Death... The Brutal Way tracks



Cleaning pounding frothy waves
Heading for the south
A three-master manned with buccaneers
Scourges of the new world
Recognize no law
Brotherhood of hardened privateers
Jolly Roger fluttering
Shameless and scornful
40 loaded heavy guns on deck
Tortuga awaits them
Wenches, rum and gold
The captured frigate on its way back

Their last raid successful
All holdings stuffed with loot
The merchant vessel never stood a chance
No quarter was given
Pennon coloured red
Stabbing, guttering as its code demands
The portugese was scuttled
Leftouers for the sharks
Great whites feeding wild on piracy
After the wine and bloodfloads
They sleep off there debauch
Speeding on the flush of victory

Then all of a sudden breaking weather
Puts an end to their prosperity
Entering weeks of steerless,
Aimless floating
In the calm and the merciless heat
Rapidly prouisions are decreasing
No more fruit and vegetables to eat


Ravaging, the terror of the scurvy
Livid creatures begging for their god
Intestinal haemorrhages,
Bones wasting away
Corroding gristle, urinating blood
Fatiguing insomnia, teeth and hair fall out
The rancid stench of living human rot


Raving in delirious desperation
The last of the freebooters slowly dies
Amongst the pus, the blood, the bones and
Seagulls swallowing dead gazing eyes


The herald's arrival
From beyond outer spheres
Forecasting damnation
Doomsday is near

Hear his words of wisdom
Truthtelling prophet
His appearance followed by
The black cloak of death

In pathetic disputes
A race for oil and gas
Cremating in the cauldron
Incinerating fast
Arctic shrinkage
Drastic alternation
Thawing permafrost
Subsurface refridgeration

Poles are melting
A cascading release
Mankind's drwowning
In oceans of tears

Reaching critical stage
Glacial minimum
High-explosive event
Ignite the methane bombe
Save humanity from pain
In afterlife fantasia
Spare the species their suffering
With global euthanasia


Several days of panic
Since the great escape
A fugitive moving
Through an unknown landscape
Persecutors hunting
With stubborn resolution
Running, drudgeing, stumbling
Unbearable exhausting

Erotic flora changing
Black vegetation
Curse of mother nature
Botanical mutation
Thicket suddenly ending
Insanity revealed
Reaching from east to west
Such horror unreal

Face the bloodswamp
This boiling pool
Steaming perversion
A bubbling brew

Foul creation
Stinking fen
So warm and damp

Wading through the liquid
Sink into the gunk
Domiting from the nose
As blood fills up your lungs
Spitting out red dirt
Thickened filth you gulp
Death the disgusting way
Choking in the pulp


Krushing at the Party.San
Hear the hordes rejoice
Filth to feed the vermin
'N beer to oil the voice
We'll beat your eardrums useless
And tie yo on the rack
Bones and nerves are grind to pulp
We are fucken back
Again we set the standards
Get the message clear
Leave the fucken stage, bitch
No room for you out here
Mercy won't be given
As we enter our domain
Endlessly you'll suffer
On the altar of pain

Merchants of brutality
Death our only rule
The doctrine of true metal
Godz of the old school
Die by fucken Asphyx
Ultra loud we slay
Skinned alive you humbly beg for
Death the brutal way!!

Puring molten mayhem
Controllers of the saw
A liquid iron overdose
We'll have it fucken raw
Never show respect for ya

Spitting on your age
Turn the spotlights on
Unleash the monsters from their cage
Fell the trembling earth
Eating away your dignity
Watch the blood pour out
As you lose virginity
We don't need no make-up
Slugs from armoured stacks
Honest to the core
As we make you bastards crack


Hitting pandemonium
Bring the sacrifice
Swallowing the dish of steel
Diving in dry ice
Razorblades cut through your skulls
Painful as the por
We'll break the fucken speed of light
The afterlife will shock
Order will be chaos
The watcher now will see
Born for immortality
Eternity will scream
Pouring molten mayhem
Controllers of the saw
A liquid iron overdose
We'll have it fucken raw



Early morning
Call the roll
From the barracks
In the cold
Weary faces
Tired men
All prepare to
Leave the camp

Growling watchdogs
Snarling guards
Off they march
Snow starts falling
Severe frost
Hostile country
Hope seems lost
Silent ribon
Shuffling feet
Drink icicles
Nothing to eat

Sleep whilst moving
With open eyes
From the ditches
The frozen cry

Column breaking
Comrades crawling
Forgotten chapter
Tragic night
On this route
Many died


Seismographic perceptions
As this monster rides
Iron wheels hit bars of steel
A presence of pure might
Offspring of the smelters
Born in the forge
Assembling nails, rolles out on rails
The son of mother war

Roaring over battlefields
Weaken the enemy
Shape of solid alloy
Breathing hostility
A gross violator
The core of destruction
Giant railwaymortar
Father of all guns

Terrifying arrogance
Frightening his grace
Huge machine, staring mean
Death in their pale face
Lowering the barrel
Fed by well-trained hands
Awaits the first cracking burst
At the final command

Blazing fire
Debut round
Lumbering recoil

Screaming sound
16 gunners
Grease and sunset

Glowing lead
Large projectiles
Red hot shell
An infernal
Burning hell
Split the earth crust
Bring the ordeal

Operating distance
Around 6.3 k
Munition carries supply
Anti-concrete granates
Assumned secure bunkers
In the reinforced stronghold
Explosions shredding armour
Nullify save vaults

All defense now broken
By the grand device
Smouldering ruins, shattered tombs
That once were fortified
The bombardment ended
Conquering mastondont
A majesty, in victory
The terror of the front


A primitive phenomenon
Unknown in theory
Bursted from its quasar
Erratic mystery
Out of the supernova
Comes what no-one could suspect
Invisible interior
Mortals can't detect
Supermassive entity
Primordial force
Chaos in the cosmos
Upturn physical laws

Celestial bodies
In orbit collide
Satellites are drawn into
The continuum insides
Absorbing any matter
Interstellar dust
Universes torn apart
Galaxies combust

Black Hole Storm
Black Hole Storm

Black Hole Storm
Extinguish suns
Black Hole Storm

Bursting protoplasma
Thermal energy
Solar radiation
Krushing gravity
Inside event horizon
A surface in spacetime
Lies the point of no return
Where no light can shine
Mass devouring voyager
Consume infinity
Deafening roaring silence
Ending eternity
Danishing in darkened shperes
The final glowing sun

Compressed to zero volume
All nuclei are gone
Black Hole Storm



All this abuse ad nauseam
Injustice is the rule
Serious avenging time
With my retaliating tool
Sufficient ammunition
That can split a man in two
I'll make myself legendary
With what I'm gonna do

Stockbrokers and shareholders
Make the exchange collapse
The bastards now in panic
Lose their beloved cash
Pensionfunds now emptying
The old will not get paid
I'll shoot all those responsible
A righteous burst of hate

Dirty psycho cockroaches
Ruining your life
Touch your precious children
Abusing your wife
Pedofiles and rapists
Society's lowest scum
Have this dose of therapy
As I fire my riflegun

The barrel gowling from the heat
Eradicate these thugs
Useless human garbage
Die in this rain of slugs

Pump their goddamn bowels out
Brainsmear on the walls
Bonesplinters and burning meat
Grind kneecaps and balls

Mismanaging executives
But the cunts don't care
Mass dismissing companies
Leave you fucken there
Fat on a golden handshake
Blast away their heads
Donate my extra bonus
Retirement in lead

Every week another tar
Demands behind your door
Working hard for nothing
Cna''t take it anymore
I'll pay the fucks a visit
Paint the building red
Blow the leeches full of holes
Make sure they stay dead


A trader leaving harbour
Farewell waving hands
Set course with godspeed
To far promissing lands
The sun is mildly shining
Sails bulging in the breeze
An expedition seeking
Free passage to the east

In south atlantic waters
Crossing the equator
Passing patagonia
And tierra del fuego
Screams come from the crow's nest
His horrid observation
The sight of the flying dutchman
Portent of damnation

Sailor's nightmare
Ship of ghosts
Fearsome traveller
Curse of boats
Dead man's island
Hell begins
Down-pour rain
Howling winds

Inconstant currents
Waves like walls
Floating icebergs
Polar squalls
Blustering maelstroms
Furious storms
Seamen's graveyards
'Round the horn

Looming up at sarboard
Monolithical form
Seafarers fall on their knees
As they behold Cape Horn

Months now lasts the effort
They have lost all hope
A dancing wreck of splintered wood
Icing on the ropes
The craft batteres and broken
Crew drowning like rats
Their shattered galleon sinking
Into mysterious dephts