Britny Fox

Bite Down Hard tracks



I've been away for such a long long time
Ain't had a day without you on my mind
I miss the lovin' that you gave to me
On top of you is where I wanna be

Your body's carved in stone in my mind
I see your pony tail from behind
I see the sweat that you and I create
I'm feelin' heaven cuz you're feelin' great

I'm overdue
Gotta shoot you

Six guns loaded
Six guns fire
Six guns loaded
And you're takin' me a little bit higher
Six guns loaded
Six guns fire
Six guns loaded
You're my one and only flaming desire

I gotta see ya soon I'm outta my mind
I've waited for you Baby all this time
I need your lovin' gotta get you good
I just don't wanna see me losin' you


CD's on ten
Ooh you gotta drink a lot
Push you to the edge
If you wanna think a lot

Skirts hiked high.
Don't you know the perfect scenery
Tonight make me everything I wanna be
Feel the electricity

Louder - cuz you like it
Louder - cuz you need it
Louder - only way to feel the same as me
Louder - cuz you like it
Louder - cuz you need it
Louder - give it up for me

Cutting into you
Take the knife willingly
Volume right through you
Other spaces no one sees

Legs so right
1st prize in my gallery
Tonight make me everything I wanna be
Feel the sexuality

She come a runnin'
She's such a usin' machine
She's got it comin'
She's got it comin' all the way for me


Yakkin' like a hurricane, Baby
When no one's around
Give in big to the two time
you wanna get me down

Droolin' out the lies
Get the news out
All but sell your soul
Try to make you look good

Tell me to my face

Stickin' everybody when you want to
Slash 'em when their back is turned
Stickin' in your nose where it don't go
You're gonna have to learn

Runnin' up the bill
On your lie phone
All but to sell your soul
Try to make you look good


Steal a feel of your love
Because you give it to me
Cold heart healed
You spread your wings for me

Open arms wrap around
You now it's dead and gone
Change of weather I feel you now
I finally see the sun

And I'm movin' closer
Closer to your love
Movin' closer
Closer to your love

Nothin' more missin' now
From our love in the past
Feel you all closer to me
We're gonna make it last

Open arms wrap around
Holdin' back is dead and gone
Change of weather I feel you now
I finally see the sun...


Take an open road
I've come to see you again
Was time to leave it all behind us

Travelin' across the sky
Chasin' one more endless night
To another place in time where we all meet

It's time to say good-bye

When I see your smile
And your laughter fills my heart
Till my travelin' heart finds its way back home

It's time to say good-bye

Over and out

When I lose the time
And I start to slip away from you
A thousand miles away from the answer

Got an aching in my heart
When I dream of you
Reaching back in time to a memory

Over and out - time to say good-bye
Over and out - leaving you behind
Over and out - time to say good-bye


Say you're gonna take me
Up and down your track it's up and back
Once around the block to show me
Everything you can do

You're promisin' the world to me
Sayin' "Just you wait and see"
Talk is cheap when all the guns
Are pointed down at you

It's true

Watchin' all the action from a ring side seat
My double barrel's gonna knock you off
Your feet

Shot from my gun
Baby take me higher
Shot from my gun
Don't call me a liar

You've got a live one
Runnin' through your open heart
Got your number waiting for the chance
To call you again

Sweating from the moments
Leading up to face the music
I call your bluff
And now it's time for a delivery

You're gonna see


Liplock warrior only got a story
Her laser lies cuttin' you through
Woman don't you waste it only wanna taste it
No-talk session for you

Sex-ya on the red line lookin' lookin' so fine

She's comin' again
Struttin' down a backstreet a walk that makes you wanna eat
Sweet-treat lover to lend for you--

Backbreak tales push you to the rails
Angel flyin' high in the sky
Underground terror takin her share
Getcha baby everytime

Stadium sexpot she'll rock your sox off
Then she's runnin' your mouth
Listening to you
No clue - No clout

You tell the truth you tell a lie
Which one is it gonna be tonight?
You tell the truth you tell a lie
With you girl it's never black and white

Dazzle me later cut loose trader
Lashing nuclear tongue
Kickin' out slander losin' your gander
Shuttin' you off you're done

Thine sensation phony aberration drinkin' up all your lies
So cut me like a saw, love me like 2 girls and I let it slide



With the lightening comes a time
And I know
Lord I know
I see the changes come in you Baby
And I know
Lord I know

Just want to give it back
All I took from you
I got a lot
To see it through

When you look my way
I'm livin' higher than my yesterday
When you look my way
I see the love that's comin' back to me

Once you feel you got a part
You gotta go
You gotta go
Did you ever see a smile?
Kicks it off
And it takes you home

Lookin' back on all the pain
I put you through
I'd die a thousand times
To make it up to you

Take apart the feelings in your way
Move along you'll live for everyday
New tomorrow's comin' all for you
Don't let the past rule if you win or lose


Movin' to the sound
When she's only got the natural
Likes the rock music
Momma said, "shut your door"

Come alive in the night when she's tight
And then she's kicking out
I can see everything in my mind
She make me wanna shout

Talkin' about

I been lonely
Lonely too long
Lonely too long

Throwin' down got the lights dim
Movin' it
I remember all the nights long ago
Think I'm losin' it

Come alive in the night when it's right
And then she's on my brain
I can see every move in my mind
She's got such a way

I need ya today


Hey, hey, hey

Underneath the green veranda
Singin' love songs for mad maranda

They call me the midnight Moses
Everything I touch is coming up roses

Hey hey hey

Tell me where I'm going
I got no way of knowin'
I wish I was a forest ranger
Danger danger danger

Hey hey hey

I had an afternoon fever
And when I flew out to Geneva
I just took me a notion
To fly right across the ocean