Drop tracks



Everybody needs, Someone to lean on
Everybody needs, To remember where they've been
Everybody needs, Some where to call heaven
Everybody needs, Something to believe in

Everybody needs, A Personal Savior
Everybody needs, A Hand From A Friend
Everybody Needs, A Personal Savior
Everybody Needs, Freedom From Their Sin

Everybody's gonna feel hopeless and lost
Everybody's going To blame and taste fear
Everyone Hears A Still Small Voice
Everyone Is Going to shed a tear

Everyone Needs To Learn to break bread
Everyone needs faith Not a sign
Everyone needs to carry their own cross
Everyone Needs the blood bottled like wine


Bird's have their nests, and foxes have their holes
I have no place to lay my head
Been 40 days tempted by the devil
Like a reed shaking in the wind
Wheels of time are like caffeine
To pass this cup from me
kneeling in the tears that drop like blood
My face is the glow of destiny

Mamma say a prayer for me

I heard the devil speak like tongues
As he left the throne of grace
I felt the wisdom of the ages
But he never showed his face

He danced on the head of the cross
Lost his footing and he fell
Stole a kiss from Jesus
Burned his lips snow white pale


Cradle me in your wooden arms
Twist your flowers around my head
I cried all the tears I could
While you slept I bled
I turn to you
But you never knew me
I forgive you for the things that you do to me

Press my body until it splinters
Pull my flesh apart
When I break into
Wet your lips with my heart

I turn to you
But you never knew me
I forgive you for the things that you do to me

Weight my bones down
Lay your soul upon me
With your suffocation
And hands that are clean

Lead me by the hand
Like a lamb before the slaughter
Nail my body to the southern wind
I am your willing martyr

I turn to you
But you never knew me
I forgive you for the things that you do to me

Weight my bones down
Lay your soul upon me
With your suffocation
And hands that are clean


There's a baby crying, A new born who won't be content
When he becomes a man he'll wonder where his childhood went
He'll feel the pain of life,
Choke his last breath Life is no bed of roses

Life is the blues
Nothing we can do
Life is the blues

The last time he saw his wife she was marching out to sea
He was cruel and crazy, She was beautiful, She's been set free
Lines on her face The pain of reality
He broke her hearty then left her alone to be

Life is the blues
Nothing we can do
Life is the blues
Nothing more to lose

All this guilt he holds within he let her slip away
It's to late to say those things she needed to hear him say
He never said I love you I want you to stay
He'd give his soul to relive that day
He heard his son singing


Hide away hell City of cardboard boxes
Lost their hope Look what it has cost us
Sleeping in the alleys, Eating from the garbage cans
At night their cold They need a helping hand

their hunger is deep, No money to their name
Environment controls them It only brings them pain
Suffocated and lonely, painting the roses red
If they knew what we had planted, we might just loose our heads

hanging them for murder when they don't own a gun
Their sentenced to death before the trials begun

Let's show them some compassion
Let's show them that we care
Lets show the some compassion
Help them breath the air

When people are divided you know they can't stand
Let's Stand and be united, and save this promised land
The garbage is piled high from with out and within
Land of milk and honey this is where we begin


My mind works all the time is that why your afraid of me
Or is it my tattoo's you can't help but to see
They say that I am complex Don't believe everything I read
And sometimes it is hard to explain all that I have seen

I don't smile for pictures, my success is overdone
God watches over me I am the fortunate one
Give me wings of angels Rise above self righteousness
There is only so much of this world my soul can digest

It only hurts when I laugh

You can look a man dead in the eye
See deep within his soul
You can walk a mile in his shoes
And never know all he knows

My songs aren't always perfect cause the truth it sometimes hurts And even though it is painful, you know all the words I've learned to shut the world out and to let the spirit in It's only when I'm honest that miracles begin


There's a peeping tom in the eye of God's house
Shooting insulin as quiet as a church mouse
Tried to clean his bones from a suffer well
Turned his head couldn't stand the smell

Thrill a minute

Life size crucifix was stolen from the wall
The Organist played Amazing Grace for them all
A hooker in a red skirt testified and repented
While the deacons passed a snake stared and squinted

Someone had a spirit Ran up and down the isle
When the shouting stopped the choir laid in a pile
Bell ringer pull the rope and was lifted of his feet
Pastor disobeyed took the money to the street

Paper taxis pull of eyes Chocolate Pulpit racing by
Floating boardwalks of candy canes
Cashmere penguins with see through wings


Mary don't you cry, kiss me now so I can die
Alabaster laughing sigh, A sinner with holy eyes
Wash my feet with her tears, Choke and strangle sister fear
Let down your pretty hair
Touch the day anoin t the year

How Long not long, Reap what you sow
How Long not long His truth is marching on
How long not long been to the mountain top
How long not long till Jesus calls me home

You always have the poor I prepare a place for you
My cup runs over rod and staff will comfort you
Kill the shepherd the sheep will scatter across the barren land The hour has now come Wash the silver from your hands

Liverpool is dead, and the sounds that fill the air
The president went to Dallas and he never came out of there
If Jesus Christ offends you, you wear X's in your eyes
Bob Dylan never changed the world and I don't believe he ever tried


Skillet blonde baby going to milk it dry
Ain't got no horseshoes but got a sparkle in his eye
Warm and cuddled in a burlap sack
Step on the crack and your going to break your mother's back

Have you made it where you wanna be

Runt of the litter kissed the pavement ever since
Told him to stand up straight
but he's hooked and bent
Feels like a sticky rim soda can
Half full, half empty, couldn't tell you were he's been

Embracing the fog like a friend in the bay
Charted a boat headed out to sea
Found religion but did he find Jesus
Walking on the water Or lost in mystery


One slot machine one stop light town
And if Jesus came back tonight
To every story there are two sides
If you walk with the devil he'll tell you a lie

Rolls Royce coming through the air (I'm Nobody's Hero)
I hope that I will see you thereHit the ground running on the streets of gold (I'm Nobody's Hero)
Gotta make time for the President's soul (I'm Nobody's Hero)
Never believed in the music
The way I believe in you

Never been a lover, always been a fighter (I'm Nobody's Hero)
Fought all my life trying to find love (I'm Nobody's Hero)
Love of Many Shall Wax Cold (I'm Nobody's Hero)
What I do I do alone (I'm Nobody's Hero)
Never believed in the music
the way I believe in you

Desires, Fears, My doubts, My tears
My Joys, My Loves, To him above
My anguish My lust The skeletons I dust

I've walked through the valley of dry bones (I'm Nobody's Hero)
I was brushed by the shadow of the holy ghost (I'm Nobody's Hero)
I've greased leprosy through my hair (I'm Nobody's Hero)
And felt a rushing mighty wind (I'm Nobody's Hero)
Never believed in the music The way I believe in you


Give me a convertible and a girl in a white dress
Faster she says, I like that the best
Radio playing all her favorite tunes
Honey from her lips like sweet perfume

I may be an outlaw, no rope around my neck
Shoot my way out, some lipstick and a stacked deck
Riding in the dark, kissing in the rain
Protect my reputation by changing my name

I'm the devil if you want to loose your freedom
I'm the devil If you have nothing to loose
I'm the devil If you want it all now
I'm the devil Come here and take it

A burning cigarette and an ashtray full of tears
Through cold bourbon glass
She can see her worst fears
I sit there burning on the feverish lie
You'll find no truth in my distant eye

If you can't go all the way, then don't even start
Cause when you take my hand
You'll slide me your heart
I'm the wild horse that can't be tamed
Picture Postcard that can't be framed

Come and take my hand everybody can
Mothers hide your babies
Teach your children what the good book says
Righteous Never forsaken
Or their seed breaking bread


Jesus came back and found you
at a card table in the back of a pawnshop
Jesus came back and found you
sleeping by the river on them big old nasty rocks

Jesus came back

Jesus came back and found you
in love with someone with no name
Jesus came back and found you
swimming like a blind fish in a mammoth cave

Jesus came back and found you
on your front porch waiting for the sun to go down
Jesus came back and found you
all your money buried deep in stony ground