Casuistry tracks



Gaze upon those oblivious vermin
Suffocating in the illusion of materialistic decomposition
For those who will claim to have entrance through the gates of heaven
Are descending into a realm of nonexistence.
Mindless fools, who will believe what cannot be seen

They plan out lies of total corruption
The ones who lead, will murder all those who oppose them.

An infestation slowly feasting on the impurities of these peasants

They fall so easily to a hand that draws the steel.
All hail to the king, down on your knees.

Pray to a fallen idol who will not spare you,
They have no mercy for you.


Through the years of testing,
We have found the answer to immortality.
Though it is not all confined to one mortal form.

In the last few moments of your life right before the body dies,
We capture all your thoughts throughout the time you are alive,
Extract every precious moment and wipe it from your memory.
Inject the volatile substance that creates a monster.

Force fed images to manipulate
Snapping your morality for your ultimate demise
Vision skewed by psychotic hallucinations
Tortured, mutilated until your mind is finally taken.
Stare them right in the eyes,
When the blade goes in, they slowly die.
Perform the deeds which we hath laid right before you.

Everything is going just as we planned
A mindless creation hell bent on destruction
You are the first of many to be changed,
A self inflicted genocide, for it is time for us to rise.

For years we have planned your judgment.
Plotting where we can't be seen.
Studying your movements and mastering your thoughts.
Exposing the weakness and all of your flaws
For this is the end, we will erase you all.

You will never be free


They use fear to control the masses,
They use fear to control you all.

For those who chose to believe in reason,
Are doomed to death for their blasphemous treason.
They cast the wicked into the depths for he waits for them below the surface.

All hail to the king and he will spare your life.
Any sect willing to challenge his rule,
are condemned to torture.
For he stands upon his throne,
Commanding the breaking of their bones.
There is no mercy for the unworthy,
As whips crack and echo,
As flesh tears and blood is shed

A twisted vile creation one which breeds disease,
For they tell the stories of the slaves to be.
Shackles and chains hold them down as they struggle to survive.
The holiest ones offer only death, as they pray up to the sky.

There is no free will, from the one they write about.
Claiming to be almighty, but silent when it counts.
"To believe what we cannot see, or death will come to us"
Claiming to love your creation,
Instead watching them suffer through total decimation.

For those who chose to believe in reason,
Are doomed to death for their blasphemous treason


As you're crippling with fear for the blade as it's drawing near
You stare up to the sky and it is silent.
For this is the kind of creator you follow.
One who wears a mask and inside is hollow.
Three empty sects for this one misread book
To date there have been millions of lives that this leader has shook.
But for an entire population that lives with the sand,
They die day by day with their blood on the land.

Children are accustomed to bombs being dropped and shots being fired.
Wondering everyday "will this be the day I catch a stray?"

Catastrophic explosions are set off daily,
Religious extremist are taking their teachings and trying to dismantle the system they live in
Along with taking the lives of their kin, because they don't follow the teachings they are living with sin.

Driving along, just like everyone else.
Unloading a clip into the group next to them.
Following the crash, they get out of the car.
To finish the job, they unload one more.

Imagine what it's like to live every day in fear.
To be put to death for what you hold dear.
A knife to your throat or a bullet in your head,
Because you followed the wrong prophet and were mislead.

They won't stop.
The killing it won't stop.
Thousands of years.
So many lives in vain
We are in debt and look up to the peaceful prophet
So many lies we have been fed
Until we are finally dead.


In another realm of existence
There lies a beast inside of you that you did not know existed.

It is a monster that lives deep inside of you.
The malicious things that run through your mind are coming to life
In this evil, filthy world that comes from within you.

You are the terror that plagues the earth
Shrouding the light in blackness.

Merciless, wretched life taking being.
And in this world you devise a process to annihilate
This world is your own creation

Your heart beats to inflict pain unto all living things
No emotion lies in your eyes
Behold the mere image of what you are.
Stare upon the glass at your reflection.
But beyond that mirror are the nightmares of your conception.

Turning against ever moral that you've known to believe.
Deep, hidden away in your subconscious lies a monster,
A creature, born from your darkest desires.


Stripped of all morality, like he stripped cloth from her flesh.
Bashed her skull to silence the noise and avoid an awful mess.

She swore an oath to keep her faith and stay pure until the day a man on his knees would bless her with a ring.
His plan destroyed her hopes and dreams with terror he would bring.

The defloration of an innocent girl who lived life by the book and tried so hard to
Shut out the nature of her desires caused her to be shunned and cast into the fires,
They see her as an evil being,
She was forced to give up her purity.

When tragedy struck they were nowhere to be found, as she was crying lying on the ground.

She wonders why she's cursed with a life of doom and shame.
Can't even turn the corner without flinching, life is not the same.
"He works in mysterious ways"
The one who loves her turned his back and then she was betrayed.
Her faith was destroyed when the pastor looked in her the eyes and told her she was full of sin.

Because she did not wait for marriage,
They decided to exile her for a crime done by a malicious man.
She cries out, "I was attacked."
"It doesn't matter your innocence is gone do not come back"

Left alone, defiled and impure with
Contamination from an unholy man.
Ripe with fear drilling down into her core.
Living with the title "blasphemous whore"

Now that she has nothing, roaming the streets where he life was destroyed.
Wondering where to go from here.
Praying everyday to not live in fear.
Faith won't save you when you need it most.
The father, the son, and a careless "holy" ghost.


Trapped underneath the weight of the world
A pit of darkness consumes you.
Controlling everything.
You cannot escape the fate you've chosen.

You took a mother from her child and you've not one ounce of sympathy
Just because you feel alone
You destroy every perfect living thing
A black hole to society
Terrorizing everything
Drawn to the darkness

You have fallen into obscurity, not seen by anyone or anything
Nameless and faceless amongst the living
No recognition from above or below so climbing the stairs to the rooftop you go.
Staring into the night sky, wishing to be among the stars.

You have reached your horizon
Another plane of existence awaits
Transcending this realm of consciousness
For you have decided your own fate

Every ounce of light that exists in this world
Is drawn into the blackness
No sympathy, no empathy,
Spiraling downward, an end in sight
The world watches as you fall ten stories,

And in those last moments of your life
before you hit the ground
Your life flashes before your eyes.
It is too late to change your fate
Like the light in the skies
You are also gone forever.
Only just a memory, one wishing to be forgotten.
Just like all the others your name will fade into dust. Into nothing.


Atoms splitting,
A blast caused by my birth.
An unknown being forged from the depths of the unseen.
Brought forth to destroy.
A degree of hear which cannot be measured,
A flash of light and life was born.
Something from nothing,
And now the destruction begins.
I have materialized into a living nightmare.
No beacon of hope, nor prayer can save your life.
My molecular structure is unlike anything you have ever seen.
To describe my form would be unnatural.
My external design is made to annihilate.

I am not fear, for those who do see me have no stories to tell.
I have no interest in genocide, but complete and utter decimation to your kind.
The way you destroy what you are given.

Atoms splitting,
A blast caused by my birth.
An unknown being forged from the depths of the unseen.
Brought forth to destroy.
A degree of hear which cannot be measured,
A flash of light and life was born.


Stripping the life away from the desolate planet.
Taking advantage and being controlled by your greed.
Open your eyes and you will see.


My hands are bound behind my back,
While this cloth keeps me blind,
I hear the screams of a man next to me so I know I'm next in line
One by one they chose a form of death.
While mine came from a blade
The rodents, the peasants, and the bastards alike were slaughtered while their corpses suffered mutilation.

There is no justification for my ruthless decapitation
There is no justification
For man believes what he cannot see and will spill his blood for thee.

Death is coming, for this I know,
The stench of rotting bodies rises from below
I can't see the light while gasping for air,
When I'm dead I'll ask him why he wasn't there
With each inch cut in my throat
I didn't feel a presence of a might deity.
Though years of practice taught me that I would see him when my time would come

The deception is a perception because of our different beliefs.

A lineage of filth is what they call the bottom feeders for they do not know right from wrong.

I tried to follow the best that I could.
The result ended in my gruesome decapitation
I was still conscious and in those final seconds
I condemned the almighty and lost my faith