Downset tracks



Anger! Hostility towards the opposition! 187 L.A. trademark, don't come to the killing fields if you ain't got no fucking heart, cuz WILLIE, IRA and DARYL will get you - got you -
Fucked up and dead will be the way you walk. Damn right, I
hate L.A. swine with a passion GEE cuzz my pops was killed by the fucking L.A.P.D. Yes they killed my daddy! Yup they killed my daddy! And if I don't blast 'em back , you know they gonna fucking kill me, do me like they did NATASHA, back turned from a gat hollow tip to the dome they got ya. April 29, L.A. swine not guilty, fools down for the payback on Florence and Normandy.

Anger! Coming straight from the L.A. concrete, true blue
motherfucker about for generations deep. But who's the real
motherfucker though, and what does that fake know about motherfucking South Central? Fool! What you know about a set or a sign , you fake motherfucker? Never ever seen a nine. But if I catch you slippin' punk, I'm gonna fade ya cuzz set ain't down with that getto perpetraitor.

Anger! April 29, Florence to Normandy! Jack for my human rights and ya catch a PUU PUU!


Do you know what it is like to run? Do you know what it is
Like to live in fear? Because she knows what it's like to run.
Because she knows what it's like to live in fear. Rape ritual.
How can I stand in silence while you are raping my sister?
Ritual! Throw it in the wind because I ain't with that. Say, what have we done with mother, sister, daughter, lover?
Beat them down to submission, into that corner of constant fear.
Humanity reduced to a sexual commodity, objectification,
Pretty faces.
Molded imagery damn they drop the dirty mack demands. She's more than booty to me; bypass her sexuality.
Tradition, your sexism is what you want me to learn. Surrender gender hatred, fade it to kill it, compassion returns.
1 out of 3, and they say my sisters are free, incarcerated by hatred.
Propagated by sodomy, continual ritual victimizing my
Sister. Physical rape is psychological murder. Ritual! Jenny!
Ho! Slut! Trick! Bitch! Buddy!
Terms that burn in our popular brutality.
That media camera's at you, trying to show you
What's up.
Illusion magazine fantasy got you feinding to bust
A nut.
Body identity suffocates in her nudity - she's dying
Fashions asking won't let her be.
Strip her to flesh for apathetic male ego.
You bet the set ain't down with your wak.
Rape ritual! We got to meet this hate with love.
We got to meet this hatred with love. Why do we fall for it, fuel it,sexual violence equality? Please.
Socalled alternative movement statistics never confess her wounded aloneness , internal inferno, locked away calm diminishment.
Sharon Stone, you ain't all that.
Madonna, you ain't all that. Sell you shallow shock value charade is wak.
Sister, put a fist in what's expected of you.
Deny! Defy!
False definition of you too; there's no excuse for this brutality or this lack of humanity.
Rape ritual. I say I throw you into the wind. I say your
Traditions mean nothing to me.


Gotta flex that skill, yup! As I watch them kill.
Greed the seed, it's called inequities: vanity, banking, ganking, justified.
How many more will have to suffer? How many more will
Have to die?
Well, stop buying the lie! Bold beautiful crying brown eyes.
Technical superstate built on the means of hate.
Dominant symbolcorruption escalates. Can they distinguish life from death? Should a dollar bill give a man a right to kill?
Hell no! Because life is priceless, this fight from the affermative. Wicked brutal force of course justifying the means death with no remorse. Covert operations above the law killing for God, for countries, a fraud. Got to take 'em out!
Violation of human rights! For the life of the suffering. Symbol of wickednedd. Post-dictatorship economic elite, starving children bowing to their feet, smokescreen patriotism won't deny the lie - can't cloud my soul vision. F.E.M.A., see you, got you on sight.
No law should cut constitutional rights.
No one more hopeless than those that think they are free, bounded minds of this human machinery. What I am is what I am!
Crying to jah you know I am praying for payback.
All truth will soon come be in light. Federal judge, you know they got them on check!
Federal courts, you know they got them on check!
Central banking system, you know they got them on check! Federal agent, you know you got them on check!
Federal prison, you know they got them on check! Population control, you know they got it on check!
Cry for life!! Gotta take 'em out.


Gots no Milli Vanill in me, sincerity constantly, no prefabrication, prefabrication! The words live free. Question the intentions of this alternative generation, and do we even realize all that we do effects all life? Let us not stifle statement beneath false egos, style, or trends, or we surrender that which can salvage a human life.
Can't prostitutionalize it!
Will we let the external taint the internal?
Be the brother in struggle, but don't sucker yourself.
Our words exceed the emnence of the musical.
Is 'Doc Martin' moe important than a movement, or is it so cheap that a passing style is what makes you sleep?
You must understand the value of your light!
Don't prostitutionalize it!
These eyes will not sleep!
I am more than a musical byproduct.


Well, I'm doing this from that place where the young bodies
Stick to bluest of blue skies.
A child grown quick kicking it with an ice-pick, age of 8 babyface straight-up scared to die.
Seen 1 little, 2 little, 3 little homocides.
Kids don't rank so they shank in front of baby eyes. Bullet-scarred!
Prisonbarred! The one times got my face to the ground - they want medown.

Downset at the bottom. On the come up to say some! Down
Downset at the bottom! Coming up from the slum! Down! Down!
Down! Down! Bonze complexion! Converse and khakis enoughfor
The fuss of a C.R.A.S.H. to straight jack me.
Brotha, brotha,brotha, how you make 'em get down? Systematic static can't stifle the set's sound.
Jack for the mic and I'll still get it going on, making my statement with a fatcap and Krylon.
Peeping my voice from the L.A. underground, the plan from the man is to demand they keep me down!
Downset at the bottom! Got ya!

Got ya! Yeah you know I straight ya! Reveal to heal in our
sectarian obstacles.
Wipe the dirt off the eyes of the hate child, damn with the programm imposed since the juvenile.
Shit is so thick, you don't want to deal with it.
Set's got heart to consist like an activist.
Ain't going to live in comfort while shit gets worde.
I got the voice of the voiceless and life comes first.
So what are you going to do? What are you going to do? What you gonna do when the shit comes down on
The set's gonna be down, yeah you know, like we've always
been, the ghetto survivors got no soldier extinction.
The man ain't down with multiethic ethics; division is wicked and Downset ain't with it.
My word is my fire for life and love is the sound.
You got to kill me to silence me, fool.
You can't keep me down. Downset at the bottom!
Freedom in a cage!


Metzger! Farrahakan! Yup we got it going on.
Race in the mix and the melting pot's hot!
Well, I don't know where you're at, but I know where I've always been: Downset at the bottom with my underclass freedom.
The birth of this nation, birth of the systematic jack, from land grab to whips across black's back.
No progress money means more humanity less, nothing done
changed in this land of soaked bloodshed.
Liberty only to an economic few, patriarchal tradition to economically gaffle you fool.
Racism? Guilty! Thievery? Guilty! Sexisme? Guilty!
Executed traditionally. Living in the shadow of five centuries misery, homie blind forced in your game choked equality.
Why am I gonna be like that? Why must I pack that vocal gat, because off the blood of humanity your pockets are gettingfat?
This is America the hatefull! I'm gonna be down to live
this protest! I'm gonna be down to die this protest! America better check itself before it wrecks itself, because differences seem to be bad for its health. Black! White! Yellow!
Brown! Christian and Muslim! Heterosexual! Homosexual!
All want to get some.
Democrat! Republican! They putting that work in, Aryan nation! 5% nation!
Native American wants division.
Man's diversity is American's biggest enemy! Niggas! Woods!
And ese's stifled with apathy.
Standing strong like a soldier, struggling like a soldier, taking bullets of hatred watching my soul get colder. Circumstances dance on interracial romance, separatist fist bomb on this love at first chance.
America taught me to hate you! America taught me to hate you!
Taking shot at the external even though I never knew you. Will you fade and follow doubtless next in the death rate, or love suffocate beneath this fashion of hate!
I was taught to hate you and you weer taught to hate me! Love sees no color, but America always will.
Humanity means nothing in this place where we learn to kill.
I don't believe in this hatred anymore... Red, White and Blue is gonna kill you!
I throw the brick of my protest through the window of your inhumane corruption, and watch the fragments of your greed shatter to the frigid ground...and it's like that!
Martin Luther King! Ruben Salezar! Malcolm X! John F. Kenedy! Red, White and Blue is gonna kill you!


Gentle you were in your first presence, hazel to brown eyes
Embraced innocence.
We dressed eachother in colors of intrigue, first words to each other sang comfort's melody.
Childlike was your first gracious allurement, her offering hands touched mine in content.
Laughter filled the air illuminated portraits, silence was the moment that gave dawn to this kiss.
Elation shined off our vivid souls, in waves of euphoria
emotions were thrown.
Sunshine's fire in embodied eyes, so full of truth and when we held! We held tight. Lifeless! So lifeless!
I felt her image sorrowed face nods to the ground,
grey clouds suffering was her sound.
She screamed deep, but desire claimed her collapse, gone to nothing then her frigid mask.
Her own remorse, her lifeless companion, tongue stained
in duplicity's song.
Gentle hands stifle, I perishing suffering, this isn't her! This could never be her.
Diminishing, forsaken all, I, offeringentirity, left empty to cry.
She cried with me!
Danced with me and kissed me, she was filthy in lies, gentle, always.
Lifeless, I say she left me lifeless!


Step up to this! Witness anger from this raised up fist. The hood is jacked up bad, and more pain will come to exist.
Well, whose fault is it, and who's to blame?
Well, I'm pointing my fingers at the ones who set up this game.
This is what you've given us and that is what you've taken.
Jail won't cure your given disease; You are straight mistaken.
Child to child, blood stain on the flag, down on the solo creep fool and it's about to blast!
It's gonna be on fool!
Cuzz it's about to blast!
Mind control and it's fading fast!
Huh world cuzz it's about to blast!
Children crying and bullets crack!
Yup cuzz it's about to blast!
And it's aiming at you, so what are you gonna do?
Give it to 'em!
Inner city erosion, political racialexplosion.
Mental repression fuels that murder rate's explosion.
From canons straight to the bloods and crips, I say they
got you on lockdown with birds and a 20 dip.
The system fuels that anger - the killing goes on strong from 818 to 213 - bloodshed from your timebomb.
You making a move on me?
Fool, you better move fast, dying in the killing fields and it's about to blast!
It's about to blast!
Boom. Another dead youngster on my block.
Look in his face, politician, when a gun blast makes his body drop.
Your system killed him; mediocracy handed to him, statistical product.
You and the concrete made hime useless.
Incarceration institution; 5 x 7 corruption;
Kill his mind is how you do him.
Realize as they de humanize our lives that they construct a raging humanity with fury in their eyes.
Welfare, the opportunity that disables the application of the generate crutch.
Clear the way for defective maturity which leads to psychopathic institutional conduct.
Lies, rape, intimidation, sovereign infliction of all. Socially declared obscene application of reconstructive formula, fool!
I've had enough of the blood rainfall on me!
818 - 213 - 310 about to blast from that time bomb! Boom.


Brown and black blood to the concrete, exposed to the systematic terrors and atrocities.
Generations of blood-soaked families, economic prison and self-hate is my birth-right, see?
Fratricide, homicide, suicide, genocide, they wanna kill theniggasand wetbacks silently.
Fueled by hate, fear and forced self-denail, black kill black! Brown kill brown! L.A. style!
They breed the killer! Born in the middle of ghetto-like
battlefield, denied human rights and the wounds won't heal.
Our mothers shout a suffocating painfull cry as they watch
more generations of black and brown die.
Dignity defined by sacrificial death, to die for the blood is all I have left.
The system at hand must see one thing clearer: the city of
L.A.'s the black and brown killers! Blood to the concrete,
Systematic terror! Historical facts will prove the system
Guilty; hypocrisy existed when there should have been equality.
Mental enslavement to loss of self-confidence, self defen-
ce ends in death of intelligence.
Drown in abyss of insufficient education; prosperity cannot exist through moderation.
Forced on the culture, death in the bloodline, father to son the mind will be confined!
818, yes they breed the killer!
213, yes they breed the killer!
310 yes, they breed the killer!
The system at hand must see one thing clearer: the city
of L.A. is breeding black and brown killers!


They got you dying of thirst. Don't even try to front, fool, like you ain't on checkunder layers of vanity, uncertainties got your soul wrecked style?
Veil chained mask strapped tight hide cries from inside; behind, vain lies chew the shattered glass sex, Hate, envy, greed living in suffocation misery bleeds so-called alternative imagery defenition of false me.
There's more to identify than bodily misery.
They got you
dying of thirst, living in suffocation. Illusion is all up in you.
Alternative must be more than this.
Biological? Chemical?
Science says I'm pure physical.
Lower me to equality of dust with no destiny, molecular structure.
If this is all that I be, then humans weren't killed in the holocaust, they were just machines.
Reject void supplement, man=rag equivalence.
Humanity is more than a complex form of existence.
Human capacity a third of its brain.
No reliance on science - I cry soul defiance!
Dying of thirst, I'm more than a mathematical equation.
I am more than a chemical combination.
My existence cannot be reduced to scientific theory!