced

Grab your life in your hands
This is the right moment
A life was given to you, do not waste it
Thousands of people have never got this opportunity
to come so far and be able to decide

Don't loose your dreams, open your eyes
Life dooesn't wait, wait like death...

A chance to decide and go
A chance to find yourself and live your life
Life is rough from time to time
This one step makes it easier...?
Open your eyes, take a look around
There are a plenty of ways
Plenty of ways to lead astray


We seduce angels
The angel is presumed to be seduced
We seduce ourselves
We forget about our...and their naturalism
They are fiery and wing footed
Visit us
They reveal secrets
Embody in plants and trees

We do not mind
They have wings...we are glad
We like it
They also have horns
They are picking on us face to face

They creep in our sleep and dreams
We open our hearrts to obsession
Seducing and teasing them

They are creeping so still, in quiet
The ones that could not be seen
Take heed of them
Who could you trust in?
In them, in us, in me... not in you!

The ghost is cogitation
The word is the body of a thought
Thinking needs a speech
Conception calls for word
Poison is expected!

Words are Angels, winged words
Like arrows, like poison
The words are the most dreadful of all the angels
You have to percieve flawlessly when Angels loses wings


We faith in unlimited progress of mankind
Renaissanced mind on the treshold of modern period
Fruits of our deeds hit while adopting
Independent will demanding understanding
The closer to human values, the more doubtful progress seems to be...

Rise and decline progress and regression

Not only progress and regress
An abysm of impasivity
The maze of absurdity
Helplessness and insanity

What is The Deepest? What is The Real?
We are anxious to break through our limits!

We inherit everything and we inherit nothing
Every one of us starts from the beginning
Human artifacts facilitate realizing
Make it possible - but not replace

Possibillity doesn't replace, no mistake...

Gliding on the low and the high waves
Their heights implicate each other
This is how the purpose goes
The way to destination is soaked in blood and sweat

Rise and decline progress or regression

Explosion of nihilism inside of protest against itself
Frustrated just like prisoners in cells
Observed and pursued
At the fun house of databases
Our World is situated


"We are going on the healer's way keep carrying a snake."

The Man has been trying to find something through his life
Even if he finds it...
He is not fully satisfied with what he has found
Beacuse it may not be what he had been looking for
So he keeps looking for it to find again
What he has long for...
He could be seeking and exploring again and again...
We are the independent constituency of our values
Everything is in your hands...
The Truth and The Lie,
The Good and The Evil
They do not eliminate one another
but premised...
We willingly rush into insecurity
Being conscious of our own fate
We are coming to the verge of death
Then we realize beneath the astral sky...
How magical adventure can be
When revealing the secrets of the universe
Far away from the stars
World faces every single experience

Destination of the one who said: "Behold, I make everything new..."