Britny Fox

Boys in Heat tracks



Downtown Philly went upstate New York
went across United States to L.A.
Back through Dallas, Texas now on the east
coast back in Philly where I was raised.

Oh oh in motion, oh oh come join the band.
Oh oh in motion, oh oh come join the band.

Uptown Friday night lookin' for a good time
action, satisfaction tearin' up the night.
Travellin' by airways makin' some big waves
wheels are turnin' faster we're on our way.

Chorus, bridge, lead, chorus out.


In the dark, there's a love that hides
Is it true, we are blinded by.
Face the words, it's not in your eyes.
Tell me now, that I'm the one for you, yeah.

I'm alone again, deep inside, cold sets on in.
Lurks the shade, on top our lives.
Gotta know, if this love is gonna stop or go.

Don't you know what I want?
Go go go
Don't you know what I want?

Cause I'm standin', standing in the shadows of love.
Yeah I'm standin', standing in the shadows of love.

In love, with a lying heart.
Dressed in black, the shadows dark.
Trapped inside, a love that cast, of shade,
of a love that's gonna stop or go.

Bridge, chorus (2x's), lead, chorus out.


Heartbreaker soul shaker,
I've been told about you.
Steamroller midnight stroller,
what they've been saying must be true.

Red hot mama, velvet charmer.
Times come to pay your dues.

Now your messin' with a, a son of a bitch.
Now your messin' with a son of a bitch.

Talkin jivey poison ivy,
you ain't gonna cling to me.
Man taker born faker,
I ain't so blind I can't see.

Bridge, chorus (2x's) middle break, chorus out.


You see your face inside a mirror, tell me what you see.
Chasing dreams you have to hold on, that's the way you do your thing, yeah.

You're livin' on a dream, is what you do
Livin' on a dream, you hold on to.
You're livin' on a dream, is what you choose.

You say you want all the big lights, they said you're dreaming and laughed.
Just hold on tight to what you're thinkin',
you're gonna reach it to a star, yeah.

chorus, lead, chorus out.


Baby baby, love for sale you can't buy me.
You're so lonely, oooh take me on on.

Oh, oh take my hand
You said you want me in command.
Oh, oh won't you calm down.
Oh, please settle down.

Cause she's so lonely, so lonely, so lonely.
Cause she's so lonely she begged to me.
I said she's so lonely, so lonely, so lonely.
Cause she's so lonely she begged to me.

Baby, baby, oooh, switch me on on.

Our love plays like a band
Sometimes you're used by vulture hands.
Oh oh we want it now
Woa oh you need somehow.

chorus, lead, first verse, bridge 1, chorus out.


There's this girl I used to know, the way I feel heaven knows.
I look up high and dream at night, memories I can't let go.

Don't you know how it feels?
Did you know your dreams are real?
Don't you know you have the time?
This dream feels good inside.

Dream on, oh, dream on, don't you know your gonna find that star, dream on.
Dream on, oh, dream on. Wish upon a star and dream on.

Hand in hand we'll rock this land, gone through blues with her heart.
Sometimes we need to make our dreams, things may glow bright as the stars.

Bridge, chorus, lead, hook out.


Seemed so far away and don't know what I missed.
You're my scattered skies and think of home I miss.
I see your face in the distance, envision you at night.
Miles of tears and pain, sometimes a lonely game.

Rising sun, brightest star.
Round the world, I love her.
The end of time, for you girl.
I'm comin'

My love's with you always, oh yeah.
Long way from home.

My love's with you even when I'm miles away.
I left a kiss in your hand, just hold it tight and pray.

Bridge, chorus, hook (2x's), Lead, Break, Chorus out.


There's a club that I go to, where this girl drives me wild.
I fell for her right on sight, with a wink and her smile.
I've been searching for a long time honey, for a girl like her.
She's got what it takes for me to make my world.

You're the girl that I need.
You make me feel at ease.
I'll satisfy all your needs.

I got plenty, (he's got plenty) plenty of lovin' for you.
Don't you know I've got plenty (he's got plenty) plenty of lovin' for you.

She gave me her number, I said I'll give her a call.
She's not just a hot little number, cause she's the belle, the belle of the ball.
I've been thinkin' about you, every day and night.
I'm gonna take you far away, to make your love feel right.

Bridge, chorus, lead, chorus out.


You might have seen this girl, did you catch her name
Has she played the town, watch your step cause she's been around.

She was once my queen, my love, prize and dream.
She left her name around, a little sly way she sneaks around.

Cause I know what you might say, you wanna ask me if Stevie makes the play.
Cause I know, oh no, cause everybody wants to know about my Stevie.

My Stevie, my Stevie, my my Stevie.

Ya said your love for her is growing strong.
You're gonna find out soon, all things that she'll do to you.

Your life is on a knife, she says she's not that type.
You might as well take the blade cut yourself, yourself in two.

Bridge, chorus, lead, chorus out.


There's a place where souls where souls live on forever.
There's a time where we all rest together, oh sometime.

Feeling better, living better, yeah, I see the lights.
There's a place where a light shines bright.

Shine on, shine on, shine on, shine on.

Peace on earth, spread love to your brother.
Loved ones gone, in your heart they'll live on,
live on and on.

bridge, chorus, lead, chorus out.


Friday night I'm with the boys at a local bar.
Walks in this girl, so divine, I think I'm gonna stay a while.

She walked across the room with her high heels on
she let her hair on down down down
I felt I'd known her before, I think I'll ask her for,
before she walks out the door.

So baby don't go, don't go, an angel in my heart.
So baby don't go, don't go you're an angel in my heart, yeah.

I said take a seat on next to me, I think I need to see your smile.
My heart's keepin' a beat with the record machine
as crazy as it sounds so far.

I'd like to walk you home, I'd like to cheer you up,
I'll be there to help you through.
If you need to know, I'll be happy to show,
so baby don't ever go.

Chorus, lead, chorus out.


You locked me out, just shut me down.
Lives on a blade, there's no escape
It's cold outside, what did I do.
You slipped away and left me stray.

But where did your love love love run to, you left me stray.
But where did your love love love run to, you left me stray.

I kick myself, and scream and shout.
Just open up, unlock the love yeah.

chorus (2x's), lead, chorus out.


Pulled up in the sunrise, your hometown
Gettin' packed and ready, your big city crowd.

Cause these long and winding roads, roll on through my head.
And now this song we sing cries loud for you.

Cause it's a longroad, headin' your way.
It's a longroad, a song will play.
And we traveled many miles, just to see you smile.
Cause it's a longroad, it's a longroad.

See so many faces, time after time.
Show me how you're feelin', tonight's your night.

bridge, chorus, lead, bridge, chorus out.