Despair tracks





The rulers of the darkness of this world
Unmasked bringing their offers to man
A terrible reality is knocking on your door
Threathening to destroy your life forevermore
Personal freedom and independence
Fulfilment of desire, still needing more
Sinning without any feelings of guilt
Emptiness and an exhausted soul
Without god there is no life
Man can not survive
Blinded by demonic seduction
Led into destruction
Free people with self-determination
Crimes, suicide and apprehension
Living is worthless, nothing to gain
Denying the truth and satan's existense


I got through to you
And destroyed you to
I made you all pay
Cause you did obey
You didn't stop me
I got your key
You cannot turn back
I got you on my track
I fooled you with a lie
And you did not deny
I fooled you with a lie
An you did not deny
I was fooling you
Cause you never knew


We were born to get love from above
Selfish, greed and curiosity
Sin burned through our hearts
We lost it all,
Cause it made us fall
Selfish endavuor fails in the end
The safety you had is gone
You are left to be alone
Blinded by fright,
Your eyes have lost sight
You do not know what you are doing
The evil that you have done
Have made you all become blind
Your dream is a lie,
You live just to die
Trust in the word of the mighty lord
Real life is in gods hand
Is it so hard to believe
To him we must come,
He'll give us wisdom


Temptations fills my soul
And pain rises from inside
The devil works from within
Our sinful passions aroused by the law
I know that within
What's good is not at home
I try with all my strenght
But still I'm condemned to fall
The law took my life away
The sin put me to death
The fainting human that I am
I can not understand
I do not practise what I will
But I do what I hate
Who will rescue me
From this body doomed to death
Thank's be to god through Jesus
No condemnation in the lord
Thank you Jesus for saving me


Jesus, Jesus, ver du hjå meg
Statt ved leiet gå'kje frå meg
No mi avferd Stundar Til
La'kje Satan meg få Gjera
Noko vondt, du meg må bera
Det er heim til deg eg vil
Jesus, glèym I nåde ordi
Som eg I mitt liv på jordi
Titt har tala deg imot
Glèym alt vondt eg gjorde, tenkte
Det som titt ditt hjarta krenkte
L¦k mi sjuke hjarterot
Alt som vil mitt hjarta tyngja
Tak det bort, så eg kan syngja
Fri og frelst min siste song
Jesus, Jesus, gå'kje frå meg
Statt ved leiet, ver du hjå meg
No eg sovnar siste gong