Cut God Out - Feasting on Purulence tracks




Sawing to the bone
Cutting through the skin
Drinking my own blood
Guilty of this sin

Wanting to live the normal way
Fighting to exist day to day
Hard to bide by Christian law
God is gone cut out by the saw

Dictum up from Hell
The purgatory spell
Light of God on me
Denounce Christianity

Can't have God inside
I would rather die
Setting myself free
The devil leading me


A plight of great consequence now liens this day
Darkening of Heaven the lighting of Hells way
Deep with in a blackened uncreated abyss
Spewing sepulture opens wide with mist
A gnarled gnashing pounding at the bludgeoned sky
Fallen Christian lord bellows covered with flies

Hungry vermin scatter fast to lick and bite
Feasting on divine angelic corpses at night
Hark the tempestuous seven angels mourn
Defunct feeble harlot caressing hells horns
Foul horrid thoughts a deeds to imprecate
Ones fruitless humanity absolution is too late
Vain and valueless wearied sterile mind
Contemptuous and inoperative a soul so blind
Emaciated dreams absent minded to the core
Life’s tattered tapestry reprehensible whore
Fetid gaping wound of a world gone awry
Speeding wings of vengeance piercing holy sky

Hell yawns before you

You choose this bedeviled regretful way of death
Cursing at the heavens blaspheming every breath
Turmoil surrounds your licentious sinful crime
Kingdom of the strong you will never die
Impending damnation fire my purlieu
You would not have changed even if you knew


3. Feasting on Purulence

Infrasternal excrescence macerated in suppuration
Curdled lymphocytic fluids pungent serum emanation

On pusfilled sacs
On blistering scabs
Your cyst I squeeze
Feasting on

Effervesing neoplasm plunged in putrescent secretions
Purulential imposthume on the exulcerated omentum

On pusfilled sacs
On blistering scabs
Your cyst I squeeze
Feasting on purulence

Foctid gases I sniff getting high on putrefaction
Rigor mortis makes you excrete I lick the dissecting table


Severe tumours haemorrhaging bowels
Spurting chymus your stomach implodes
Gangrened hernia on insides plagued with cysts
The necrosed rectum is a feast for pathologists

Dismantled anal tract disgorging innards
Garstroenteral prolapse disgorging innards

Oral excretionin faeces you choke
Ectopic sphincter adhered in your throat
Cough up offals and ensaguinated entrails
A foetid vomit splash on your mangled face

Dismantled anal tract disgorging innards
Garstroenteral prolapse disgorging innards

Gorged on gore
Infested with sores
Yearn to excrete

Jaundiced viscus seeping septic pus
Peptic ulcers gargle with gastric juices

Nauseating as gargarize the abluent enema
Faecalized intestines dissolved in blood
Coproemetic ectopism vomitus cruentes
Fermented selfdigestion reflux into your mouth

Dismantled anal tract disgorging innards
Garstroenteral prolapse disgorging innards


Dealing with anatomy satisfy my morbid greed
Everything inside the corpse my pleasure and my job
Stealing fragments from the dead extirpated limbs I sell
Clandestine economy cadavers is all we need

Treasures of anatomy business of disgust
My sick occupation fulfill my necrophiliac lust
Macabre orders conserved in formaldehyde
Dealing with organs so its how I get my life

Abducting and crippling
Bodies are torn to pieces
Ablating and ripping
My job is fucking stinky

The black market of the human flesh
Getting money from this occult trade
Body recycling industry
Morbid treasures of the anatomy

Defiling my victims
My autopsies are dirty
Market of morbidity
Pathology is so exciting