Astaroth (AUT)

Christenfeind tracks





Forward on the battleturn
We ride against you all
Demon rises, christianas burn
I see their crown will fall

Endless in time, memories will call
Rise the banner of hate
Eternal storm for all... alll

Blood colored fields
Red colored sky
Mountains left behind
We are onward to destroy

On the path where the light shall die
And eternity ends
On the hills of glory where our fathers reign
We summon us to be one
Agaisnt you - Burn

Born with a sign
Mankinds tragedy
A blaze on your side
We fight for your glory


Cross my wings, eternal sky
Snowland, Realm
See my raven fly



Your time has come !

Remember the time as entities lived
Which nobody knew
Only believed - only believed

Remember the time as we lived in harmony
With our gods - our gods

Beyond forgotten times

Flagellation my solution

Past is the day as all happened
Past is the life that was
Onw and only remain the falcs
Of remembrance which never dies

This time we're weaponed to safe our Throine of Thorns
This time we fight together an union we form

Enchaned legions
Dawn of illusions
Moonshine in shadows
Damned in delusions

Oh allmightly
Which name you're even called
We call you Sathanas


Time of transformation
Feelings of hate
Renunciation from this world
Into darkness

Dies mics jeschet borne docsef dovvema Enitemaus
Evil light shines in darkness
Evil light shines on our pagan rites
And the cratures of the night will rise

Darkest night
Demons awake
Cauldron is filles
With spells of blasphemy


Darkest night
Altar awaits
Kneel of blood
See the pentagram of hate

The crown of their church will fall
I can hear the demons call
I fulfill the Pagan Rites
And the creatures of the night will rise


Buried under cryptic snow of time
Summer dies, winter rise forever
With winds from north in my hair
In wait our fathers proud he three

Crusaders in the centuries of frost
My soul trapped under gates of ice
Darkthrone of illusion bells chains
A song of true dark paradise

For the mighty throne of darkness

Medieval winterstorms
Arising to destroy

Battles in time
Valleys in flames
On epic snow
We strike again

So we are the winterstorms

Prepare for war
Prepare to die
Crowns and thrones
Endless and mine
Mine - Forever