Deceased in the East - Extirpated Live Emanations tracks




Headstones overturned and smashed
Your fucking corpse I want to thrash
The cold, hard ground I hack and slash
Coffins torns apart like trash
Six feet closer to your doom
From this grave I will exhume
Horrid flesh my blade consumes
As I destroy your earthen tomb!

Vacant Grave

To remove my rotting prize
From the soil the box will rise
Disembalm the cadaverized
Defile the dead I so despise
The pick-axe now unburied
Slaughter in the cemetery
From the site the corpse is carried
The ink still wet on the obituary

Vacant Grave

Your hands and feet I masticate
The body I incinerate
A shovel used to decapitate
The corpse`s head I obliterate
Only pieces they will find
Of the carnage so unkind
Twisted fragments of your spine
At the hole I left behind!

Vacant Grave!


Cleaving away at any extremity, from his torso his appendages are ripped
Another pass of my chainsaw, and his leg is disjoined at the hip
Cutting with my shoulder blade, his forearm I lustily seize
Bit by bit deconstructing his demise, allowing my victim no piece

Limb from limb
From limb
From limb
From limb
From limb
From limb

Dislimbing my victims for my collection of severed and rotting keepsakes
Trophies for my room displayed in mylar on decorative platters and stakes
Once in possession of the fleshy sinewy gew gaws that I demand
Only these quadrapalegic cadavers are left to give me a hand

Limb from limb
From limb
From limb
From limb
From limb
From limb

Taking her hand and arms and legs, she is left looking quite stumped,
Collecting the body parts that I greedily hoarde, the torso is callously dumped
Her grevious wounds spill precious ichor, upon the makeshift abatoir's floor
But the sacrifice is not made in vein, donating her arms to the poor

Limb from limb - Mercilessly taking people for an arm and a leg
Limb from limb - An unscrupulous bargain upon which you cannot reneg
Limb from limb - I have so many, but I always hanker for more
Limb from limb - At times it's impossible to get a foot in the door

Limb from limb
From limb
From limb
From limb from fucking limb
From limb
From limb

You must hand it to me as I split you at the seams
I always get a leg up on my victims, your ensanguined projections I glean
Jigsawed without hope of reassembly, I take what's yours as mine
You watch as your existence slips away, your losing it one piece at a time


Fahrenheit facilitates my endeavor
To seal the abhorrent aperture forever...

Chastity assured, regardless of desire
Misshapen fidelity, forged in fire...

Melt and weld…
Raze and smelt…
Blistered crotch...
Searing hot...

Forged in fire-Formed in flame - Sex will never be the same
Forged in fire-Formed in flame - You will never fuck again...

Blistering and boiling vaginal skin
Eternally sealing this gateway of sin...

Scalding and melding her minge

Melt and weld…
Raze and smelt…
Blistered crotch...
Searing hot...

Forged in fire-Formed in flame - Sex will never be the same
Forged in fire-Formed in flame - You will never fuck again...

Crumbling cooze...
Crack and ooze…
Black as tar...
Forever scarred...
Smoking groin...
Splattered loin…
Molten orifice...
Now I seal your lips - Forever...

Fluxing flesh collapses under its own weight
The molten labia majora with my blowtorch I liquidate...

(Lead- Matt)
(Lead- Mike)

The vagina rendered impenetrable
The blackened clitoris is unmendable…

Waxen labia now gelatinous and congealed
The faithless breach at last is sealed...

Forge the seal...
The flesh now peeled…
Bubbling flesh starts to glut...
Castrated vagina now shut...

Forged in fire-Formed in flame - Sex will never be the same
Forged in fire-Formed in flame - You will never fuck again...



Random torture, suffer by my hand
Slicing and cutting, submit to my torment
Pierced with nails, wired to the ceiling
Reincarnated puppet, patched human being
Vacillating on the verge in a blaze of gory
Moulding the eructations of my carnal artistry

Gathering the insides, winnowing inferior guts
I sever and dismember, hack fervidly with gasping cuts

Muscular limbs, a perfect casket
The slenderest torso, how fanatic can I get ?
Different corporal parts, agglutinated with suture
From a mental delusion to a morbid stature

Rashes of skin, stitched from within
I'm pulling the strings, resurgence spreads its wings
Veins are dangling, bloody chunks exfoliate
Its countenance purses, the artifact expectorates
My creative is urge fed by engineering the dead
Excessive gore is what I need
To nurture my carnarstistic need


Shovelling his way through the graveyard soil
Home of the deceased repository of vermin
Beads of perspiration are standing on his brow
Rutting glances in his bloodshot eyes
As he keeps on digging for the body in the ground

Taking the lid off the box, a stagnant odour arises
Revealing, creaking & grating
The carrion of a disabled gorgon, recently expired of Putrefaction. advanced leprosy & psoriasis. This emaciated corpse shall form my necrocorpolagnistic will

Gravedigger, slicing through the flesh
Rancid stench, emerging from the wound
Ornaments, necrotic utensil, he dressed up in their skin
Transvestite in extreme, squatting down, raping the corpses

Lunacy striken, he lets down his pants
Slaveringly, staring at the carcass

Gravedigger, peeling off the skin
Rancid stench, emerging from the wound
With surgical precision, meticulous dissection
He squats down, raping the corpses


Serialistic - Thriving on my lust to kill
A half gnashed torso skulpted at my will
Blood is pumping as I retract the cleaver
Necrotic fungus, man has found its redeemer

Enter into the realm of gore
Parisitic I feed on you worms
Where love is cancer and apathy is bliss
I - am an artist of coital bile
Forcing my ways into flesh with desire
Incinerations of those who stand amidst
More bodies for me to roast and grind...

Voluptiosly I trampled, rendered to snot
Savagely I lacerate, grinding your fucking face

Aroused by the pile of chunks
I must satisfie my needs
The gasping wounds are grasping
Around my flesh impaling cock
Upon your cadaver I piss...