Dirges of Elysium tracks





Bastard of Christ
Judging my morals
For my lack of faith
Intolerance of anything
Not sacrosanct

Bastard of Christ

Consecrated debauchery
Disgracing your sacrament
Consecrated debauchery
Religious hypocrisy

Bastard of Christ
Your blessed
Insincerity we detest
Your Zealot
Beliefs are repugnant

Consecrated debauchery
Disgracing your sacrament
Consecrated debauchery
Religious hypocrisy

Wallowing in your dogma
Self-righteous bastards of Christ


It rapes the heavens from it's summit
Looming from aloft, to destroy innocence
Symbols archaic and ancient
Stones gleam on it's gates

How the flesh held taunt walls it's chambers
Foundation never splinters made of bone
Crafted throne of pestilence
By hands of spectral malevolence

Endless reign from the darkness bestowed
Binding sigils hold the fortress to soul

Festering carrion in heaps will remain
Mankinds future forged from his domain


Black veins it's shadows cast
From a radiant sacred flame
Delved are it's bloodquenched roots

Wielder of the crooked staff advances
Vestals contort in stances

Festering flesh of the "divine" host
The means to tread the astral path
How the "godly" succumb to their wrath

Virtuous three bequest the corpse sight
Knowledge passed through this rite

In fetters the defeated enslaved
Their infinite victory

Devotees self immolate then to profane

Patrimpas.......... nurturer
Perkunas............. cleaver
Patulas............. enslaver


In ironwood she's enthroned
East, beyond veiled mortality
Through lustfull fornication
Mother of abominations, arise !

Bearer of the wolf :
Gorged on flesh cannot satisfy
Frothing jaws swallow the sky

Elder of the sovereign of Hel :
Slaves to her realm, aal must face
Half rotten grace
Holds you in embrace

Origin to the serpent supreme :
As it coils our mortal sphere

His ancient maws will release
Their feeble race shall cease

Jotun concubine :
Angrboda's children now dine

Exalted in ice she will decree
Her spawn now are set free !


Liquid consciousness
Congealed existence
Conceived in profound purpose

Suspended over Axis
Gouged stone gate
Carved around chalice

Usless cold instrument
Puddles the emblem below
Conjures the fiend once dormant
Through the membrane now aglow

Vibrate the word :
Arise beast of blood !

Radiate it's truth :
We beseech the fiend of rage
Devour with talon and tooth


Fierce and dense
Religious offense
Darkness howls
Viscera and bowels
Corpses as thicket
Internals exhibit
Vultures feast
Ruptured priest


Inside this shroud I remain
Behind this light my emptiness
Erase your rotten shell
Instill my oceans of death
Dawn of the everlasting
Sacrament and sacrifice

Reaper in the moonlight of waste
Yield to the sword of truth

Enter the eternal reign
Spill there blood
Feed the flesh to the soil
Impalement of divinity

The inevitable ending
Creation through darkness


How repulsive is man
When they bring no profit to humanity

Advance your allotted span
Never to illuminate your quran
Closed is your understanding
Talmudic rhetoric fading
The Bible and it's addicts
No life to contradict

We seek discipline through power
All feces of faith must cower

Slaves of belief in their frailty
Now grovel before us in fealty... die !


Prologue (Millenium in Elysium)
Each endures ones shadow
The shades of misdirection
To wide plains we are led
Till the centuries complete their millenium orb
Extracting the ingrained
Leaving those of virtue to etherial consciousness
And the fire of clean air under mauve skies
A millenium in Elysium and eternity is nigh

Lethe (Forgetfulness)
Born from fury you mock it's purity
You are stained with innocence

The blood will not cleanse
Rooted in lethe it stems

Mercury's gift isn't for the unworthy
Silt is in the veins of god's larvae

Forgotten - scrolls and scriptures was your deceit
Blotted - severed from the mind never to rejoin
Discarded - like the spawn from your loins

The nether that flows to Amphora
Grave offerings for the third epoch

Unknown to man, lust unfulfilled
An urn for life that spilled

Acheron (Sorrow)
In utter woe you lacerate your freedom
Every gouge brings you closer to Hades

Guilty - purge your undoing in life
A trial in wretched agony

Greeting your flesh with fevered delight
Envious - sculpt away the fallacy

Loss exhausts your vitality
Within this torrent devoid of mortality

Amongst brethren in harmonious mire
A deluge of sorrow merged with desire

Envious - sculpt away the fallacy
Loss exhausts your vitality
Within this torrent devoid of mortality

Styx (Hate)
Divinity trampled under foot
Revealing the path which we course

Never to swell or recede
Flowing is the purity of hate
Tributaries only deceive
Diligence to rage opens his gates

In life you weren't worth conception
Vomitted from the womb
In death the Earth in repulsion
Vomits your corpse to consume

Phelegethon (Fire)
Rewarded for devotion and service
Submerged never to surface

Gasp in flames
Inhale the Inferno
No lamentation heard of sorrow

Now you are luminous as we
Says your gods as you plea

Ash lined shores clouding waves above
Radiant limbs flail
As Gods exhibits his love

Tocylus (Lamentation)
This tide heaves and sighs
A fountain from sorrow brings cries

Sniveling servants
Slaves of attrition

Mourners wade this descent
Wails of hope are fervent
Silent is the dirge of torment

Your god's promises echo in vain
Your lamentation carries in this domain