Echoes in Eternity tracks


1. At The Edge Of Negative Existence

Negative emotions
Death fanaticism
Suicide fixation
Oh glorious pain

Attack me
Put Your poison in my veins
Like a floating cancer
Running under my skin

Carving with razors
Carving into the soul
Horrible madness
Obsessions in my mind

2. Emperor From The Eternal Dark

...Take part of His devilish creation
Before Jesus will take part of you
The dark is carring the strenght
Which will lead life to it's end...

3. A New Era

4. A World Full Of Lies

Inside my skin, crawling
Helpess, screaming
Raped by this world
A word full of lies

This inner feeling
Destructive, chaotic!
An endless suffering
Were will it lead?

Voices from the past
Whispers my name
Like a suicide wind

Posses my mind
Posess my soul...

5. Dödens Vind

6. Schizofrenic Paranoia

Why live on this earth? Condemned by mankind.
You deserve to suffe, you deserve all the pain
You deserve to die.

Darkness has embraced me; I look at the knife in my hand.
I feel the cold steel against my skin. Yet again I cut in my flesh.
I am drifting further away from myself.

I don't know who I am anymore.
Can't even understand my own thoughts.
I am no like you. I will never be like you
I don't want to be like you.

Just want to get away, away from all of you.
Your presence is like the plauge.

I hate you.
I hate myslef.
Man must vanquish.

everything is an illusion, we are all alone.
No one can see thoughts.
No one knows what I feel deep inside.
The self-destruction is getting worse...

Why live on this earth?
I deserve to suffer, I deserve all the pain.
I deserve to sie.

Because I am also human.

7. Wrapped By Darkness

When the mystical fog stand beneath the dark clouds
And surrounds me in my own emptiness
I can see the shapes of my nightmares
The shapes who haunts me night after night.

Alone about my visions
I can no longer hear my thoughts
If my mind lives in another world
What is reality then?

I'm still searching for the meaning of life
When the silence is coming over me
The loss of my soul, to another time
Do almost feel me

8. Whore Of God

9. Satan My Master (Bathory cover)

Satan my master
I slit my wrists to drain me of my blood
Satan my master
Upsidedown i turn the cross of God
Satan my master
Receive this sacrifice, this blood of mine
Satan my master
Into my rotten flesh i cut your sign
Satan my master
Remember me when judgmentday is here
Satan my master
Take my hand when Armageddon is here

10. Volkermörd part I

I can feel it in my mind
The real evilness is coming
And we are waiting for it
To posses our pure souls

The creatures who hate us
Will have their mind drowned
In the skuggons shadow
Your end is never coming
Your life will never end

Because your mind will be lost in an eternal suffer

11. Volkermörd part II

Come and take my mortal soul
I will not betray you
Just give me the strenght
To protect our rising death kingdom!

After this day will the smell of death remind us
That the mighty dark thing came at last
It will nw lead us into a great spirit battle
And my conscience I left in my past

12. Mordinstinkt

13. A World Full of Lies (Live)

14. I Am (Live)

15. At the Edge of Negative Existence (Live)

16. Satan My Master (Bathory Cover) (Live)

17. Ea, Lord of the Depths (Burzum Cover)

The Head is a Head of a Serpent
From its Nostrils Mucus Trickles...
The Ears Are those of a Basilisk
His Horns Are Twisted into three Curls
The Body is a Sun Fish, Full of Stars
The Base of His Feet Are Claws
His Name Is Sassu Wunnu
A Sea Monster.A Form of Ea