Beyond the Wandering Moon tracks





My thoughts are dark they speak of deep anger among the Tombstones, I walk.
The remains of my people is entombed here. There's no one Left - but me.
I have sworn by my own blood that this undoing will be Revenged
By my fathers sword. I will speak to the god of war
And my hail shall be heard
I will hunt these weak infidels. My people's souls must be
Given their rest, they must be given their rest, I will hunt!
Through sorrow and hatred I will gather my strength
Never shall I rest, until my dying day I will hunt!


Ice, snow, cold, hear me now I am in agony I scream your Name
I wish to speak with you all lords of the winter
Cold, come and freeze the mighty oceans give birth to your Brother, ice
Make me feel, the ice grow in my veins snow, cover the land
With your white veil make my realm beautiful
Wind, blow your storms dance with the snow bring the cold To my soul
Fly through my soul with the lords of the winter on your Wings
Fly over my realm give birth to my desire give me a white Realm
Of ice, snow and frost


Gazing at the landscape, after all you'll find my fellows
There, on the tranquil traces of my white, clear land. No Need to fear
Opening the gates to travel, it comes so nearly
To make you feel the glorious side
Feeling free, diving into times you'll never forget, Hunger for
Freedom, in the silence of wintery nights, spirits herald. The wind comes
The light looses significance, throughout the night
Owl singing the dead song inside the forest of dusk Uncontrolled desire rising
From above the heart strength is near to haunt you
Coming to touch your soul. Heed to the harmonious song of Wise owl.
All fear fading away. By hearing the hoarse cry.
Take a look as the mighty wind will bring the flood Washing your pain
Takes your sorrow to far away face of the old trees Glorifying the land
Calls to spirits made before you time for joining with the Long breeze of day
When the wind scars the bleached faces, of the snowy land,
Cold scent of the wind, brings the truth from behind Different sides.
Hear them calling for precious spirits to fly dreaming the Truth
Sets your soul free takes your body once breathing the Death surrounds you


The mountains are cold and strong the snow is pure and Fresh
This provides me with strength embraced by the grey Mountains
And the strong king winter, I am.
I am the stone, I am the snow
I am the ice, I am as the mountains - mighty.
The eagles above, they see me, I hail them.
As they are my brothers and sisters.
I will not die, I must live to guard my mountains - my Winter
This is all mine, I am their warrior. I belong here.
Embraced by the grey mountains and strong king winter, I Am.


Ta min sjel min vind fra nord la den fly med deg over de Gronne enger
Of dype skoger hersker med makt
Nar du sveiper over landet som tordern din bror og river I Mitt bo
Foler jeg et kall et kall fra deg min vind du gir meg et Begjaer

Vind, ta min sjel min vind fra nord vind, dans med min sjel
Gi meg din styrke vind, jeg er her min mester, min overmakt
Jeg tilber deg min vind jeg ofrer til deg hele min slekt
Jeg brenner dem til aske og gir dem til deg min evige Hersker
Jeg synger min hymne til deg

Vind, ta min sjel min vind fra nord vind, dans med min sjel
Gi meg din styrke vind, jeg er her min mester, min overmakt
Jeg synger min hymne til deg


Alone in the silence with the trees sleeping
I am waiting patiently I am waiting for the storms
Fresh and pure strength, I desire, and I will recieve
From the mighty storms fresh and pure strength I am waiting
My soul is empty there are many rooms to be filled with my Majestic masters
Strength now, as I watch the woods in the valleys far away
I see the trees dancing soon, I will gain my strength
Come, my lord of the storms I am waiting for your storms
Come, my lord of the storms I am waiting for your storms
Waiting for the storms


Through winter storms, be rode through icy mountains and Cold valleys, be rode
Fear in his mind fear of death this fight could be his last
One mans battle against forces of evil this was his destiny
He had spoken with the dark, the evil itself he could not Be turned
And a choice was made in the realm of darkness to cut this Warrior away
With his sword and armour he will fight the dark if he can.
He will be remembered for his great courage
He will fight for his honour and pride, until the end.


Castle of ice, a majestic sight. Falcons, eagles and Mighty ravens
Circling above guarding this enchanting sight built out of Dreams and wishes
Dreams and wishes from people of the mighty land
Sorcerers, finishing this bold creation see what they make
Gigantic demons of hate a threat to unworthy worms
The wise men's chants call the wolves out of deep winter Forests
Winter owls, arriving and two mighty goats appear
To the gate they go, to defend the castle of ice