As They Sleep

Dynasty tracks



Throughout history we've sought our questions
Answered Seeking immortality
Seeking darkness at the same time we ignore the light
Provoking the unseen

The god of the underworld has you in sight
Raping your soul
Unmerciful master of brimstone and fire
Devouring all

There is no escaping the god of the dead
You're made your bed
Now it's time you've slept in it

Demon of dreams
Life is not all that it seems
Leading the blind through your passage of screams
The oracle of the dead
A shrine to lay your head

Into obscurity, denying Heaven's light
Falling to your knees
The path you've chosen is a hell you can't describe
This evil deity


To the republic for which it stands
We have sacrificed and met demands
The rhetoric of a sovereign nation
The scaring screams of exasperation

If logic is money of the mind
Than clearly we have spent ourselves blind
Unite Unite

Depreciate the American dollar
Magnify this quest for power
Alas when everything is said and done
Who will be the anointed one?
It's so easy just to push the blame
When at stake is a politician's fame
It's so easy just to push the blame
And bring on endless suffering

Have we not learned from yesterday?
Or are we blinded by hypocrisy?
Have we not learned from yesterday?
Tempers flaring, every word that you say
Have we not learned from yesterday?
You cannot finance destiny

The art of loosing
Is not hard to master
It's plain to see
That we are falling faster

Aim your guns high
You have to learn to walk
before you learn to fly
Aim your guns high
But when the bullets fall back to earth,
They may take your life

To the republic for which it stands
We have sacrificed and met demands
The rhetoric of a sovereign nation
The searing screams of exasperation
One nation, under God
That doesn't seem to be the cause
One nation under fraud
Emancipate this dying race


A reign this would could not foresee
Into the mind of a fascist leader
And the birth of a deadly regime

Burned to ash there was no escape

As he rose to power
Approach the final hours
Behold the holocaust has come to take your lives
How could this come to be
Propaganda make believe
This Aryan master race
The ashes tell no lies

Children cry out from starvation
No sympathy
For God's creation
Children cry out
No sympathy
Death was waiting

Lest we forget
This evil anti-Semitic
As bodies filled the streets
Forever etched in memories
These final days
Have set the bar for all to raise
A withered shell
You've crawled your way to the pits of Hell

The horror
The terror
Your lifeless body lays
Known as nothing but a coward for the rest of days
For the rest of days
The horror
The terror
Your lifeless body lays
Known as nothing but a coward


Deep into the Vally of the Kings
On the west bank of the Nile
Lies the secrets of the souls beneath
A somber Egypt sky

Thieves robbed all the graves
And all that remains
Is all that we know
The struggle for power
The darkest of hours
A mummified pharaoh

No one could anticipate the bedlam at the Nile
Enter exile

As famine swept the land
The end of days
Have lent a dying hand
Unheard atrocities
Feeding on the weak
Why did you desecrate this sacred sanctity?

The towns were ravaged with swarms of Scarabs
And sounds of distant groans
The blood of the Nile
The souls exiled
Osiris, save us all

O god of the afterlife
What do you seek?
Hast thou not paid the price
The end of a dynasty
So pure and true
Whose secrets died in vein with the souls of the entombed

Fight the reign
These blows of fate

How long will this plague last
These secrets of the past

An eclipse of royal power and poverty
Surrounds these final hours
An ancient kingdom lost
A monarchy
A conquered nation looks up to the new born king

Engulfed in desert
The sacred scarab
A pharaoh's treasure
Your curse awaits


Take over the world
Enslaved to declination
Leave all of your hopes and dreams behind
Make haste divide this nation

Take over the world
There is nothing left to murder
Complete disregard for human life
This ancient flame that still burns

Into the darkest ages
Once more an Emperor's demise
I've longed to turn these pages
Fight as hard as mortal man can fight
Re-live the devastation
A billowing smoke that haunts the sky
This murderous confrontation
A horrific sight for untrained eyes

To forget who we were
We try to change who we are
Degrade the stature of life
Put a blade in the back of the truth and you twist the knife
Burning temples ablaze
While we suffer the reign
Your people dying in vein
The remains of a tranquil place as it falls from grace

Sew the fields with ashes of the infidels
We can't go on this way
We can't go on
Take these chains and break them at their weakest link
We can't go on this way
We can't go on

You speak a cold dead language
A respected language of the past
Whose words are best forgotten
But we all won't soon forget this wrath
Just like the frailest human
Ignoring the signs of your collapse
You watch the blood spill over
Inadvertently walking the same path

Open your eyes
We've all been force fed their lies
Force fed their lies
A leader who gives
Gives everything that you want
Can't take it all away




Summoned by the winds on the primeval ocean
Under the waves the earth's creation

Deities of a dead world
The gods formed their pantheon
This place
This Mesoamerica
Seeks desperate divination

What was your obsession with time and sacrifice

Clouds of black smoke
A burning blood offering
All in attempts to speak to the vision serpents
A Mayan offering to hear the serpent sing

Rise and fall
Who's meant to have it all

Calendars of the ancient
A cascade of catastrophe
The collapse
Both natural and man-made
Astronomical prophecy

Scarred by time


Arise, thy king
O ruler of Rhine
Devastation lust for war

A perilous quest to conquer the West

I long for the days of the Innocence
We've pushed them away
Barbaric be thy name
We've pushed them away

Tattoo your face for war
The scourge of God
Anything goes as I raise my sword

My brother's demise

An endless conquest for more
An unsettled score
Why haven't we learned from our mistakes?

Why put on the crown of thorns?
Why waste your time?
It's all been done before


I remember it all
The warmest summer seas
The magnificent gardens
Groves of flowered trees
As I sit on the ocean floor
Longing for distant shores
How did it come to this?

Why hast thou betrayed the only laws
I've set in place?
My sons, how the earth will quake
The sea shall swallow us all
Why did you spit in my face?
This land is disgraced

A kingdom submerged
All we have is who we were
My love
My tormented empire

Unleash the fury
I stand beneath this darkened sky
If you only knew me
On jealousy I thrive
Unleash the fury
This swilling death of my empire
If you only knew me
This day
Atlantis dies

The skies are bloody red
You had it made and now
I've left you all for dead
Never question the odds
I bring the rage of the gods
I never wanted it to end

This day Atlantis dies
I command the ocean to rise
Take us all
I have spoken

Why hast thou betrayed?


O blessed are the souls who escaped the battle
Fields and walk in the spite of all their woes
The sacred birds are feeding on the flesh of those
Left dead and gone
O son of Zeus, they hated one
Words cannot describe the hate that lies behind your eyes

Thy will
What are you fighting for?
Thy will
Relentless god of war

The gods of Olympus look down upon your soiled crown
Your time in hell awaits for the lives that you've put down

Pulled by steeds of fire
With your bloodthirsty desire
Waging war on all who cross your path
God forbid your bloody wrath
They pray the gods to take your life
This plague of never-ending strife
With mortal men and gods alike
Left screaming for their lives

Watch Athens fall to dust
The elder gods no longer trust
Must war take all of us

Unmerciful thou art
This cruel Olympian
You are the god of war


Beyond the shadows of your deepest doubts
Above the bluest seas
Lies a kingdom we have willingly died for
A true land of the free

Lift up these broken battered souls
We can not do this on our own

Where will we go?
What shall we see?
Lose your grip on reality
Open your mind
Fall to your knees
Embrace eternity

I hear the angels singing
Thy purest gifts they're bringing
Take now your righteous scat at the throne of theocracy

The days of suffering shall soon be over
The word hath been received
For we are here
Our cup runneth over
Is this not destiny?

It's not worth fighting for
A world of senseless war
Lay down your battle sword and open up your eyes