Frost Like Ashes

Demo 2002 tracks



You are the Ancient One
The Ancient of Days
The end and the beginning
The object of my praise
You're the Morning Star
You're the Midnight Sun
I Am that I Am
You're the Victory won
You're Lord Sabaoth
Father, Son, mysterious Ghost
Nefarious tremble in fear
Of Your terrible host
You make the Moon blood
Turn the Sun to black
You have slain thousands
With a single Spirit

We are adorers of blood
The Blood spilt from Your veins
The Blood we drink in Eucharist
The Blood we bathe our bodies in
Blood-wrought Salvation

You're the Sacrifice of Blood
The Firstborn of the dead
Corpse fulfilled with sin
Word manifest to flesh
Slayer of serpents
Impending death of death
Castrator of sin
The bitter wine of Wrath
We are the possessed
Possession Aeternus
Your blood flows in our veins
We are The Victorious
Others charge You with murder
Others shake their fists at You
Others don't realize
Your Blood covers them too

We are adorers of blood
The blood spilt from your veins
The blood we drink in Eucharist
The blood we bathe our bodies in

On that same night
I will pass through and strike down every firstborn
I will bring judgment on all gods
The Blood will be a sign for you
When I see the Blood, I will pass over you
No destructive plague will touch you
When I strike

Bathe me in Your Blood
Baptize me in Fire
Pour your Spirit on me
Fill my cup higher and higher and higher and higher and higher!!


“For a spirit, evil, this way comes
Lament and howl, for this spirit from the North
As a lion coming up from its lair
It will destroy you!”

He will throw you down your blood splatters
You'll be trampled underfoot, your body mangled
You'll become as refuse on the ground
When they go to bury you, nothing will be found
For dogs will tear and eat your rotting flesh
Your bones will be crushed and turned to dust
But this is just a taste of your fate
In this, you can trust

Your mothers and your daughters will be ravished
Your pregnant wife, ripped open, torn apart
Your infant children will be crushed before your eyes
Wild beasts will steal your sons, they will devour
He will make your laughter turn to sorrow
He will turn your joy to agony
All that you have gained will burn in fire
He is on His way!

Open your ears, listen well
When you're destroyed, you will feel Hell
It will be better for Gomorrah
Than for you on that Day!

He'll smear the offal from your feasts on your face
Your sacred places will be filled with human waste
Your desolation, so cruel and complete
The flesh of your children you'll hoard and eat!

Open your ears, listen well
When you're destroyed, will feel Hell
Rise then, bathe in Blood of The Way
Then you'll be spared this fate!


I have immortal life through
The Blood of Jesus Christ, I
Was unleashed from the chains of sin and death
I will never die, no
Redeemed, life of freedom
Eternal salvation, seated in heavenly places

I am immortal
I live forever

How sweet it is
Not to fear death
And how sweet
To know …Truth

Now when you lay down to sleep
I pray the Lord your soul to keep
But if you should die before you wake

Go ahead and meet your death
Go ahead and feed the worms
Be content to vanish after your demise
But I will not follow you, no
Your way so pitifully mortal
I've been unleashed from this coil I leave this life Immortal!

I am immortal
I live forever