1000 Funerals

Butterfly Decadence tracks





Why didn't you tell
Your secrets in there
It seems I was fool
My unfaithful one

Come closer to walk
I'm blinding by lights
Just take me beyond
And so far away

These so darkened gardens
Are dreaming the spring
That had frozen well
Of love then deceit

Why did you leave
That peace now disease
Out there was none
When someone was here

And when did you froze
The ending was near
You burned all we had
And all that we willed

Then let them to do
Whatever with me
My gardens have sold
As you set them free

Just ask me who I was to hear my screams
And tell me no more of me and whatever unreal
I'd let you come in but you were never here
And truly we had no love but a beautiful deceit

I ask what are you and I hear the silence
I was blind and could not see you were never real
It seems we were never stand to be divided now
And I suppose it's just another kind of a dream

Have you ever thought what happened to me then
I fell in absence of myself now I'm lost and forgotten
I've found visions of many things that never have been
Adrift in memories and your specter behind me

Deviated I embraced my tortured body and would nothing
In desire of someone I never wish to becomes real
I preferred to change my life and finally I think it's done
But I don't believe in love again

I want some god to loves me


Countless and unnumbered
They tried to hunt me and they did
They've killed my tenderness
Then I died
I was never behind the face of life

Ever mighty as a king
Painted as a queen
And lovely as a god
There was no one else to love but me

And at last but not least we are shining as you see
Drunken we chained hands and cruel world is lost
And everlasting is laid before me
But it's too far as I'm drunk

And I know what I've done as I've done what I knew

But still I swear that
Nothing has ever been


The world is teaming with unnecessary people
It's god's decision that I fight

As a night of honor
As a protector of the seal
I sacrifice myself to the blood of criminals


So tired and weak was christ on the cross
Departed from prophecy

To bring back an impaled world into foss
Foolish he exposed his love

I'm unbowed because of you
I'm so wild and jealous

I'm silent in flames of doom
I am satan the cursed and fallen

I wonder what I was to you
Remember thy angel

Over the abyss
And ever forever

Woe be to them
I awoke in a pattern
Drawed within the gloom
Ungrounded unclosed

Around revolving things
Golden and chained
A faceless fog formed
A shape of the world

He asked nothing of himself
And never wondered of wandering wherever waked
He rose and shone disheartened but overbearing and numinous
As an unfeigned satan with unbounded
Wings opened above the deepest depths
Then there was no one else and no thing

He was aware so courteous of an outright everlasting,
Of an undenied unreal
He suddenly found the golden gates opened
To the vast infinite beauty of god

He walked out and entered into
The way ends to absoluteness of love
He faced nothing in there

But a mirror