Echoes tracks



A wall of silence blocks my way
There's no way to get throug
I can't tear it down myself
It's a jail without a sound.


Wall Of Silence
Unspoken emotions

I try to escape, but I fail
Searching someone I can trust
Someone who has the key to my soul
This quest drives me mad, as I fail.


As the time strides along
The wall grows more and more
Cry of despair as I wait
For someone to break through.



You open your eyes but you just can't see that your life is full of MISERY
There is no place where you can go, no one to show some SYMPATHY
You want to escape this hopeless world, drugs drown you into SLAVERY

Drowning in a pool of growing problems
You get more and more desperate to escape
Losing the grip of your miserable life
And there is no one to help you out
No longer able to fight
Against despair and solitude
You try to escape in your dreams
Of irreality and false happiness
You can forget all and before you know
You're enslaved by irreality
Coming back to the real world
You see nothing has changed
Always taking more and more
For your insipid hide
Resulting in your final ESCAPE
Drugs are no good, used by loosers who can't stand up;
Show some guts
Don't be a coward, don't try to run, solve your problems;
Deal with them
Don't just sit there, try to find someone to talk with;
It can help
Don't be a coward, try to win
Don't try to run, stand and fight
Solve your problems, deal with them


Mentally retarded,
Submitted to the will
Of insane voices in his head
Ordering him to slaughter his family
He spills their blood, but why
So called democracy cries for revenge
Not understanding his sick world
Not understanding what happens,
He lives in his own world
Several times he faces death
And finally becomes his fellow
But why

Chorus :

Justified massacre
Calculated revenge
Vicious circle
Democratic cruelty
I face this as I want to retch
Justified massacre

Children, media victim
Drowned in voilence
Following this trace
They kill for little money
Dumped by society, no second chance
Facing the chair, there's no pity



Throughout all time
Man has killed
Trying to increase his force
During evolution
Gaining more knowledge
Making it easier to destroy
And now nothing has changed
We're still
killing, fighting, hurting
What then is the point of our life
'Cause ...
All I see
Frightening pain
It's all the same
People think
They'll survive
But they have
No real life


My own world, my own dreams
There's no one I let in
There's no one to talk with
I can't give nothing more
There's no cause in my life
Loose the will to live on
Darkness is dawning now
I reach the final point
There is no reason to live
Lock me up in my soul cage
There is no one to talk with
Drown me in solitude
It's the dawn of darkness
It's the dawn of freedom
I've got to get away from the world
That won't listen to what I say
And what I dream
And now it's enough for me
Feel the urge to leave this
Feel the urge to stop this
Sometimes death is the only escape
But why does he take his life
Aid is inside me
Aid, but now it's too late
Why should I try
Why should I live
Aid is inside me
Aid, but now it's too late
Why should I try
Why should I die