Dark Sorcery tracks



"Human dreams - such a fruitful place to plant the seeds of terror."

Child i arise
In your dreams
As a creature - of dread
As a demon - or a wicked witch
What pleases me - I choose
I am the master - of terror
I create your nightmares
Child - I am tearing you - apart
My mastery - can not be escaped
Black claws tears your mind
Black chaos - black terror
Child - I am your pain

I'll engrave pain - into your soul
I will set your soul on fire
Black flames will rise - as the gate
Opens - into the realm - of the dead
Here - you will sleep - eternally
And in your never ending dream
I will dance - and laugh
And i will feed
Again - and again


Once again - we have prevailed
Under the sun - we have fought
For our belief

Hurling our swords
Into our foes
Drinking their blood
As it spurts - and covers the grass
With the colour red

Once again - our tribe dominates
The green steppes - the grey mountains
And the dark deep valleys
There can be only one tribe
The strongest survive
We will defend our domicile

There's a feast tonight
Where we will celebrate
Our victory - as we have done
So many times before
Hail - to our gods - they are with us
We know
They have always led us
To our - victory


High fathers - teaching
Knowledge - increasing
Wandering through lands
Listening - mysterious folk lore
Enchantment - through books

Desire - to learn the truth
To seek the raven - and the blood

Travelling for many days
I find the place - where the elves hide
I must seek their knowledge
Elves of wisdom - knowledge of mystery
Faith growing - deeply
Raven and blood - await me

Time goes on - I have no longer guidance
Have i failed - is this folk lore
Confusion within my mind

I look up - and in the tree I see
The raven
And i see the land - covered with blood
Raven and blood - they came to me
Finally - the eternity

...And the raven became my king
...And the blood embraced me
...And entered my veins
...And provided me with the strength of
The god war




At the edge of the night
A silence lies
Over mirrors of black space
A web of dark fate is weaved

The paths to tread were chosen
As the moon bewitched the midnight air
Singing to earth, moon, and sea
In the darkest circles of times

From the ashes a fire is awoken
Amongst the shadows a spark shall arise
Between the twisted branches
Are they who dwell under Moonlight

voices echo through the clouds
calling to queen of all wise
Nightwing in flight
singing the way between the worlds

Thunder rolled from the land
Veiled in mist she rides
Towards the shadowed
Tower of mysteries
In the darkest circles of time