Demo 2 tracks



As your system contracts.
I’m waiting at the end with open mouth
My eagerness can’t hold itself my nerves are jolting
I’m on my knees waiting for something to give
Cauterized. The sweat is quenching
every feeling in my mind
Dark morgues my home.
I’ll prowl in the nightfall.
They want me to succumb
Isolated murder. No one can hear your screams.
Your agony is bliss
Pure virgin held down. Trust me.
I’ll give you everything.
Trust me
The hysterectomy is splattered
on my face next stay ostectomy I’m going weak
I’ll leave you gutted for authorities to find.
Nowhere to be found
My instincts are in vain.


Bludgeoned face.
Licking my fingers of decrepit funk
My dear your face is so blank.
Where did you get those feelings.
Please don’t leave help me live.
Can’t control myself.
Dilated eyes.
Pale white skin.
I’m laughing in your face.
Your skin entrenches me.
Now you’re fucking dead
I can’t be certain your remains will be insured.
Beyond the grave is longer than you think
I saw the first slut mangled in front of me
Of course controlling my actions was not an easy task
It wasn’t long before I found myself indulging.
Against my will I please myself once more
Fucking breathe.
I swear you’ll reap.
While I sew your cunt.
And now you rot…


Now that I have my trophy of your anatomy
Your stiff can be excised aberrantly
Convulsions transpire you’re seeping suppuration
Our intimacy is arcane to culture
These ethics I contain in my arsenal of pleasure
Fail to be appreciated
Your proposition isn’t good enough
My expectations don’t meet yours
In due time I’ll dictate your vile form
Into my incapable hands and claim you for my own
You’re born into these hands again
Send the slut back to hell
Another whore to seek to fondle and misuse
Back to the grave to exhume again


As I hack your lifeless corpse with my chainsaw
My heart beats faster every swing I flay
While smiling at your face
Don’t fuck up the process.
It won’t be much longer until you die
Just lat me have my fun and
I will let you die in peace
Oh wait. I lied. False hope is my new trend
Disgusting I know but that’s the general idea of me.
Follow me into hell.
Faint footsteps behind you. Run
I’ll find you don’t bother hiding
I know when you’re alone I will fulfill myself
Now you’re begging me to let you go
I laugh at such pitiful cries
Sodomizing your orifice
Now you crawl away
Foul slut
Open throat profuse bleeding
Screaming doesn’t help you now
just give into my will again
Dry your pitiful eyes and wipe the phlegm that
I’ve been hocking in your face
This confidential lick of my tongue
will be taken to the grave and never be seen again
Looking up from hell you weep
Your sins have overcome your faith
I can’t wait to have a taste
A year from now I’ll have my feast


Staring at the remnants of the concoction of viral fluid
My appetite is repulsive nonetheless I still pursue
I’m basking in the glory I have so desired
I confer your presentation you’ve bestowed
Rusted tools excising rotting dead
With your corpse I lay caressing
My fun is done. It’s time to send you back
I’ll slam it six feet deep closer to hell
Descending back into your grave
You’ve been dismembered. Molested. And maimed
I can breathe again. Erection wearing thin
Looking through the eyes of a necromaniac
A schizophrenic being uniting the dead
A post-mortem oath inscribed on your back
With this oath I’ve claimed your head
Morbid desires. Finally fulfilled.
Returning to the grave for a second course
Vile stench of dessication forming in my nodes
Chainsaw raping
Bloated carcass
Hacked to pieces