Elect Darkness tracks



A dance to the centre thus seen in all,
The calculable amorality of space and time.
Subject of pondering and famous doubt, though prophet!
- This world’s not thine!

A golden measure of olden wise-men, still checks all that is known
And honored libidinal zests, bereaves the wise of what is owned
So for probity, scallywags! For rectitude against the wrong
Stride in life for beauty, and neglect the holy writ:
Sub specie aeternitatis, cognito, memento mori

Clearly... This order of thine is truthful, whence all impericalists dwell in hell
As far as uprightness goes dear primate, it keeps thee safe within thy shell

Romance enlightenment, all buried in the past
As the dark ages and the very knowledge of thy right
From the Temple of a Virgin to a house of God
We have journeyed through each night

Damn near comprehending, the pointless and never ending
That evident charm of shallow nostalgia, is just so fucking far away
A singularity of sentience, draining, its own grounds
Profoundly obscured and thus on loosened bounds

But out of man’s injustice to logic and self-procurement,
In the very shadows of its asphyxiated gloom of martial law and infomercials,
We who fail bereavement on man’s petty culture and all its ensuing troubles
- Caught in the unmistakable scent of advantage,
Albeit in an unwanted future, albeit in feeble collective lineage...
For it does stand to reason that we be damaged as the rest, by now...


Behold the paragon-vermin of the world
Rather a happy retard that a depressed Socratic nerd
The German Buddha could not quell yearn for capacity
But in your own submissive way, you sure found a way
I piss on the nonsense of the greatest number
I spit on remedial media's throne
Only hate slaves misplaced with authority
For masters will appeal to my tone..

Laying claim to primed unfading scruples
All this for what? To sublimate the appreciation of your
own overthrow
In the face of transcendence, unreceptiveness, and
A supreme being handing ladders, to those hanging by
his rope.

I would carry The Old Scratch Banner just to be your
Raise my right arm just to piss you off...
...and while I'm at it send a bomb to Uncle CusTom
Seems suitable given the title of this song...

Your weaponry as your leading, an unguided collective
Like the end will come because you say so.
Throughout history to this very day, it's been about
happiness in the passing
The unsurpassed decadence of your rise and fall
Is my solemn redemption


Past present post-modernism
A flock that need not dream of condemnation
The bizarre would-be richest landmass
Once promising but thrown into corruption, famine and religion

Exploited and raped of all innocence
Deprived of all hope
Seeking wonders in this time of genocide

Gathering all southern tribes
Into forged metastasis
Hate and determination
Guiding the hands of men
In all grandeur
Conscience was the answer
Now we are truly fallen

Meddling with the precepts of the white common wealth
Like a once so drunk steam-power Europe
Modernity is a dark age in this realm
Handguns handed out to cavemen

Scientific Eden
In spite of everything
Again their time may well follow upon
The end of all world.


Fall, die, crumble, bringeth hatred in blade to taste
Murder, rape, desecrate, lay everything to waste
Genocide, terracide, welcome to my abyss
Let me shell thy infant's cradle, bringeth now cataclysms

All to dust, no redemption, bound by cold chains..
And yet you cower at my darkness.

Chaotic panorama, a first sight of an awesome malicious
Hand in hand to suicide, or ignorance for the wise
Immortality's complexion? Vain mendacities of serfdom
To defeat the undefined, this position must be thine..

All to dust, no redemption, bound by cold chains..
And yet you cower at my darkness.

So deny, stalk, deflect and dissipate against all taste
The build and biology of your pillars of faith
Enslavement and squandering, greet your own legacy
Exotic futurama, condemned to sign the great demise

Sword in hand and from the sewer..

Some of disgust and fear.
Some of damn-hate thoughts o'will to power.

Fall, die, crumble, bringeth hatred in blade to taste
Murder, rape, desecrate, lay everything to waste
Genocide, terracide, welcome to my abyss
Let me shell thy infant's cradle, bringeth now cataclysms


Well, I am the face of sorrow in every man of self-respect
an dignity.
When he goes to war, builds to wreck, or simply hates..
Care and precaution, maintain and guide toward
Yes the highest form of token! The fresh scent of a new

I am your saviour when reason is your shackles..

In the eye of the storm of the world beyond
Seated was I the grave jester
Disposing adorned notions of veracity
Revealed as imbecile as credence in them festered

Beholding the secular final, determinism in impartial
Musing heedlessness for come-true table -
Contemptuous lecture of deities
Be they demons or nothing be my path not of strength
but of schools

Bastard, sightless, infidel masses
The bomb and chilling thrills
Liberal scavenging working-classes
A total degeneration of wills

So obvious, now
A last hope of renewal
Glimmering in revolt against insignificance
The Bridge shrouded in mist
To the portent of forever!


Blighted are you by all prevarication
Smothered is your grace and faultlessness
By common tongues reviled and misconceived
No pomp amongst them ever achieved

And so opt to elect darkness
Is formidable lack of remorse
For yours is the spirit of siege and strife
For you, there's no more glorious course
I hear echoes of axe and our abiding
-44 Stalingrad inherent in my past
Stained contagions, where they re-invented Syphilis
Their final hour's come, at last.
Beware of undemanding beacons
Its prolific ignorance...

Globalization shedding gleam on unwavering
A culture made from mockery of a once-so-classical
Religious renderings serve undisputedly well, in this hell
In the maturation ignited by those crumbling towers of

Panzer trample the sticks and stones of this deck of
Shroom-clouds for Satan, yeah, banned but booming..

The ones to elect darkness
Redeemed without pathetic remorse
The soul of our Lord of Discord
And by faculty of right all its force


As a variety-show of strict subversion
We mirror far beyond the median
Not a pentagram undelineated
Not a seal we have not shattered

Before you, we are clad renditions
Conflicts for which you long
As if man's greatest fear is being left
With nothing but inevitable enemies

I tribute pure warriors, in all spite
Outside your inhibitions and high fences
Spring-green the genius color-choice
That adolescent cultural voice!

My heart swells at their fervor
For once some equitable radicals!
This alone enough to sympathize..
Just marvel at the perfection...

Of yet another Zionistic constellation of eradication.

A worse more dangerous and above all total
Infidel onto their faith cannot be found you see
But their medieval play with fire.. Is exactly what inspires

Which defined, refined, unwound and re-asserted
These bringers of Allah's word and badaboom
Against the promiscuous vampire
The morbid hydra of Abraham and Jesus

The changes they will favor...

As for Gulags already opened
Is a healthy influence
In this world of commies
And commercial crap


Anti-natural and trifling-utopic
Billions in servitude to American gluttony
Amounting to precisely fuck all
In the century of your glorious scavenging

Your Maostic altars
Carved into place
Sages and demons will stand back in awe
At the rate it'll deface

Once discerning in preponderance
Now just blitzed on petrol
And steaming domination-propaganda
Heisting the cunning of others
Portraying your bartering feebleness
As the very enigma of your success
A truly Olympic exaggeration
Pathetic to your forefathers

Blind and fraternal is your toil down there
Orwell's not read but practiced
Eagerly hurried into the focal role
Of our post-modern conflagration four-fold

Your select ones anchored in real politics
As concretes in a sea of obscurity
Detached - Hard to impress
Strolling dryly on your shore

However, in the age of post-cataclysm
Of man's digression shrewd
Your race will seem but crude...


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