Suicide Silence

Demo 2004 tracks



You're worthless
You plague humanity
You're nothing without me
Your curses try to get back to me, but still there's no time
You're cornered with thoughts and emotion for what I say; hope you listen
I poured out my heart to you and this is what i get
I made you smile
The doctors won't be able to recognize your fucking face
Be nothing
As your curses die
Be nothing without me
How could you think that I was joking, but i'm not
Be nothing without me
But still curses crumble, as we let this happen
How could we let this happen?
As we all look down, we cant
Because, you thought I was fucking joking, well what's funny now?
You went searching for something sacred, you found it dead
Inside your curses die


Last time you said I quit you lied
It was so hard to show a false emotion
That's when I slowly stopped to care

Inside my head laughing
Inside of your head you're sick
Inside of your head as perceived
Inside of your head you're sick

I shut my eyes and stopped to care
Your past, your conscience, wont be in vein
Your pain, your suffering, as your body starts to die
You'll remember every little thing away
I watched you suffocate
I watched you suffocate and die

Won't you save me
Inside your head
You forget what's happening
Your God, your creation dies as I shut my eyes
Inside your head
You forget what's happening


Angel on my shoulder, it seems you have fallen
Drowned in the depths of my heart, you'll never be forgotten
How come your souls mislead you, and sent you on your way
Youll have no one to guide you, freewills been set astray
I will rise above everything you ever stood for
You're fucking pitiful

And its the same for me now when you run away, this is the time for me to
Right now we set in straight
This is my last will to live i am falling down, falling down
No fear of the lesson i learned from you
Your sincerity burned into fate
Whats it to you its the same for me, further running the fate is set free


As... I look up to you
A cold carved stone, that i look up to for guidance
Now your lost smashed to pieces, by this hammer I have
With this I swear you'll crumble, reaping what I have, cold cry
Your face your guidance wont be in vein, last time
Your face, not again! Forget your face? I count this, watching crumbling down, from the sky
And with this hammer you will crumble! from the sky, you will crumble,
From the sky, destroy such beauty, count the lies on my own fingertips,
Destroy such beauty, death awaits
Destroy such beauty!
Please forgive me