Chung King Can Suck It tracks



I Was Thinking Of It All
The Times I've Been Through
Why Didn't I Fall?
I Was Believing It Was My Luck
Disbelieving In What I Couldn't Touch
Was I Looking For The Answers
So I Can Save The Truth?
Not Trying To Get Wise
So I Can Get Over On A Fool
Take Me Away!
I've Been Around
And I've Seen Enough
The Poorest Of The Poor
The Weak And The Tough
They Say Not To Question
But I Gotta Ask Why
I Can Still Remember
The Last Time I Cried
Can You Take Me Away?
I Saw All The Good
Get Caught In A Rage
It Left Me Down-I'm Down
It Left Me Down And Confused
I Faced Odds So Strong
That I Used Both Fists
Now I'm Asking
Can You Help Me?
Can You Help Me Stay Clean?-Help Me
Because What's My Protection
If I Give Up My Fists?
When It Hurts
Will You Ease The Pain?
Why Am I Under Observation?
I Thought Your Love Was For Free


I See You On The Streets
You Hide In Your Packs
You Push And Push
And No One Pushes Back
It's Time You Own Up
To The Things You Say
'Cuz Judge Is On The Move
And We're Starting Today
I'm Bringin' It Down
This Hammer I've Got
This Ignorance Has Got To Be Stopped
You Want To Discriminate
And Show Your Stupidity
Against People Who Are Equal
To You And Me
If You Want A Great Nation
Then We All Must Be Free
And If You Won't Wise Up
Consider Judge Your Enemy
A Beer, A Joint Like A Gun At Your Head
The Price That You Pay Is The Blood That You Bled
The Needle, The Track Mark, You're Scarred For Life
You're Weak And You're Hurt,
And You're Gonna Lose This Fight
Because You Drink It And You Smoke It
And You Say You Feel Fine
And You Snort It And You Shoot It
And Now It's Melted Your Mind
I'm Bringin' It Down, This Hammer I've Got
This Ignorance Has Got To Be Stopped
I'm Bringin' It Down, The Hammer's Me And You
Stay Off The Tracks 'Cuz Judge Is Coming Through


Thinking Back When We Were Friends
How I Thought It Could Never End
Handshakes And Smiles Whenever We Met
What We Shared I Know I'll Never Forget
I Knew Our Paths Were Splitting
We Needed Different Things To Get By
When You Were Throwing Our Names Around
Were We Supposed To Let It Keep Us Down?
Now I've Had Friends They Passed Like The Breeze
And More Than Once It Took Me To My Knees
And When That Feeling Began To Grow
It Turned To Something You Didn't Want To Know
I Don't Want To Know, I Don't Give A Fuck
Why You Decided To Come Down On Us
We'll Just Keep The Memories We Have
So Don't Get Mad If I Don't Let It Hold Me Back
Can't Hold Me Back
You'll Try To Tempt Me
Draw Me Off My Path
God Knows I Want To Use My Hands
But I Can't Get Caught Up In That
Because I've Seen It Before
Fists Thrown Over Words
And I Fought Before
And It Never Changed A Thing


Nothing On Your Mind
Your Head's Hanging Low
Melting Into The Crowd
And Taking It Slow
You're A Little Jumpy
You Seem A Little Tense
You're Not Outspoken
So You Don?T Want To Pretend
The Unfamiliar Faces
We?Ve Seen Them Before
You Want To Be The Toughest
But What The Fuck For?
Staring At The Groend
Watching Your Back
So Many New Faces
But No Eye Contact
Same Fucking Scene
You've Been Hanging For Years
But With These New Kids
You're Not Coming Off Like A Peer
The Unfamiliar Faces
You've Seen Them Before
You Want To Be The Toughest
What For?
You're Just Afraid Of What?S Ahead
A Set Of Standards, You Won't Measure Up
Intimidation, They Could've Been Sincere
Intimidation From Another One Of Our Peers
Give It Up


I Feel The Hate, It Keeps Coming Down
Coming Down Like The Rain
Look At Me, I'm Getting Drenched
We Keep Getting Caught Up
In This Raging Wind
Now Look At Us, We're Blown Away.....By The Wind
I Want To See How High Is That Flag Gonna Fly
When The Storm Comes Raging Through
It Surrounds All Of Us
It?S Winds Carry The Truth
The Rains Are The Tears
That Have Been Fallng Over The Years
This Storm Is Gonna Wipe Away
Wipe Away The Insincere
No More Wiite, No More Black
No More Barriers, No More Traps
There Will Be Ouiet After The Storm


I Used To Think The Day Would Never Come
It's On My Heels And I'm Running On My Own
Careree Days, Man I Never Knew
They Could Catch Me And Stick To Me Like Glue
It Was So Funny, Remember How We Laughed
Growing Cold, I Can?T Get Away From The Past
It Goes Right For My Throat
It Crushes Me, But I Won't Let It Show
If I Do, You Might See That I'm Scared
I Want To Run, But I Just Don't Know Where
Once Again My Fists Hide My Fear
Each Blow Is Followed By A Tear
It Was So Funny, Remember How We Laughed
Growing Cold, I Can't Get Away From The Past!
I Can't Get Away From The Past!
Can You Hear Me? Hear When I Scream
You Hear My Words, But Do You Know What I Mean?
I'm Tired, Of The Games We Play
I'm Through Fighting, You'll Never Know
What I Wanted To Say


Just Like You I Chose A Path
And Fought To Make It Work
Thought I Found What I Was Looking For
Oh God I'm Fucking Lost
Like You, I Face Rejection
Like You, I Look For Acceptance
Like You, I Don?T Always Do Right
Now I'm Trying To Find The Things I Fought To Hide
When I Was Young
I've Got To Find
The Things I Left Behind
Now All I See
Is The Damage I'm Causing Me
I've Found Things Aren't Black And White
I've Lost Things That Were Right In Sight
I've Had My Share Of Discouragement
I Tried To Forget, I Tried To Forget
I Was Like You


If Only I Could Put Into Words
The Way I Feel
Telling Myself The Situation's Not Real
Lost And Sometimes I Feel
I Have Nowhere To Go
Because You Tell Me It's Wrong
To Let My Feelings Show
I've Lost My Place To Turn
I Know I Fucked It Up
I Turned Away
One Too Many Times
Suffered From An Ego Trip
That Left Me Fucking Blind
Friends Are Telling Me
The Loneliness Will Go Away
But The Memories Will Be There
As Long As
The Ink In My Fingers Stays
I Choose To Stay Away
Because I Want To Keep Control
My Head Is Thinking Straight
But My Heart Says Explode
The Thought Of Someone Else
Is Much Too Much
And Friendship Means
You're Just Beyond My Touch


I Remember When What We Said Made A Difference
And Looks Weren?T That Important
Rumours Had No Place Here
A Friend Stayed True
You Could Laugh And Joke Because He Cared
Times Had To Change
And I Accept It
The Past Stays The Past
But Don't Tell Me To Forget
Remember You Believed As Strong As Me
I Look Ahead As To What's To Come
And I'm Happy To Say I'm Excited
You Turn Away Like It's The End Of A Book
Well I Tell You I'm Gonna Rewrite It
'Cuz There's A Younger Kid
And He's Just Like Me
And For Him I'm Gonna Fight It
And Give Him Every Chance
That Was Given To Me
And Make Sure He's Never Silenced
I'm Holding On


I Think Back To The Things I've Said
And I Thought That I Was Right At The Time
I Look Back At The Things I've Done
In Times When Compassion Was So Hard To Find
Now I'm Stronger, So Much Stronger
And I'll Confront Myself
I'll Live And Learn And Love It
I'm Not Afraid To Change Myself
No Apologies, An Acknowledgement
I Don't Need You To Point Out My Mistakes
You're So Righteous, You're So High Up
But Who Put You There, Not Me
It's So Funny You Think I Care
About Your Ideas Of Right And Wrong
I Got Music And I Got Friends
Whether You Like It Or Not
This Is Where I Belong
It's Easy, So Easy
To Sit Back And Tell Me That I Fucked Up
You're Telling Stories
I'm Talking The Truth
I Gave You Too Much Credit
I Thought You'd Listen
Never Opened My Mouth
But You Drew A Conclusion
From What You Heard
You Think It's Funny? I Think It's Sad
You Feel Your Job In Life Is To Distort My Words