Burnt By The Sun

Burnt By The Sun - Car Bomb tracks



They said we came across the earth
To give a better way of life
To show them far and near our greatness

But the unknown, ignored factor is the great darkness
In which they are kings
Unchallenged egos
What fools we were to think we could
Set them free from their world
Machines consumed by their jungle
Our technology consumed by the past
Our future very clearly outmatched
Yeah, they laughed as the heavens fell from the sky

Now what is that you say you've got?
Some kind of ability for what?

You people sleep
You know nothing

No one paid any attention until two towers fell
They've come around. They've come alive
Fear once loathed, now condoned

Fear sold and you all your souls
Fear bought and sold. Fear sold you the hope of war
Fear took your soul. Now darkness consumes your soul
Fear unearthed from below. Fear is a man of it's word

Run while you still can
Or stay and die

They say freedom don't come free
Well, no shit

They say the apocalypse will come like a breeze
And maybe this is it
So come on, just tell me them to "bring it on", pretty boy
And let's get on with it

2. M^6

Up, down
Up, clicking in the phone

Breathing from the line on her side


Breathing, breathing phone number
Mother, mother calling from.
Breathing phone number
Mother calling me.


Please dress warm.
Don't make me worry.
You will catch cold.
My son hates his own Mom.
What is this world coming to?
I could never think that you could be so ungrateful to your mother.
I did not raise you to be so disrespectful.
In life I was the only friend you had.


Tighten your tie
Let go you bitch
Black nailed, Avril
You wear too much makeup.

Let's see you real scared with
Drug-addict AIDS patients
Circling your body
White glory.

You look so beautiful crying on TV
How can I help you when you will not see me
I'm your only savoir bless me.

The bridge tour bus is.
Tearing the roof off
The driver is so much

Her life is compared to his
Sits on no such crucifix
One thousand white wrist bands can't hold
On to your dim pale hands there is nothing there
You are loosing grip my
Sheltered bitchling.

Diaper to cash cow
All on my own.

Blonde turn your long hair to
Grey spend your money and
Save all Pieces of you are holes
Money will not heal your selfish hungry twat.