Damnation Prophecy tracks



Suppression of the force, released in agony
Disciple of disgust, witches have seen it sleep
Bring its disgrace to me, to carry on its legacy
Rehash its every form, to bring on the Antichrist storm

Chanting impurity
Ordering warfare of Antichrist spirits

Sadist, chosen one, vessels of all impurity
Descent to where all life ends, swept forth in searing winds
Now is the dawning age, the bloodchilling message
It matters not we were sent, to bleed dry and corrupt this land

Devouring all in fire
Redemption of all hell's pride

Air tastes foul, raise my soul to immortal damnation
Bear the plague till all is scarce, desolate outcry
Expulsion of souls, power to all who see his glory
Satanic Victory, the image of night, obscure is all blasphemy

We will bring you crucifixion!

I am the filthy spirit antichrist!

Infected is your race, outcome of your disgrace
In hell you will fight in vain the devil's might
The cauldron is where you rest, you will all burn to death
Die like fucking dogs, burn just like the fucking cross

Abaddon's plague,
Welcome the age of fallen ways!


Hellbursting thunder storms the earth
The sky bears the mark of Satan's wrath
Fire winds and death uproar from the grave
Expelling the curse that Christ proclaimed

Warriors of evil, gather with greed
With bloodlusting hate for the holy breed
Chanting of war the command awaits
Firestorms of heaven smash the pearly gates

Praise the steel, charge forth
Into the fire, barons of blood
Slay the mortals, brand their skulls
Reign of terror, bullets and chains
Death forces, battle cry
Reap of evil, you will die
Fires scorching, flames from hell
Bodies burning, Satan's spell

Axe in hand, poised to swing
Outburst of debauchery

Satanic war, hellfight
Demon's pride, immortal's might
Virgins bleed, savage thrust
Virgins scream, demonic lust
Sacrifice the damned whore
Fuck the flesh, Satan's law
The blood is pure, drink the vein
Evil prevails, fucking feel the pain

Axe in hand, poised to swing
Outburst of debauchery

Hellbursting thunder storms the earth
The sky bears the mark of Satan's wrath
Holy powers fall in the kingdom of hell
Victory awaits upon the throne

The sinner's hammer
Bloody vengeance is the power
Raise the banner, final war
Supremacy, infernal horde
Deathly strike, we are one
Raven's blood, we have won!


Opening of a glorious path to vengeance
Into the chasm we are lead
Vacuum the servants of the nazarene
Streams of a world burning red
Bursting free harvest of misery
Depriving life of this holy hierarchy

Satanic image of the extinction
To torment the last remaining fools
Creating chaos to path the way of a new
Fire is they key, to destroy

Damnation's prophecy!
Damnation's prophecy!

Vision the mass enslaver
On his celestial throne of glee
He's watching the last explosions
Of humanis the earth is now free

Make certain of your existence
Join the front like and kill
Believe in damnation's prophecy
Intensity triumphant will

Suffer from the heavens
Result of depravity
A system brought to dust
Through the prophecy

Damnation's prophecy!
Damnation's prophecy!


Stand back for the eroption
Of The blackened volanic hades
Watch the demons phase of thunder
Carnage at the dawn of black death
Satan's armies vomiting the final war
Slaughter with perverse lust


Barbaric war worship is my aim
I'll never rest until god is fucking slain

Hail the abyss has ben opened
Unleashing the hellish serpent
Endless herds of lambs are bleeding
Sadistic theri deaths' the falled blasphemous rules

Destruction of what you call heaven
Desecration of the church

We stand the war, we will continue to fight
The rest will, die sodomize gods light

Antichrist at war, invincible demonacer
Torment their heavens, start the onslaught
Praise the worthiness of gods devourment
Fuck everything in sight
You have nothing left to say

Volcano spits in unearthly fury
Attacking what you call heaven


Do you dare to question the human race?
Would you spit in its ugly face?
Order of deceit opposed as one
Not a hint of mercy to the flesh shall be done
Revolution in anarchy!
The tallest one in power
Reduced to the lowest form of life
The cosmic balance of life and death
Will cause the ultimate strife

War, mechanism of the scorn
Anarchistic blood, satanic pride restored
Come to terms with pain
Tumultuous settling of scores
Those who are at one with the earth
Will tolerate no more of this bullshit!
The colour of elders blood
Invokes the ceremonial force
It's too late for them when the sky turns black
And the death moon broods
For all immortals to rise!

Anger isn't just at systems fucked, it's much more
Christianity we must destroy at dawn
Holy flesh imposing it is decomposing
Truth lies in the advent of barbaric severance
Armageddon functions, to kill of false productions
Satan calls the order-pious flesh to slaughter

Praise the universe for it will not curse
A lore satanic verse
Time will surely tell, lesser beings
From hell's darkness you flee
End up dread in vain, for your greed
Ensnared by foolishness
Evil victory, we shall return
To dark obscurity
Revolution is a must, Activate the Anarchus!

Evil flesh surpass as the lava flows at will
Apocalyptic tremor, chain reaction to the systems fall


No return from here!

Heretics brave, all will conjure
To form the circle of the new gods

Sword to flesh, severed death
Balance of injustice sways
We warned you once, adhered to not
Sceptre holds barbaric ways

Disillusioned, rightful anger
Mankind fails once again

Heed our new plans, for new order
Forged into a crown
Blood will be our peace of mind
Ultimate attack!

Make them pay for such corruption
Such ways transpire as pitiful

Gathered round the burning
Awaiting the seventh death
Calling to receive
The ancient's breath

Gather ins this dark image

Of immortal devourment of god


Rise flames of death, let it burn in the veins
Death has made its call, for he we all rise
Bloodlusting hunger attack, restore the ancients pride
Pave the way for sin, feel the wrath within
The holocaust, death is hear
Blackened curse, mortals fear

From the darkest depths, we are from the grave
Emerging we as one, only the brave
Bursting from firestreaks, is the rites of command
Invoking the wrath of hell, and raise Satan's blade
Draw the blood, make the kill
We must fight in the name of Hell

Onwards we shall reign
The darkness from death's domain
I return from all that I seek
The war is bre for me
Unholy consecration
The blessing for desecration

Riased from depths known, we hear reapers call
Pride from the crypts, heed for your last breath
Lie in your grave, buried and lost forever
Dying your dead, we seize in forever
Your death is here, let's fight to bring 'em hell

Conspiring with unspeakable force
Equalling certain death
Forced on your knees, to hail the incubus within
I'm oblivios to this blasphemy
Keep your blood away from mine

Greed for killing, Feel the pain of death
The fires are scorching, Send 'em forth to hell
Bodies are burning
Now sacrifice

Consumed by all on this path of consecration
The stones cry out, I destroy this holy structure
All life sucked from me, stolen by the shadows
The final cleansing for my iniquities


Entombed in darkness, suicidal urge
Dying will make me pure, life will purge
Let no one interfere as vision disappears
Memories I retain of life in vain

Timeless wisdom of my resignation
This truth has set me free
Timely point of my expiration
Expelled into nothing I flee

Deepest out I make, embedded hate
Wounds bleed black, god has turned his back
As if it were foreseen, my end can now be seen
Empty all my pains into an endless flame

It is happiness we fake, we fail to awake
Deteriorated flock, in chaos we rot
In a forsaken land, we follow the reapers hand
And as it were foreseen, our children are unclean!

Forced to believe a lie, eternally misled
Stream of lesser values, will tempt you to death
Look and you will see, failing inhumanity
Torment by senselessness, result of emptiness

Cries, howling in vain at death's door
I've bled once before, now I shall bleed some more
Pain, as you try to unlock death's door
Now death to me means nothing more
Suddenly, I've set darkness free,
to be in this world, aborting
The one true cleansing, the departure of me
As the gate closes, indication of grief
Rebuilding my life, I don't even know where to start
Now all that's left are dying roses,
And the funeral drape is torn apart
Life is pain, pain indeed!


Behold the evil that strengthens me
Granted with the elders gift
The instinctive horror of perilous strife
Power to raise the fiery riff

Satan's sword across the dusk
The fire reigns eternal
Screams of impure lust
Bleeding hallowed ground
The warlords seek revenge
Lucifer come
The holy turn to dust

Eyes of the distant holy one
Couldn't see the hints to the end
Everywhere evil is tangible
His sanctuary buried never to mend

Bearing the blackest of hate
Satanic dominions lead with pride
Thunder flames the mighty force
The power of evil, invincible

What lies below will take hold
What will rise is older than time itself
Infinite torment, noble and brutal

Soon the fire will engulf all it sees
Searing the hate from below
I've seen it with my own eyes
Your blood will boil slow!

In silence my mind awaits
To enter the charnel gates
Conquest spirits of the void.
Engaged warfare to deploy

Unify my army now
Evil ones and spirits drawn down
World domination is the aim,
Seized with Satan to proclaim

Asteroids target only one,
Now it's time to fire at will

Now the forces gather in the sky
In an upward accelerating cascade
Dying by the missile of our hate
Dying religion laid to dust

Fire at Will!


Smash the tomb, an act of the Blasphemous
Crushing cries, from below they rise
Age of torment, brooding down the cross
Foul weeping stench up from the grave
Reflections of the dead from the past disgrace
You will never repent from sins engraved
Destroy the crypts bleed and sever
Now set fire to this funeral mire

Embedded are the laws of Prometheus
Chanting death, another angel falls victim
Bleeding horror, sodomize once what lived
Eruption, ritual pre-ordian my death

Falsify, open grave expel the light
Crucify, fuck everything in sight

Smashed forever, releasing pains and dying fears
Ensnared by spirits, drawing more the darkside near
Wisdom of ages, burning to engrave my sign
Chanting chaos, breathing the vocation of fire

Wallow insane, dreaming fate bound to rot
Cleanse my blood, invoke Tetragrammaton

Sepulchral Vomit, from ages of hell
Reciting your sorros, devour the ashes

Falsify, open grave expel the light
Crucify, fuck everything in sight