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Mistress of the starry night
Is rising, fall prey to her might
The temptress rising
Moon dancing in her veils
Shaking the soul way deep inside
The curse prevails the haunted mind
Crying on the hills of sadness

The love once beautiful
Now forever falling down
The wolf's growling in my soul
It's fighting to get out

Hey you, you tore away my heart
I see you in the cruel moonlight
With your arms around a stranger
It's true
It's made me lose my mind
Now you'd better save yourselves, so hide yourselves
Run from the wolf and the moon

Wish this all would disappear
Sense the end is drawing near
For broken hearted scales
Just can't be evened out
I know I loved you just too much
The moon reminds me of your touch
The wolf howls in rage and madness

The love once beautiful
Now forever fallen down
The wolf's growling in my soul
Screaming let me out

I wish I could forgive you
I wish I could forget
I with the moonlight never brought me here
'Cause now that same light wants you dead


Trying to stay on my feet
Jammed and pushed in the line to the theatre
I could hear my own heart beats
As the opening time drew nearer
There he is on the screen
The undefeatable ultimate fighter
And the giant adventure is calling, calling
Excitement gets higher and higher

Heroes fight to the end
They always will win
Rising to heights of glory
For a moment I felt
I was just like them
Watching in awe

Looking at them heroes
Feelin' like a superstar
Silver screen immortals
Movie gods
I wish I were like 'em
Movie Gods

She's the angel of dreams
Oh, I wish she was looking at me
The way she looks in the face of the hero, hero
There's sparks in the air, for granted

Saw the small town skies
Through my bedroom window
Half awake half drifting in haze
Flying in dreams
One day I'd leave
To where dreams can come true
Maybe I could be like him
For someone like her


Did you ever doubt my silence?
I know I've kept it too long
'Cause all this time deep inside
I've had my temperature rising
You seem to believe you're some kind of self made god
You act like you know it all
Your tall tales sell, you tell 'em well
But I ain't no longer buying, oh no

You've talked your reputation
I dare your play
Let's see your cards
Convert your congregation
Right here, right now

Here I am
Let's get it on
You've ran your mouth for far too long
Your seed's planted
But hey, here comes the reaper
The play is over
Just bring it on
You ain't got it, try to prove me wrong
You may be tough
But tonight I am a worldbeater

It's people like you
That really make me hate this all
You raise yourself putting others down
I'll bury your crown into the ground
Or go tumbling down fighting, oh yeah


Trying to tell you what you can or can't do
Why should anyone know better
You know you must find your own way to go
No-one else there to pave it
Trying to please and just keep of harm's way
You won't ever make the distance
Across the storms on life's sea
If you don't lift your sails

Need no hindsight
Need no magic
Need no preachers in your way

Get your mind together
Keep it strong
Don't lost your face
Be a rider of storm
Whatever lies ahead
Just bring it on
Bold and untamed
Be a rider of storm

Keep an eye on the winds of luck turning
One day they'll be blowing your way
Knocked down, don't turn the other cheek
Find a way to get even

They try to keep you down every way they can
Give 'em hell until they push you no more
Go ride the storm

Rider of Storm...
Rider of Storm...


Go join the lines
The legions of invisible

People that you thought you knew
They look away trying not to see you
Gone are your glorious days of prosper
Desperately acting blind
You push the fear back in your mind
Forcing the carefree smile and laughter

You're not wanted here no more
We don't need you anymore

You're falling from sweet grace
Feel the cold wind in your face
Don't know what you had
Before you've gone to lose it all
How fast it all can change
With a destiny's embrace
Go join the lines
The legions of invisible

Victimed by the axe's fall
Just leave the key and close the door
Now your story's got a brand new drafter
Drag your feet in wind and snow
To a destination no-one knows
Slowly from here 'til everafter


Hey, you genie
I see your plan
My mind and soul are dead tired
Rushing down this road
Not knowing where it's taken me
Trying to catch my breath
To run away
From this evil desire
Or you'll keep pressing me 'til the end

Hey Genie, I've learned youre just a liar
I have done my time
I've served your will
You ask for ever more
Fighting out of your desire
All you have for me it's a tragedy
To ruin my life


Long ago
I had sober plans
Ruled my body and my mind
Had no crystal balls,
Looked for no magic carpet rides
Oh, I curse the day I set you free
To walk me into the fire
You'll keep pressing me 'til the end


I have nothing left to say
There's nothing more that I can do
Just staring into emptiness
It's taking me away from you

If you must go
If love is dying
Please let me know
Don't keep me waiting

You say you need some time
You say you need to think things over
Am I just being too blind to see,
That I've lost you to someone else?

If you must go
If love is dying
Please let me know
Just don't keep me waiting
Don't keep me waiting
Don't keep me waiting
Just break my heart
But no more waiting
No more pain


I've seen love come
I've seen love go
Sneak its way in
Then just leave out the door
Tearing hearts 'til they're inside out
Love turns to hate
From a friend to a foe

I'm on the road, I'm on the run
Won't let the devil get my heart
Once rode me like a slave gave me
Nothing in return

Tie your souls together
And surrender prisoners
True lovers
Say it's in the air
Enjoy the ride, you prisoners
True lovers

I was yours
You were mine
We promised, 'til the end of time
But then one day, before you know
It's over
All gone
Not there anymore


From the venues so grand
Back to the slaughterhouse
It's time to face my last stand
The long waited last goodbyes
'Cause it's really been long since I last heard my name
Getting cheered at, not laughed and cursed
Now I can see it
There's nothing left for me anymore, oh

Wake up and see the world has changed
Now open your eyes, lonely rider
Just a puppet in the show
Do the only thing you know
Just crawl to the end of your road

Broken wings
Broken wings
I've lost my golden dreams
I ask you one more time
Just this one last time
Fly me home, my broken wings

If my feet were still young
I'd win it all again
If my arms were still strong
I wouldn't be here today
Has it really been years since I last played a fair game
From the last steps on glory road
Now I can see it
There's nothing left for me anymore, oh

Wake up and see the world has changed
Don't lie to yourself, worn out fighter
There's nothing left to do
Than to go down when you're due
Just crawl to the end of the road

Broken wings
Broken wings
I've lost my golden dreams
I ask you one more time
Just this one last time
Fly me home, my broken wings

Broken wings
Broken wings
Forgive me that I can't win
Please bear me through
Last this one more flight
Fly me home, my broken wings
Finally, set me free

As I step into the dark
Will you be there for me
I've been paid to take the fall
Please forgive me
Oh, Lord, I wish there was another way
Just set me free


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