Black Symphony tracks



In the blank I stare
Waiting for a chance to come
To run so wild and free
Into a world where all is one
All the dream we share
For a better, brighter future
Crushing down on me
Into the ashes we fall

I've been told for a long time to take it all
Until I said... enough!

It is finally time for a change
Now I'll do it my way
Some things in life are worth fighting for
It is the way of light I believe
And there is no turning back
Some things in life are worth dying for
We'll burn!

Out of hole I stare
Walking down the road with pride
The fire keeps on burning
I will hold it till I die
Don't ever let them tell you
What is right and wrong for you
Decide your own destiny
Be the master of your world

I've been told for a long time to bow down
Until I've said... enough!

[Chorus] (x2)


Jump around in a fairytale where everyone's telling me
Can you see my little merry-go-round?
In this place where no one is adult
I can always play with you
Do you ride my little merry-go-round?

Well Alice of the Wonderland
And seven dwarfs of Snow White
And Peter Pan from Neverland arrive

We drink, we dance, and we eat all those cakes
Cinderella has made
Never care 'bout the clock that's striking twelve
For just tonight when the Queen sleeps
Party inside the tree
Evil takes a break on us and we can just go free

Harry Potter and his little friends come to us to celebrate
Fred, George, Ron and the cute Hermione
Secret place for all the children who will never give up Their dreams
Let's all ride my little merry-go-round

Well Frodo Baggins from the Shire
In the name of Odin
And Hercules of Greek will too arrive

We sing, we hum, and we chant all the songs
With the smiles we can afford
Go, sadness go, just into somewhere far
For just tonight the world is one
Party inside the tree
Evil takes a break on us and we can just go free


All they say was "I've told you before"
With a look as if they all know
All they tell me was "someday you will see"
Well I don't believe in any tomorrows

Again, again, again...
Whisper to me, again, again, again

All we have is love
And that is all we are
You and I, walk in the same road
All we have is us
And staying here with you
Throughout the days till the sun goes down

Again, again, again...
Sing it to me, again, again, again

Somewhere far I hear a cry
The world is going crazy
Breaking me
But I hold on to one dream we have
Coz of you
You're all I am

Again, again, again...
Whisper to me again
Sing it to me again
Cry out to me again!





Apakah Kau mendengarkan doaku malam ini?
Kubersujud kar'na
Kau tau, aku bukanlah anak yg paling suci
Didalam k'rajaan-Mu
Bagai domba yg hilang
Kutersesat dikegelapan
Tapi Kau menuntunku
Walau kutelah

Mengecewakan mengkhianati kasih-Mu
Cinta-Mu begitu suci
Aku mengaku aku telah terjatuh
Oh Tuhan
Kau menerimaku apa adanya
Dengan s'gala kekuranganku
Pengampunan-Mu begitu manis adanya
Tuhan, inilah pengakuanku

Aku bagaikan daun yang terombang ambing di lautan
Tak ada tujuan
Namun Kau datang
Memelukku dan mengangkat diriku
Diri yang hina ini
Bagai fajar dipagi hari
Kau bersinar terang untukku
Kau bukakan pintu rumah-Mu
Walau kutelah



She strides to depths of darkness
Trying to find her lost love
Falling from the skies above
She walks on a thread of hope
She throws away her home
For the memories in her

"Here I am searching for you
Don't flee no more..."

How I remember the ghost of your beauty
How I would fall just to take another stare
Deep down to the bottom of hell's bound of love

The pure's asleep at midnight
And when the clock strikes away
There she goes with no return
A distant song lullaby
Alluring her to darkness
Smothered in a sweet, sweet sin

"Here I am searching for you
Don't flee no more..."



The trembling touch of my fingers
The smell of cold wind in the night
Traces of water falling from my hair
And I lay down

A thousand sparkles on the sky above
A distant voice from afar
The pulse, the vein, and the blood inside me
Is a beating heart

Day by day I'm passing through
Till the time for me return

Like a flower in the wind
I drift away from here
My body may be burned ashes to the ground
But my soul lives on

I watch the eyes in front of me
To touch, to feel, to be alive
The song we sung together when I was a child
So loud and clear

Day by day I'm passing through
Till the time for me return


Time will tell the end of us
As the glow of life fades out
Out there somewhere there is a place
For you and I



Dream of me as dainty as melody
I hear your voice
Calling out to me
Lose yourself into the Night
Break away from this cage of reality
I hold you close
In a reverie
Romantic love will drive you mad

And when the sun goes down...

Runaway with me
Into the darkness of the night
I will be there
Loving you eternally
Runaway with me
And find ourselves in paradise
Let the heavens fall
Till love die

Trail of blood is running down your neck
The ecstasy of the shadows
You lose control into the Night
Somewhere far
Away from the glaring sun
Come with me
Fly to fantasy
Portrait of eternal beauty

And when the day disappear...

[Chorus] (x2)


Fuyu no samui kisetsu de
Anata mo kieru no datta
Sono shiroi kioku dake
Watashi ga oboeteiru
Namida ga kieteshimau
Kono atashi ni mo

Anata no yasashii egao
Watashi ni misete kure yo
Saigo no kuchizuke dake wa
Watashi no yume datta ne
Anata ga kieteshimau
Kono kimochi ni mo

Shiroi yukitachi no koe wa
Dareka no inochi utaitsuzukeru
Watashi no mune ni itakutemo
Anata no hane ni naritai

Watashi no mune ni itakutemo
Anata no hane ni naritai


The place that you've been dreaming
Is it there? what was it called?
Killed by destination you're heading
You're searching

The world is so ugly
So ugly like you
The world is so evil
So evil like you

Torn into pieces you betray
All of so-called-friends
Dreams are your destruction
They eat you alive
Eat you alive

The world is so ugly
So ugly like me
The world is so evil
So evil like me

The world is so disgusting
Disgusting like us...