Before The Dawn

Deathstar Rising tracks





The last leaf has fallen
And the soil has turned cold
Wind whispers warnings
Death follows the approaching storm

The last pair of wings
Has fled these lands
Guided by the cold white light

Frozen rain falls
Freezing stream in my veins
The sorrow of my heart
Burden unseen
Is this winter within me

The first veil of frost
Thin ice that calms the waters
Tranquility was brought by the passing fall

The first snow has fallen
Dark woods stand silent and tall
Set on fire by the northern lights


The re-arrangement of the skyline
Dead cold horizon
No flames rising

The disappearance of the dawn
Like rays of light
Have died
One by one

In pitch black sky
No stars to reflect the sun
After all light became undone

Darkness has come
To blacken fires of the night
Deathstar rising

Before the dusk descent
The sombre winds came with a promise of the end
We saw the solar system shut down sequence
All stars concealed and gone
One by one


Defiance towards
The passing time and its speeding cource
Lifeblood has been bled
Left is only remembrance
Of the days I lived, I erased

Footprints behind me
Covered by sands of time
Like I was never there

Marks I drew on the canvas of life
Gone like I was never there

None existence or false
Misleading memories
Thoughts forsaken, forlorn
Darkness descends
Left is only remembrance
Of the days I lived, I erased


No fractures
Not a single scar
No affliction
Nothing to be seen

On the surface
My appearance
Conceals and distorts
If you’d only known
Where I have been

To feel
To be unbroken
To live again

In desolation
Processing abjection
Hurt and despair

State of acceptance
Acknowledged imperfection
Been torn asunder
Misplaced deliverance

To feel
To be unbroken
To live again
To heal
To be unbroken
To live again


Placing the events in a row
That led me to this point
Of no return, no way to go

Crossroad without directions
A dead end street
What led me to this point
Of no return, no retreat

Is this incarceration
An everlasting state
Justice of my own creation
Judgement that sealed my fate

Facing reality in a form
Of denial
I choose not to see what lies in front of me

In motion
No destination, no parole plea
Imprisonment for life
With redemption to set me free


I reject the world around me
I decline this domain
I resign the mankind
With a misanthropic vein

I forsee the flames of the end
Ablazed on fire, ashes of the wake to come
Will soon blacken the sun above

This deathlike silence
Is the faint voice of defiance

Horde of the half-hearted fighters
Warriors feeble and frail
Legions that once stood proud
In front of the enemy
In battlefields of devastation
Now stand in line
For annihilation

Believe in my chosen isolation
My world of solitude is god forsaken


Doubting my existence
Or more precisely the cause
What was the solid foundation
Upon where I built my life

How did it turn out to be an conviction
How come I can’t see behind the bars
Each door is sealed, every portal is fasten
By the demons of the dark

Once more I gather the bricks for the wall
And build a safehouse
A home made of stone
A place to hide
A sanctuary sealed from the inside

I have longed the voice of silence
I have been cherishing the sound
Of the voice so profound and cold
That no notes are left to be found


All befell an instant
A blink of an eye and all was gone
Devastation, its most simple form

The recent events
Some sort of destruction
Came without a warning
Revealed, unfolded the downfall

Revelation of descent
To a lower level
That I didn’t know to exist
To be real

Can’t define
What has caused this chain reaction
Wings of a butterfly brought the storm
To my direction

Faults to recall
Weak moments to remember
What took down my guard

Penetrated, the shields
That were built to last
All ramparts disintegrated

Revelation of descent
To lower levels
That I didn’t know to exist
To be real


The scythe of death
And the hounds of hell were sent
To claim my life

At the gates of hades
No one dares to call my name
Living wraith without a soul
So death can’t find me here

From this fate release me
End my days and set me free

The sole survivor of
Encounter with the grim reaper
I am immortal

At the gates of heaven
No one dares to call my name
For them a wretched demon
Amongst divine angels

Eternal rest awaits for the wicked one
And the hordes of hell
Are yet to confront
They worst enemy