Baboon Rising

Boglore tracks



I woke up one morning , I couldn't get out of bed
I boxed outside and my hampster was dead
I had made up a song, but I had writers block
I looked outside
There was nowhere to hide
Unfortunately, it was true
I got the trash can blues
My room was a mess, you couldn't see the floor
Garbage stacked to my knees, I couldn't get out the door
All this trash in my yard, I had to get it out of my house
Everything was buried including my hampster called


This may sound silly, about my dog Billy
He's the coolest dog, even in the fog
I know what your thinkin', this guy's been drinkin'
But take it from me, just wait and see
I can't seem to find him, he went for a swim
Now he's gone , all the day long
Where did he go?
Where's my dog Billy?
Where did he go?
Where's my dog Billy?
Does anyone know?


There's no place to run and hide
Your fate is sealed, you will be killed
Heed my advice, don't tempt the dice
Fate is calling you
Death now beckons you
There's no escape now
See you in a while
Only in the end
Will you understand
You've heard me once, you've heard me twice
You think your cool, your such a fool
Your end is near, why don't you care?


Fooling with business, computer's in overdrive
Many buttons you have to press, bill has override
Just like a rubber band, your sure to bounce back
Business is good once again, now your on the right track
All of this money you had stashed, then something goes wrong
You found out the market crashed, you'll be in the hole before long
Economics on a wild rampage
Can't keep the beast in his cage
Sometimes it works sometimes it don't
It's 4 in the mornin' and your flat broke
Like a pattie in a field of manure
Your one of the many, entrepreneur


Blatent memories, ever do leave me, ketchup I do see
Eat your hotdog plain, It's soggy in the rain, like a great dane
Like an addiction
I got a recollection
I have a recollection of condiments
Relish, ketchup, mustard, lemon juice,
pickles, onions, pepperoni anchovies, and silicon?
It's not the same, in fact it's pretty lame, with you hamburger plain
Anything that's fried, condiments must lie, or the taste will die


I'm a crazy man, airplanes I do know
I'll go to any land, I'm only part of the show
I have a brain, yet I'm insane
I'm the faceman, women I do know
To leave another land, I'm only part of the show
I've got the look, too bad I can't cook
To the underground they went
For no crime did they commit
So if you have a problem
That no one else can solve
Call upon the Soldiers 'O Fortune
I'm the strong, jewelry I do know
I hate flying to any land, I'm a major part of the show
I'll get ya sucka, I won't just nudge ya
I'm the boss man, plans I do know
I take the team to any land, I'm the head of the show
I love it when a plan comes in


We are...the land of opportunity
One land...for many peoples
Yet those...who oppose us
Don't know...what we stand for
Freedom of speech
Necessary for democracy
Freedom of press
Rarely heard but always seen
Freedom of religion
Believe what you want to believe
There land like our land
Take no other place
Your here...a new life to begin
We take...any kind of race
Taken across the sea
To the land of opportunity
Just take our strong hand
at Ellis Island


(Instrumental) (Folk Song)


Jaque Cortin is my hero