Silent Descent

Duplicity tracks



I open the box and there's candlelight,
The snake holds on, but now I can fight.
Suffer, or let it go,
Then take it away, 'cause no one knows.

This is hurt,
The meaning of pain.
One chance,
No means to start again.
If everyone lives,
Nobody learns.
Nobody learns.

Once again I dream alone,
I stand here broke, departed.
I look at you and see myself,
The fire in your eyes.

Now I'm sleeping under pressure, I can't sleep.
Seeking through mess, you blame me.
If the fire goes away, I can't see.
Should have fucked the rest and you shouldn't blame me.

Now focus what I want to be,
Knowledge is power, I can't breathe.
Never find a way, stuck with the same name, same game,
And I'm nothing to me.

Once again I dream alone,
I stand here broke, departed.
I look at you and see myself,
The fire in your eyes.

And in my dream I'm on my knees,
I say to God this ain't what I wanted to be.
He turns and says to me:
Let live without your lies.


The Darkness shines blinding me,
As I stand in a room of green blue ecstasy.
Confined and alone in a crowd so thriving,
As if I where watching them all, from inside a glass box.
Beyond grey.

People move instinctively as if I weren't there,
The low pulse and beat running through them.
(Morality is a word)
Deluded by their intake of the chemical mixing with the mind,
(Instinct is life)
The beasts overwhelmed.

Beyond grey, Numb to our existence,
Watching you move on.
It's not the same, I feel your persistence.
Am I alone?

Breasts exposed and pushed to arouse temptation,
The urges of the animals wanting a taste.
Acting on instinct rather than debating the effect,
The pulse rushes and teases the cause.


Lack of respect,
Lack of any dignity.
I see those who fall,
Lead normal lives.
Fucking, bleeding, immorality,
Lack honour or loyalty.

Unless we belong,
We cannot be.
(Sing for me now)
Again, look what you've done,
Then sing for me...

Now, it's here I fall,
Land on my feet.
I can, I will,
Fuck your reprisal.
Now, before I die,
Rip open wings and fly.
I can, I will,
Fuck your reprisal.

Now burn, you face addiction,
Held by dark plastic paths.
Is it things you base your life on now?
Empty, you breath in glass,
Taste your own blood.
Sit and watch your life go by.

If I lie, let my tongue rip from this hole,
Let my life not be dissolved.
(Sing for me now)
Lessons learned by pain,
The way you hurt?
Look back and sing for me...


Bleeding in trust internally deep,
The trust that bleeds you results in the tears you weep.
Crying alone, blame it in good faith.
No one has the same amount of respect.

False gratification given, you know you are right,
You've beaten them away; you know you've won the fight.
The darkness around you is your newfound home,
Cold, dark, isolated, you wanted alone.

Vengeance burns in the mind; it's what you now seek,
Playing and tormenting, you want to put it to sleep.
Chances now come and you close the door,
With the seal of your "soul" and mark of a whore.

A glimmer of light you allow to shine through,
Change the rules, and respect something that's true?
But has also bled in trust, and not mine they seek,
Still not letting light through, eternally deep.

Ask no questions. Tell no lies.
Ignorance is bliss, were you ever surprised?
Examine and obsess, it all comes true,
Bleed the cunts like they did to you.
Fuck all you fuckers.
Fuck hypocrisy.
Fuck all these mirrors.
Fuck... Fuck it's me.


She asks to look at her, but only with her eyes,
Can I ask you a question? No.
Sitting there as if you don't already know,
You act on innocence though its obviously what you lack the most.
Untouched, "unbreached"... best described as perfect,
You offer everything just by looking at me.

I feel the vibes as the pulse runs through me,
It never was mine, it never was right.
I feel the bass in my veins like the blood running through me,
It excites yet offends me.
I can't put up with this much longer,
Feel your waist as the bass grows stronger.
Sifting through the lies, never was surprised,
Tangled in your eyes and unwinding the ties.

If this kills me then I have succeeded,
Pain is nothing new to me.
Dreaming of the skies now I believe in it,
Singing from duplicity.

Does the path soon come to a close?
Don't know where it began,
I feel the sand creep in beneath my feet,
Opening my eyes I clutch to the words:
Don't look back - don't look down.


She lied.
I'm so tired, so cynical.
These games again,

There's limitations,
And expectations,
Mindlessly act as if this were nothing.
Blood in sand,
turns to black,
Blue fire, awakening.

What the fuck bitch is your goal?
You turn your back from me.
I don't recognise,
Your face.

I see impure sight.
False tears, no hesitation.
So blind, so ignorant.
Am I alone?
Am I alone?
I always was.

She knows not to look back,
The angel inside, bleeds from breaking mirrors,
That'll bleed you if you're guilty.
Like fuck you are.

Behold, the truth be told unfold,
The lies beneath so cold,
The day you joined your soul,
What the fuck bitch is your...

Goal for us,
Deprive me,
Blood fucked,
Where's your conscience?
You'd leave me back to die.


'Cause I have too much hate.

Drinking happiness with darkness and empathy,
Mixing life with death and reality.
Dying? Every five minutes being five less,
Sitting back whilst others walk on.
Can't catch up now, so why try.
Deteriorating, as light slowly sets,
I'm wasting away.

Silhouettes and shadows of where I could've been,
Glimmer in the distance, shining in success,
('Cause life goes on.)
Silhouettes and shadows of where I could've been,
Glimmer in the distance, shining in success,
('Cause life goes on.)

Evading yesterday,
I choose to choke upon the stars again.
Am I my own breed?
One who travels with no means?
Evading yesterday,
I choose to travel with the stars this time.
A chance to find me,
In the dark of oblivion.

I sit at this table in attempt to write my summary,
Can't find words, how can you sum up a failure?
I'm dying.
Every time I write it down its not enough,
Not enough for me to move on.

In the dark of oblivion,
Now I am prepared to die,
I'm preparing to fly -
From this hell.
I cannot succeed,
I'm not prepared to believe -
I will not stop,
'Cause I have too much hate.




A piece of hate,
No time to breathe, too late.
Reminisce it was never fate.
Look deeper, it breathes inside.
Won't you lend me your eyes?
Lend me your eyes!

Green, this is torturing me,
Colours blurred and burst within me.
Burning up my pride,
I need to rip out my eyes,
Fucking rip out my eyes!

Does Everyone
Feel like this?
Won't someone
Quote my existence?

In absence of empathy,
There lies insecurity.
Blurred fucked self depiction,
Built upon other's image description.
Walk back and out of light,
Guaranteed to bleed tonight.
I can't stand to watch.

Does anybody really know me?
Does anybody know a thing about me?
Does anybody fucking know me?
I think I'm going crazy!

I need not to be,
Alone in a selfish misery,
I need to focus on me.
I need to rip out my eyes,
Fucking rip out my eyes!

What the fuck?

I've had enough of falling,
Wanna tear myself some wings.
Let me fade or fly away,
I'll step back down and sing.


I walk through my valley in ignorance,
The path I walk ever changing its direction,
From light to dark, from deep to heart;
I looked forward. Everything swirls and blurs,
A perfect blend between light and dark.
I see clearly up to one step forward,
And take paths winding.

Thoughts compelling me to move forward; I look back,
I see clearer for miles, but I've hardly moved.
Yet in reality I'm pushed towards the unknown,
Ghost of paths I should've taken.
I spy with my little eye something beginning with death.

Descending into silence,
The obsession is in us all.
You are the drug that inhales me,
Yet I live to watch you fall.

I walk forward now in the path of regret,
Seeing mirrors surrounding facing back.
Sun gleams on what should've been.
Flowers of past, withered and trampled upon;
My eyes comforted by something new,
A rose, the deepest red you could see or feel
I wonder how to approach.

Hundreds of paths of purity gleam in front of me,
I decipher whether to approach the idyllic.
As I walk the path turns brown, nothing seen before,
I set my hand upon the flower;
It changes colour making me feel like God.

My hands are bound in red
My hands are bound in red
All I see is green

I open my arms and it consumes me,
A new power rushes through my veins.
The strength in my chest has gone,
But everywhere else thrives.


You'll breach to the side of insanity,
Stick inside the mind a slow vanity,
Stuck behind a mask of inhumanity,
Claim insanity.
It's my profanity.
Stay inside yet claim your empty,
Feel the rain outside your entity.
But you still feel,
There's no one else.

So open up, the memory departed,
Unfortunate conformity,
It's hard to believe,
Something founded so corrupt.
Ironic how the figureheads would burn.

We'll say,
We'll stay,
Open your fucking eyes.

In the skies, I'll carve your name,
Tear it apart, just to gain control.
Your tears are ecstasy,
Can you take me higher?

Check 1,2
Now all my flaws seem to go away,
There's nothing anymore even though they stay.
A false shield protects me from my flies,
The pins and needles of the mind,
Had a better way to hide, tie and bind it,
With a simple mind set.
Now all has gone,
So I look elsewhere even though I'm wrong.
I stop.
I scream to the left,
I spit to the right.
This was never the way I wanted,
All's illusion haven't earned my flight.
A few hours later and the shield is gone,
This is me and I'm in the wrong.
But on the trip, shit I love that song,
You're either flying or holding on.

Pull back, your heart starts to race,
There's nothing to it, put the gun in your face.
Lean back and screw up your eyes,
Everything slows as you're ready to die
Touch on your tongue, awaiting unknown,
Never been so conscious and feeling alone.
Drink Jack, there's no hope in my eyes,
But when I am dead I will feel so alive.

We can feel, fly, it sends us into the skies.