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Consequences of Silence tracks





Only the fools can pretend to follow only one precise path
And none can make it through without regrets and torments
I can't live in this world of regrets
There's no way to escape this torment
All i can do is be true to myself
Don't see the end of this constant pain
Suicide should not be an option
Something more better be waiting
Billions of souls waiting for an ending
I can't be alone hoping for more

We are not born of god or evil, but with time we learn to use them both
Without knowing what mortals can do with the power in their hands
We can only make of our lives a series of attempts towards accomplishment
Lies and violence often become the tools in such a quest
Many of us choose the way of ignorance and destruction

With time our action can turn out to be devastating
The obvious of yesterday may be the nightmare of tomorrow
But it feels so much worse when you see the ones that really do what they think to be better drown into unpredictable consequences


The rope is tightened
The neck got broken from the fall
Premature fracture due to a lack of comprehension

Negligence of knowledge only brings a surge of ignorance
Once the bell rings, defending your point becomes purposeless
Cause like a plague, the news spreads and locks up the weakened body
Into a hole as narrow as their mind

An hermetic cell
Inside your head
That makes you blind
Get out of it
And think by yourself
Or you'll die alone

It's an invaluable virtue to be able to understand this madness
As a loop of information flows, and always ends by getting back
To it's starting point
As deformed and disgusting as it is
A tired eye is so quickly closed
Doesn't have the time to see
Authentic reflection of truth
Alternate reality
Beyond the truth are hidden many rumors
It's our duty to see them at the end of the rope

Then finally truth will generate redemption
Of pride and prejudice


Replacing human existence
Wiping the disgrace that we are off the surface
We prove ourselves unworthy
A living failure completely obsolete

We no longer have control over our surrounding
The source of what we is so complex and unique
But our ambitions pushed us to the edge
There's no way back and the harmony between us and our land
Has been broken
Since the beginning of the human era
We got rid of everything in our path

We've gone too far and assuming that we are above all may be our last mistake
Now that we are obsolete lifeforms, we'll be treated like annoying parasites


Controlling the mass
Writing our fate with their sins
Society as a whole
Worthless being
This is the consequence of silence
Sealing our desecration
The more it goes, the more they control
Let's terminate this process
We must unite together and kill the wave
Omnipresent opression that keeps us low
Beneath the surface, plague of corruption

Submission obedience is no solution
They've alredy done too mush to get away with this
Don't we deserve any better
Time fir the truth has arrived
Naivety has come to an end
We're on the verge of rebellion

Voluntary omission
Of what we should know
Make them feel superior
Aborted evolution
Of humanity
Only one solution
Today we'll stop the plague
The plague of corruption


What we are witnessing today is a struggle between the end of an old era
And the beginning of a new one
We are walking the path of extinction
This pain and fear can seem unfair, it's beyond our limitations
The earth will put an end to us, and this is reality
What's happening to us is what we deserve
We mmust fight the earth that gave us birth
Human kind has engaged its self-destruction

Wandering the burning land
The only thing you will choose is how you'll face the end
The most ironic place to be, is just right here
Many people will die in fear, others in serenity
Where will you be
What will you do
When they will come for you
You better it's on this way
Right this way
Every day that passes, life force is taken back
No matter if we try or not, we'll totally fade away
As the world falls around us
We remain still and silent
Following the greedy nature of man
All we do is wandering the burning land


It's alredy too late for you my child
Did the truth reach your innocent mind ?
Now you surely know what's awaiting you

Illusion of the new born dissipated

All wired together we created a new dimension
That can be accessed by all ones, old and young

Facing reality, earlier and earlier
Starting life with those macabre visions
So young and alredy pictures of death
Turning your dreams into nightmares


Upcoming generations all messed up
Innocence replaced by torment

Spent most of my time obsessed by the atrocity perpetrated by man

The way things are evolving... the future can only get worse
The Fall of a Dreamer
Self-confidence shattered in a million pieces
A part of you will be no more, cause of the cruelty of them speeches

The realm of dreams becomes a way out
Two distinct worlds in a single person

You have chosen the way out
But now, face reality

The fall
Paralyzed by the absence of truth
Of a dreamer
Will it all be taken away

Many questions to ask, and resolve
One day will come when you will die
Without understanding
You will subdue yourself

If everyday we had known as a fact
That it would be like that

We wouldn't keep it up


The only rule in this world
Is that we have to die
With enough naivety
We could enjoey the present

No, i'm not one of those
Who can live without any answers
Show me the end
Tell me what is our purpose
Are we stuck in this forever
I need to know

Cause what i feel is beyond anger
How could i possibly forgive the maker
Century of pain
Who put this blood into my veins

Useless puppets
Incomplete being
We are!
Corrupted angels
Useless puppets

We are living and dying
All playing the game
Of some entities' gambling
Evolving for nothing
The result will be the same
Constantly losing
Salvation of the human nation
Will be nothing more than a deception

Heaven, or hell...
...All the same
Everything that we put aside
To handle our lives
Complete abstraction
Until the end !