Flesh Consumed

Ecliptic Dimensions of Suffering tracks



A distant bell tolls, resonating through my frame.
In an audiogenic trance, I follow the sound.
The tolling pierces through a dimensional membrane.
I cross over into another world.
A dimension of complete suffering.
Achromatic souls stream up the walls.
Their glow illuminates the chamber.
Blood-gilded languid bodies coat the floor like a living carpet.
The bodies coil and recoil under a blanket of gelatinous gore.
The miasma of decay seduces the corpses into frenetic animation.
A cryptozoic being stands in the center of the chamber, staring at me.
Devoid of skin, an intricate system of chains pass through his flesh.
The flaps of muscle held open with hooks and chains held taut, displaying his organs and revealing other intricacies.
His anatomy, a perfect disfigurement.
The chains come from every direction, carving the stagnate air.
He speaks with the confidence of a god, vocalizing his expectations of my arrival, sermonizing how he summoned me to this universe to suffer for eternity.
My eyes glazed over in hypnosis to the sound of his voice.
A transmundane presence intensifying the ambience.
At the end of the monologue all movement recedes.
The shapes fade to silhouette, and silhouettes fade to black.
The sound warps and distorts, then ceases all together.
One after another, the senses dull then expire.
I am condemned to experience an eternity of complete nothingness.


Through suicide, my souls evaporates into an interstellar-travelling entity.
Headed through space at subluminal speeds, I enter a black hole held open by a spherical shell of negative-mass cosmic strings.
Reality as I know it melts into a whirlwind of psychedelics.
Colors and shapes run together creating intricate geometric patterns.
Space-time distorts as the warped patterns stretched farther down the flux tube.
Crossing the event horizon, time dilutes and ceases to exit.
Through the wormhole shadow, a parallel universe can be seen.

A dimension I will never reach.
A paradox of myself withers before my eyes.
He cycles through the seasons of life.
From birth to death, to birth again.
Each lifetime, a reciprocal of the former.
Interstellar Condemnation.
Imprisoned Between Dimensions.
Every movement and every word predicted.
Fading over the millenniums, crisp black and white images erode to a series of grays.
Sharp figures bleed into one another.
Infinite lifetimes, I have yet to experience.
Trapped in the flux tube.
Suspended in time for eternity.
Imprisoned between dimensions.
Interstellar condemnation.
Trapped in the flux tube.
Suspended in time for eternity.
Imprisoned between dimensions.
Confined within the wormhole.


Methamphetamine-fueled psychosis.
Performing worthless surgical procedures.
I splay open the rib cage, hemoglobin sprays.
The shadows lurk over me observing my work.
Red Phosphorus coursing through my veins.
Paranoia Increases with my accelerating heart rate.
Delusions of parasitosis, obsessive picking at the skin.
Formication leads to self-mutilation.
I torture the human for what seems like an eternity.
The days and nights blend as one.
While performing the vivisect, I stare deep through the soul into the astral plane.
Entranced in nebulas and stellar lights.
My physical body continues to torture while I travel the universe.


The voice summons me and I obey, following its command.
I enter a subterranean realm of enigmas.
Moonlight reflects off of the marble architecture of the cavern carved by epochs of dissolution.
Stalactites and stalagmites frame the mouth of the chasm like teeth.
Soon the blackness of the cavern encompasses me.
Guided solely by the voice which calls me, I descend farther into the labyrinth of tunnels.

As well as the depths of my mind.
Spiraling into abysmal madness, psychosis imbedded in every fiber of my being.
My identity erodes with my sanity, the voice enabled me to vaguely recall my name.
All senses are overshadowed by the motion of my heart.
The sound of its beating in my ears crescendos to an insufferable intensity.

Then a pause in which all is blank.
A star radiates in the distance.
I begin to form galaxies and nebulosity around it, shaping planets from nothingness and creating ecosystems within those planets.
Painting the ether with my mind, all powerful and iniquitous, I have become a god.




Dried blood encrusts adobe walls of the sanctuary.
Light beams through desecrated windowpanes of dead saints.
The lingering stench of tortured human and charred remains sift through the abandoned chapel.
I descend into the concrete dungeon below with a new addition to my collection of medieval torture devices.
I haul the head crusher into the death scented torture cell.
I slowly pace through the chilled chamber observing my specimens.
Steel cages hang, encapsulating humans left to rot.
Grey matter slides off the decomposing bodies.
Pillories beneath the dripping cages hold victims, pre-torture.
Faint moaning is heard from an occupied iron maiden.
The moaning is overcome by gut wrenching screams coming from a human, half-skinned and strapped to the breaking wheel.
Still conscious and severely mutilated, I drag the human into her hollow brass tomb.
The Brazen Bull smolders leaving black soot coating the cement wall.
And now for the finale to this madness: I retrieve a fresh human for this kill.
Strapping his head down I slowly crank the Head Crusher.
Screams of agony echo as blood gushes from sever hemorrhaging.
Teeth shatter and surrounding bone crushes.
The cranium compacts in intervals as I crank the lever.
Brain matter oozes out of fragmented skill As the eyes are forced from their sockets.
I laugh to myself in this state of morbid dementia.


Strapped to the chopping block, my victims gains consciousness.
She screams in terror as the pendulum swings above her.
Five feet across and fifteen feet high, a contraption forged with meticulous perfection.
Swaying back and forth in metronomic momentum, taunting the victim, steel shimmers under halogen lighting.
Hypnotized by the blade in motion, I commence the torture.
Convulsing rapidly, she struggles to escape her shackles to no prevail.
Tears stream from the ducts of her vacant wide eyes.
Epinephrine hits my bloodstream; the high of taking a human life is euphoric.
An increase of dopamine and serotonin creates complete ecstasy.
The blade slices through layers of skin and flesh.
It continues to excoriate the wound until I lower it farther.
Her voice cracks as she frantically pleads for her life.
The pendulum rips through her intestines and spine, slowly slicing the human in two.
The lower extremities and pelvis are detached from the rest of the body.
Blood drains from the segmented torso.
The body twitches post-mortally in a pool of blood and entrails.




The truth told from an adjacent plane of existence.
Mind creates matter, consciousness creates form.
Mass mental projections create our physical universe.
Beneath the “camouflage” lays a psychic web of consciousness embedded throughout every fiber of every universe.
Immortal beings exist through infinite systems of reality.

Multidimensional reality.
Multiple Incarnations living simultaneously as a part of an individual soul.
Each soul, a brick in the psychic pyramid of interrelated, ever- expanding conscious.
All That Is.
Consciousness Infinitum.




Torpid sewers harboring hexagonal clusters of eggs, incubating in a cesspool of humid human excretions.
Cylindrical eggs hatching in random bursts.

Arilus Cristatus Gigantus.
Breeding exponentially, swarms of massive predacious insects eclipse the sun, raining down from the sky.
Arthropodic nomads flood the streets, misanthropic beings scavenging the land.
Targeted, the predator envelops the prey, cocooning the human within its wings.
The victim claws at the ground in attempt to escape.
With sloth-like mechanical motions, the captor draws the human back into embrace.
The insect’s hypodermic beak extends into position, injecting enzyme-laden saliva into the bloodstream.
The human frozen in paralysis, immobilized, paralyzed.
Soft tissue and organs dissolve into emulsion.
Future victims spectate the killing.
The torture is seen through translucent membranous wings.
The insect holding the victim in his final embrace, caressing him through his passing, then gorging on the human slosh within.
The body withering to the decayedness of decades in mere seconds.

The skin cycles through the color spectrum of rot, shriveled, frail, and expunged of all nutrients.
The dry husk of the human cadaver lay discarded in a sea of bodies.


Under constant surveillance from above.
Human cadavers suspended from chains come to life.
Dictating my every move.
This crimson hallucination molded by the compounding dementia.
Isolated in the confine of the psyche.
Imprisoned in the mind.
Detached and emotionless.
No past, No future, No identity, human carnage festers around me.
Mathematical equations surround me.
Enthralled by palindromes and logarithms, illogical calculations written obsessively across brick.
Overlapping formulas inked in blood.
Intensity increasing with every numerical metamorphosis.
New sequential patterns generate advanced cogitations, etching away at the ultimate theorem.
Delusions of an oncoming apocalypse fuels my paranoia.
I find comfort in a fresh homicide.
Disemboweling the victim, I stare deep into the soul while taking her life.
The compulsion to carve at the body increases.
Scraping the inside, lost in time.
Satisfaction in the work I’ve completed brings sweet slumber within the hollowed carcass cocooned in flesh.
I awaken to the sensation of insects burrowing beneath my skin.
With a blade, I mutilate.
As the blood drains, my empty shell becomes wax.
I reach a continuum of consciousness through death.