Agnostic Front

Cause for Alarm tracks



Killing's my business and business is fine,
Money's my interest, life isn't kind,
You know you can run but there's nowhere to hide,
Payback's a bitch boy.
Now you're gonna die.
Hand me the contract, i've got no remorse,
The more cash i get, the bloodier the worst,
You claimed their way out, life is up in flames,
How bout doing it my way,
Beheaded or slain

Hanging or lethal injection,
Gas chamber - take a last breath
Firing squad, electrocute, we'll execute!
More than one face of death.
Kill em all, let god sort em out,
A soldier of fortune, i'll wipe em all out,
Having no home, i have no shame,
I'll take a life, another victim in pain,
Try turning the tables or make it a frame,
You can't snuff me out,
Because you're my game,
You know you're my target,
Your time stands still,
But no job's too tough,
I love to kill.


They told me when i was young that i would change
What i once saw would become like everything else,
The same -
The open eyes of youth would close down just to cracks,
I would never again see the real world,
Just like the rest, i'd turn my back.
I told them once when i was young,
That it was too late for me to change,
I couldn't ignore the facts,
The reality that brought this incredible pain.

Scars within my flesh and soul,
Stayed just for show,
Seeing, i felt and saw things,
Others could never know.
They tell me now to turn my head,
So that i may rest in peace,
But ignoring the things i know,
Would be living a life of deceit,
The perversion of love and the power of hate,
Lie deep inside my mind,
I can't turn to ignorance -
The life of the worldly blind.


Time will come when we will pay,
There'll be no choice for you to take,
World War III won't be a fake,
You just can't look the other way.

Time will come and time will go,
You'll learn to learn and learn to fight,
You'll fight for freedom and fight to die,
But you'll never know the reason why.
Killing people for their greediness,
But unaware of the evilness,
Once you're dead there'll be no sorrow,
Another one will come to follow.


Toppling, smashing -
The statues go crashing,
And all of your ancient ideals,
Your morals we question,
Put them to testing,
Rules broken you thought were of steel,
Scrupleless children,
We number in millions,
Won't stand for any more of your crummy deals.

Growing concern
Priests are just rapists,
Who worship the dollar,
Get hardons from girls at the altar,
When in confession.
Laugh at your depression.
We pay for their sins
When they falter.


Teachers who profess,
We'll make them confess,
They've taught us not wisdom, but lies,
Burning their textbooks and archaic outlooks,
In society's funeral pyre.
Senators gain weight as the poor deflate,
Starve - as they vote themselves raises,
Finger on button, a nuclear glutton
Governing rats caught in mazes.
Parents who have raised us,
Have not taught but crazed us,
Priest who confessed us,
Have not cured but depressed us,
We'll turn and ignore as we head for the door,
Can't take no more.


We're here to be and the ones to succeed
No need for you to tell us how to be
Can't seem to find your reasons why
You tell us lies and think you're wise

Why can't you think before you're sink
Why can't you see, then come to me
Tell us lies and ask us why
We hate society
And we're here to fight
I won't shake their hands
Cause they're not our friends
Won't talk to you cause you can't be true

You've got problems, yet you keep hiding them
You entered their gate but now it's too late
It's your mistake.


Running in fear as he nears you
Crying out in terror but no one can hear you,
Trapped in an alley, nowhere to hide,
Carefully watching your steps with his eyes,
Growling, awaiting to kill you,
Slowly approaching and your death nears you,
Nowhere to go, nowhere to run,
As he leaps at your and makes his final lunge.
Foaming from the mouth,
Vengeance in his mind,
One swift tear leaving raw,
Flesh hanging from your side,
Blood spurting forth from your vein,
Draining your body with great pain.


Toxins - buried underground,
Seep into the water,
Dioxin - she drank for nine straight months,
Deformed her unborn daughter,
Factories - spewing poison fumes,
The cause of acid rain, destroy crops and animals,
Lives flushed down the drain.

Radon - creeps up from the earth,
Public dies of cancer,
Danger - of chemical nightmare,
When will we find the answer,
Barrels leak the vile substance,
There's no containing them,
Contamination - of the food we eat,
Absorb plutonium.

Seconds ticking fast away,
On earth's bio clock,
Politicians allow the dumping,
Must be forced to stop,
I hope they live on an abandoned waste site,
And die of toxic shock.


The end is here per se,
Coming near break of day,
A bomber prepares for a flight,
A blitzkrieg mission tonight.

Writhing in my dreams,
Feeling the painful screams,
Torturing my brain,
Driving me insane.
Bomber up and away
Causing destruction today.
Your mission almost complete
Never admitting defeat


Bomber Zee again tonight,
Feeling yourself in flight,
Bombing in your mind,
Wounding the life inside.


You spend your life on welfare lines,
Or looking handouts,
Why don't you go find a job,
You birth more kids to up your checks,
So you can buy more drugs,
Cash in food stamps and get drunk.

Uncle Sam takes half my pay
So you can live for free,
I got a family and bills to pay,
No one hands money to me.
You can go to school for nothing,
Got that government grant,
Get money in advance,
When you're sick from shooting up,
Medicaid pay full portion,
When little Maria gets knocked up,
She gets a free abortion.


How come it's minorities who cry,
Things are too tough,
On tv with their gold chains,
Claim they don't have enough
I say make them clean the sewers,
Don't take no resistance,
If they don't like it to go to hell,
And cut their public assistance.


Minding his own business,
Riding subway trains,
Got ripped off twice,
Ain't gonna happen again,
Withdrew a hundred dollars,
Bought himself a piece,
Can't depend on anyone,
He's his own police.

Fourteenth street station,
This could be the night,
December, he's heavily sweating,
Collar feels so tight,
Tired of being preyed upon,
By the scum of the earth,
Tonight he'll be the predator,
Someone's gonna get hurt.

Walked into an empty car,
Found himself a seat,
Five low lives waiting there,
Waiting for fresh meat,
One by one surrounded him,
Trapped him by the door,
Finger on the trigger.
Got more than they asked for.

A split second without thinking,
Hot gun in his hand,
Four shoots of blood,
Bernie gets his man.
Now he stands trial,
A criminal he's told.
But he got the satisfaction,
Of shooting his load.