Agressor (FRA)

Deathreat tracks



Icy dark streams bear frightening threat,up to light
Crushing metal warships aim at certain death
Demonstrating significant war fight skills
Large scale trains to high tech weapons bargain

Deployment of the fleet has just begun to spy the silent world
Diving in trouble sea to aim the enemy
Follow orders,undercover
Survey the manoeuvres,don't be captured
Obey orders of the leader
To prevent further threat

Armed torpedoe's fired,hiting the frame
Flooded,submerged,none will be saved
Crew suffocates trapped in the wreckageicy dark streams
Hide underneath a wreck,covered up

Missions ending with hundred killing just to train
Selling nations weaponry to catastrophe
Technology steadily alter balance of power

Unlikely thearies are spread officially
Amid rumours bring panic and chaos
Manipulations to dispel suspicions
And avoid any deathreat


When darkness rises,hide from my sight
Cos my breath is death and my words of fire will burn you
When through darkness I wonder if you'll dare to hail me
Incantate unspeakable words to thy infernal deity

Then I close my eyes and hold my breath
I point my hands towards the sky and hail thy name
On this dangerous pathway,strengh is requested
To brave drawing creatures crawling out of darkness

Now emerging from entrails of earth,evilish beauties surround me
Enlacing,embracing,love me to death,my heart is thumping

Now open you wide and hold your breath
I steal a tear from your eyes my pleasure's your pain

Feel me deep inside,faster and stronger
On your lips coming so hard sweating desire

Trickling bodies scent darken my mind
Now through shades you fade in the darkness

Now all has gone
Only smoke and blood remain


I can feel something not human staring at me
The air move still,nature freeze,terrified
As the full moon rise,nightmare comes by
Nightmare comes by
I've changed myself to a sickening creature
Devoured by human blood thirst
I am shared to kill
I shred the flesh
I spread my plague
To increase my pack
Now night had ended
I return to my true self
Unaware to what has happened
Cycle will start a new day
Until death


From fire and steel did the gods forge
The heart of the warriors
So fiercly did it beat,
So loud was the sound that the gods wondered
We've made you the strongest creature
Of the entire heaven
And none can't stand before you
Without trembling at your strenght
You're the warrior deep in your heart
But the heart starts to bleed and weakened
Then the gods wondered if they have erred or not

No!I fear no evil
Sailed seven seas
Killed thousand men,
I'm the king of the battlefields

You've been made the strongest creature
In all of the heaven
And none can't stand before you
Without trembling at your strength
You're the warrior deep in your heart
Then fight


I feel growing deeply intense desire
Impulse,I can't resist
Sweet feels passing thought

My lust of the flesh burn me inside
I burn for you,you're so hot
My lust of the flesh torn me apart
No bounds can tight my delusion,my lust of the flesh

All my body sweat,my blood boils
Electric shock,needles pricks
Shivers,shudders thrills

My lust of the flesh increase my senses
I smell the drawing scent of all my phantasm
My lust of the flesh is blinding me
I'm in need to reveal my lust of the flesh

Touching,foaming,tasting,banging,enjoying and

My lust of the flesh blows within
Stream of pleasure flows away
My lust of the flesh turn me wild
I'm craving for the one who can fame
My lust of the flesh


And there was a war in heaven
Dragons and serpents were cast out
Into the earth fighting against the angels
And prevailed not neither was their
Place found in heaven anymore

Wings of heaven invade battlefield earth
Burning stakes,scene of terror
Smell of the burning flesh fill up the air
Smoke atmosphere,living creatures with fear faces arrive
Streams of fire blazing the sky
Four beasts faces lower their wings
Wheels has landed bringing apocalypse
And there was a war in heaven

Glowing metal crafts are tearing the sky
Slip streams of fire are blinding my eyes

And there was a war in heaven,portals of the sky are opened
And there was a war in heaven,universe altar is flooded by blood

Shining stars fall on the earth,cosmic laws are upside down
Time distortion open the gate,to in between worlds
Lost dimensions collide,in a terrible sounds
And there was a war in heaveb,universe altar is flooded by blood

Wind storm is coming out huge clouds,flashing lights,surrounded by the flight
Of creatures it enlights
Faces full of eyes like burning coals of fire
As the eagle fly to ascend winds drive to the end of heaven


Legions on the front defy,enemies whom betray
Vow to kill in unison,the impaled remain
Bloodshed,treason,self sacrifice,victims,malace,none shall deny

Mutants rot in the mass destruction,transformed into slaves
Sustain,the virus,lethal injection,reconstructed human waste

Order of chaos regenerates,discordant disiples inhuman race
Into submission beyond recognition until they will reach there demise

The torture confinement,prisoners detained
Obey the decloration,defective,enslaved

Cautious,preserve,they culminate,weapons,order,reign and dominate
Belligerent combat,arragement precise

Vengeful,spirits,manifest in spite,vicious,sadistic,abnormal sight

Confront the opposition,oppression complete
The unexpected rivals,set back defeat

Legion of demons conflicting with might

The cycle continous,a reformed display
Clone to perfection,distorted fate

Endorse,submit,self sacrifice,victims,malace,nono shall deny


When sons of god went among men,saw their daughters,lust after them
They taugh them charms and anchentments
Come unto her,became pregnant

Angels,demons,giants,titans,beings neither angels nor men

They interfered in human life
A step forward to god demise
Drawned by the daughters of the men
Begotten those who are called the

Giants of old,men of renown,the fallen ones darken the sky
Sin temptation,god's anger burns

Sexual intercourse with human flesh breed the impure race
Spreading death,fear and hatred throughout the earth

They were part men and were part gods
Greater than men but less than gods
Evil spirits,fallen angels fighting to govern human realm

Angels,demons,heroes of old,being neither good nor evil

Secret's revealed,god wrath,we'll all die,lost of human kind
Suffering the vengeance of eternal fire,burning and consuming everything

Follow satan to rebellion,not excluded from the last judgement
Closed encounter,chariot of fire,give birth to visions in your heart


Fall into the line orchestrated slaves
Poisoned by the signs of tommorrow

Waste another day humanity's mistake
Manage to control,sorrow

Most sold than most admit
Their ready to transmit
Illness of another kind

Surrounded by the sick
Mortal and noxious
Reclusive and withdrawn now,descend

Watch them decline immoral,depraved
Transcending down to their own grave

A new slave modified till body parts decay
Welcomed when they arrive

Transformed till they're dead
Transformed till their death


War's the only law in a world without rules
Wind of anger blows to go against the fools
Politicians talk but actions required
Massive humans work lead us to suffer

Give me power to create
A new world or will remain desolation

Our planet will die cos greed flows in our veins
Soon we'll all cry soon we'll feel the pain

Hurricane's lightning lethal rays burning
Dismounting oceans humans extinction
Mother earth revenge desolation remains

Massive overheat,global warming to ice age return

Extinction of life death is a new birth

Sweeping human kind to the face of earth

Vulcanos are spitting tornadoes are sweeping
Tearing crust of earth weather turn to worst
Mothe earth revenge
Does it worth to change our acts

Massive overheat,global warming to ice age return
Gazing atmosphere,deviate oceans streams


Don't bother me with your shit
Talks for hours in vain
Your arguments incomplete
Nothing venture nothing gain

Don't play with me
Get out of my way
Anger invades me
Don't get on my nerves
Or I smash you in the face

I feel anger
Feel anger and hate
I feel hate

Leave alone,set me free
Annoying talks come to naught
I don't give a shit,don't complain
No pain no gain

I don't really mind
Don't be blind
Just repent
I am upset
Fuck you


Was it tomorrow
Or will it be yesterday
When abolished,rotten instincts
For the last time be awake
Malice slander and hate
Will rule ignorant heart

Final chapter's yet unwritten
But the trail leads toward greed
Who will be the traitor
How many all of them
Ruthless is the creation
Created through pale ages

Duplicated in confusion
Horizons of black fire
Thorns in the chosen's eye
Stench of false hails
Decline of all thrones
Perception can survive

Was is still tomorrow
Yet will be yesterday
When abolished,rotten instincts
The last time ruling minds
Then eternal silence
The future remains the past