A Breath Before Surfacing

Death Is Swallowed in Victory tracks





Staring in disbelief of how much I love you
And how much you love gnawing on my fingers
This thread never seems to end
Our dying wish, to slay these demons and dine on their flesh
Decades of angst concealed
Bred into society's dregs
Behind a wall of fire they reside
Awaiting the fateful day on which we create our final resolution
In a web of deceit, the serpentine savior of all
I have seen so many fall into this black hole that consumes your every action
To hide in a cave
The hollow comfort of the flame
Now be witness to the battle that ensues
A war has been declared
Which side will you choose?
After all is said and done
We did our best but they won
Well they've never mattered anyway


Oh The Brutality
It's enough to make me want to scream
Fuck I'm So Angry
What kind of person would listen to something so hateful?
It's become more than just music
It's a motive to kill
If it hasn't taken control yet it surely will
The blood will spill
Too many blast beats have rattled loose my brain
Every time I hear a fucking break down it drives me insane
Don't look so surprised
I see the desperation in their eyes
Legions of murderers await
All Hail Metal
No one is safe
The West Memphis Three ain't got nothing on me
I'm blowing more minds than Stained Class and Suicide Solution combined with Columbine
It's not insensitive if it's satire
I'm holding back, but not anymore
I make Ozzy and Priest look like Potsie and Screech
How's that for ruthless?
So come with me I will introduce you to a life of depravity in time
I'm not a bad guy but don't mistake my kindness for weakness
I wear my heart on my sleeve except all my shirts are sleeveless
I'm sorry you just don't understand but this is not for you
We've readied our axes within our clenching hands
Now we begin our aural assault
Society is doomed
No One Is Safe
While This Metal Is Running Through Our Veins


Upon a throne of doubt I sat
Contemplating where my life was at
And in that certain way, fate smiled
Fate smiled on me
They say such foolish dreams could never manifest into reality
They'll wish we never made a sound
We Are A Lack Of Silence
Our shadows seen on the horizon
A cloud of smoke is billowing
Why do we carry these torches around?
In hopes to burn everything to the ground
As though it never happened we'll carry on
Climbing towards the final destination
Our final resting place
Every breath that we now take
Every moment that we're awake
We can't forget we could be alone in this world
Strive for this as though it's your magnum opus
They'll wish we never made a sound


A Surgeon Emerges
I am undone, quite literally
Now what have I become?
Incognito no more, some scars cannot be concealed
This operation is a complete bust
I put back whatever has been removed and sew myself up
I need a second opinion
This abandoned hospital is my dominion
I Hope My Insurance Covers This
Cosmetic surgery, apathetic perjury
With these tools I'm free
I can't afford to be ugly
The sound of flat lining is like music to my ears
For once their grasp on life releases
A cold body rife with pieces for the taking
If the skin fits, wear it
My hands now shaking
As you see I have erected my anatomy with care
A perfect visage I seek
Each piece was hand selected, no expense could be spared
You can't put a price on beauty


A stain on existence they're forcing their way
As we all sit idly we participate in all these lies and deceit
We can't believe a goddamn thing
They claim to help us, they'll say it's for the better
Conveying to serve our interests while only serving to disgust
Another serpent disguised in a suit
We've got to burn it to the ground and expose the roots
In all these lies and deceit
We can't believe a goddamn thing
We've got to punish those who filter the truth
All fabricators shall be cleansed in flame
Repent - don't fall for their tricks
The only way to be free of such hypocrisy
Ingrained within
Our only form of solace comes from writhing in sin
We'll dig our way out of this grave
For too long now we've been buried in shit
This twisting blade has been thrust in our backs
It digs into the spine forcing the population to our knees
Faltering, excised of our autonomy
How long will we steady our hands before taking it back?
Vicious, we will bring down your reign
Grey matter, paint the walls with their disease
Sever forked tongues from toothless smiles
We will never swallow our pride
Nor swallow this rubbish we've been fed


How I can feel trapped in a room with so many exits
As the air escapes my lungs
The sound of the thunder masking the footsteps
Of potential stalkers in my home
It's frightening to think of what is out there
To think I'm not alone
The paranoia has set in
My neck is stiff from looking over my shoulder every minute
Set me ablaze and extinguish me in salt
I know no rapture such as this
Tie my limbs to four separate horses
And when you see fit - crack the whip
A Muffled Scream Is Just A Whisper
Intruder, string me up in your vocal cords
Sing me to sleep, I'm hanging on your every word
No one's impervious to the unknown
Nothing's innocuous after what I've been shown


She is pious in every way
When learned her passions
“Forbidden” they will say
Her morbid lust consumes her every thought
You seductress of the dead
The end is the beginning of this beast
As she's pulling back the sheet, she's a macabre masterpiece
And for the first time she opens up
A skeleton removed
Out of her closet, into her bed
She'll never love me, she'll never love me til I'm dead
And so I take this final breath
The noose grips tight around my neck
I'm slowly moving towards the light
To her I offer my life
So that she may dance on my grave
Her ritual resounds
As I'm going, she is cumming
Our simultaneous release lets our love ring true
She's made the preparations, a silence preserved
In this I can truly feel her angst
Tired of being alone, accustomed to hurt
Witness her greatest deceit
An empty casket in the dirt
Those eyes now haunt my afterlife
Twisted it pains my bones to no end
Our time together not in vain
This love oblique we extend death
Mortality is but a bar on that which makes us who we are
I lie in wait for your return a pale blue tint to my face
So many secrets within this house
Forever clouded in incense
Now I dream of explosions in black
Fade out as we wither away
Her crooked smile stained with sin
A veil of black shrouding her face
Embalming fluid fills her room
To ensure I'll never be replaced J


On this night we have been desecrated
On this night we have been sacrificed
Upon this night we have risen from ashes
And on this night we're exacting revenge
Only blood will suffice
Broughten back with such fervor
We, the purest of hearts
All their disdain will prove only to fuel our determination
We cannot faulter to these bottom feeders any longer
They have been starving, alas the vein is tapped
Slaughter their weak, such waste could never hold us back
Their ranks will fall during our ascension
Grand halls will lay littered in their remains
"Spare us of this!"
Spare us of this? It's far too late
An endless staircase is all that awaits
There is no retreat
For once this night has begun it can never end
It can only repeat
Through every struggle
With every victory we are humbled
Having The Time Of Our Lives
In This Never Ending Night


Someone in this room cannot be trusted
Somebody turn on the lights
We've all been privy to a chain of events tonight
That will determine our very futures
It will determine our lives
I'm going to get to the bottom of this
Deadbolt the door, no one in or outside
I arrived just before midnight
Soaking I hurried through the door
To find inside what my eyes could not believe
Our hostess face down on the floor
Now I don't know who I can trust
There is no one
In misery I will solve this mystery
And if I never rest again, it shall be done
With such a host of characters
One of them is bound to make a tragic mistake
Forcing them to light
Illuminates the culprit
No Mercy Tonight
The goddess of the moon has provided us the setting
In which our story takes place
Their leering eyes burn like coals in my path
But I cannot be compromised
The blood has started to pool in my hands
Manifesting the weight on my conscience
I must confess
She is far more than our hostess
In fact, she's the love of my life
And though there are knives in my eyes
I'm still wide awake
Questions fired like bullets in an attempt to seed
Those who are truly innocent from the guilty
A ceiling fan is the only thing in sight
With each rotation a shadow cutting through the light
With my head in my hands a depravation of sound
I can see clearly now that only darkness surrounds
They all played a part in her death
I will go on til I have nothing left
Forever bound to this oath
To avenge her ghost


I crack my knuckles and let out a sigh
The rain falls
My face tilted towards the sky
You must be insane if you think I have forgotten
Not a night goes by that I don't reflect
I'll admit that not every memory is clear
But I don't consider that a bad thing
I can't remember your voice
It's lost to me
Everyday I see your face
It's a part of me
I am not alone
You have shown me the way
The way not to be if I want to do more than watch TV
How does it feel to be taken down a notch?
Don't get me wrong, I miss you
I'm just not sure how much
The tears are welling up in anger
For all the things you didn't do to stop the inevitable
Everyone saw it coming
Everyone but you
Bastard - I'll forever be
This name that I bear is not of my own
The rain can't wash away the shame though it is soothing
There's no avoiding that I reap what you've sewn
I stand before you today
Not a scholar nor a picture of perfect health
How am I to teach my unborn son to be a man when I have never learned myself?