Calm Before the Storm tracks



Every morning static and radio waves tear me from my sleep
And all the doubts I thought I had buried deep keep surfacing
And all I know is that I may never know...

The meaning of this cancerous existence
As the curtain falls I crumble to my knees
Can you hear me singing?

I am not alone,
This test will end...
I can feel it in my bones,
These wounds will mend...
So if I hold on through this trial,
I will come forth as gold...
As the sparks fly upward,
So man is born unto suffering...

Every morning I awake from the same dream
The one who stole the sun away is coming back for me
The ruthless heir of secrecy, a white noise frequency
Always counting and calculating, taking everything... everything...

It takes everything inside of me to believe in hope


Raise the sail and catch the wind
Bid the shoreline farewell
As it vanishes on the horizon
The sea doesn't tell her secrets

She never warns
The calm before the storm

The wind is tearing at the sails
The waves are flooding the deck
I kept my faith through the rain and the hail
Until the ropes broke and the mast came crashing down

If I could only trust the things that you said
All my fear would fade away
I've forgotten all your promises
Wake up, save us

We're going to drown!
We're going to drown!
Then just as I thought that I would sink
You calmed the storm in me


Your eyes open an ocean wide
Evoking emotions you can't deny
Some hang from trees like vines
Others burrow their way inside

Is there anything I could say?
Is there any thing at all?

You'll cast the longest shadows
You'll dig the deepest holes
To cover up your tracks
To bury your past

When Pandora stands mankind will fall
You will never die you will surely know what it means to be alive

Open the box!


He paints his world in black and white
No matter how hard he ran he could never hide
From the fear that grew

Like a weed it takes its root and chokes out hope
A blemish on the face of beauty
One last stroke of this misery
And his masterpiece is almost complete
But if what he says is true
Then I will bathe myself in black
And become a shadow of the man that I was supposed to be...

It's Pointless! Or maybe the reason you hurt yourself is because you hate yourself
It's Hopeless! Or maybe the reason you hate yourself is because you can't forgive yourself
And still you won't let go...

The hatred burns deep in his veins
Can't wash these stains away
Always finishing where he starts
With a half empty heart

So, just let go!


We've accepted the name that you've given us
Now accept the name that we're giving you

Prints better on a tombstone
Than from the spit of our lips
This place and all the space between
Could never compare to the vacancy we've come to be

This time is the last we will call your name!

Will I sink this swim to pretention?
Drawn and quartered I harbor this infection
Our tired cell is worn to implode
With a crumpled double helix on display
"These operations are mad" the candid man cried
Then died...

We've crushed the capstone to dust
We've sparked this revolution to live in our own way
We watched it all come down
Now see our sky is falling


Phosphorous ignites
Pacify us, keep us here
Wrap us tight in our securities
In our world they just don't exist

Conscience is a conduit for unknown consequences
When heavy pens write the laws and draw the lines
This veil cannot fail or leave a paper trail
Of all the lies that we keep as we lull the sheep to sleep

If you can't see...

Strike a match
Shape shifting shadows are cast
By the dead hands of the past
Our flags now fly at half mast

Our streets are in order as we covet under covers
But our hands are stained by the blood of the others
There are no misguided in the game of deception
From bullet to blade there is no exception

Your not free if you cant see...

I lift my eyes
A thousand armies fill the sky
The earth shakes with fright
Our city has been replaced by a bright white light!